On My Block: Season 2, Episode 8 “Chapter Eighteen” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

On My Block Season 2, Episode 8 Chapter Eighteen - Title Card

Chivo reveals the meaning behind his gnomes and with Latrelle’s return, and the truce over, comes an increased fear of The Prophets.

Chivo reveals the meaning behind his gnomes and with Latrelle’s return, and the truce over, comes an increased fear of The Prophets.

Director(s) Ryan Shiraki
Writer(s) Adam Starks
Air Date 3/29/2019

A New Way To Protect Cesar: Chivo, Jasmine, Monse, Cesar, Ruby, Jamal

With Latrelle back in town, and it coming upon Prophet Hood Day, everyone is a bit on edge. So much that when Jasmine comes up with an idea, wire fraud, to help save Cesar, even Monse, knowing it is illegal, doesn’t give any lip. But, one snag to this idea is that Chivo is Jasmine’s connection for fake IDs and when he sees Jamal, he gets difficult.

Yet, with a few jokes at Jamal’s expense, things chill out. In fact, taking note Chivo is an OG Santos, they decide to approach him about helping Cesar. Specifically Jamal, who fails, and Ruby who, even with his fast-talking, doesn’t get Chivo to budge on a deal in which he gets Juanita, and he gives Cesar only a week.

Chivo explaining the gnomes represent his dead homies.

Which, in the long run, is taken and allowed Cesar to learn the reason Chivo has all these gnomes is essentially to cope. Each one is named after a dead homie, and he sees Lil’ Ricky’s spirit in all of them. Also, he reveals, despite the way the Santos have become, Lil’ Ricky wasn’t for violence. Similar to what Ruby thought the Santos should be, Lil’ Ricky was more so for peace and simply protection. Leading you to wonder who or what shifted the goals of the group?

Money Bunny: Jamal, Jasmine, Monse, Jasmine, Ruby

Since Abuelita is out, and Cesar is now living in a church, which might get raided by ICE, Money Bunny, a wire transfer service, is their only hope. The problem is, Jamal is a nervous wreck, as is Jasmine, and while Ruby is there to support Jamal, he doesn’t help much. Then for Jasmine, even though Monse is doing the transfer, she ends up doing the most. Yet, in the long run, the transfer works, and it seems like they have a plan!

Sometimes You Have To Make A Hard Choice: Cesar, Ruby, Monse

But with unnamed Prophets rolling up on everyone, it seems time may have run out. For aside from naming Ruby, they note Monse’s situation, and so everyone is freaking out. Leading to Cesar taking one of Chivo’s guns and his car. Leaving him last seen posted outside of Latrelle’s girl’s apartment waiting.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did they ever say what specifically happened to end the truce? Did a prophet get killed after Ruby’s rousing rap?
  2. Why is Jasmine still coming for Monse like she hasn’t been studying YouTube makeup tutorials, ways to do your hair and protect your edges? Like, how threatened is she by Monse because she gets real out of character around her?


The Father’s Story & Spanish Speaking In General

While Olivia’s story in season 1 talked about undocumented immigration, the gentleman in the church took it a step further and I loved that it was a Spanish only conversation. Though, in general, I love when Ruby and the rest just jump straight into Spanish and remind you that as universal as parts of their story are, some of it you have to know the culture or be of it to truly get.

The Truth About Chivo

It’s easy to write characters off as being weird for the sake of it. Jamal is one, Jasmine two, and Ruby is three. However, once you get to know them, you get it. Same goes with Chivo. His talking to ghosts, weird demeanor, and things like that, it’s because he has experienced a massive amount of death around him. So, to cope, these gnomes represent those who died which may include Juanita. And when it comes to the way he talks, it may not be that he was born that way, but parts of him have just thoroughly shut down to the point it takes too much energy to laugh or smile. Thus making Chivo seem rather tragic.

The Officer Who Cares

Officer Hamill warning Monse, trying to warn Cesar, was sweet. It is also a reminder that, despite how cops can be in urban areas, there are decent ones out there. Add in that Officer Hamill isn’t a saint, since he has quite a bit of personal issues, and it makes you appreciate this small token.

The Threat Presents Itself

The Santos who rolled up on Monse, Ruby, and Jamal.

We have spent the entire series worrying about Cesar’s safety yet the biggest threat was Latrelle. However, with seeing actual Prophets who likely won’t hesitate, so comes the need to take notice. Yet, I must admit, a part of me wonders if we may see their side of things or will they just be this big evil lurking around the corner? Because, surely, the Prophets can’t just be some group of menacing Black folk who decided to harass the local Latinx community just on the GP.

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