On My Block Season 2, Episode 3 Chapter Thirteen - Title Card

For those who wondered about Jasmine’s backstory, you have to watch Chapter Thirteen.

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For those who wondered about Jasmine’s backstory, you have to watch Chapter Thirteen.

Director(s) Ryan Shiraki
Writer(s) Jamie Uyeshiro
Air Date 3/29/2019

Reunited & It Feels So Good: Abuelita, Jamal, Cesar

With Jamal being haunted by gnomes, he feels the money is no longer safe at his home. So, it’s decided that a means to clean the money is needed and since Abuelita has a cash business, she is approached. However, after learning she wasn’t thought of when it came to splitting the money, she originally says no. Yet, with a 35% cut given, and Jamal, with Caesar, presenting what she could do with the money, she is ultimately convinced.

Selena: Julia, Monse

Selena revealing she is Monse's mother.

With Cesar needing money for a place to stay, since Monty is back, Monse decides to work with Julia who has been calling, but she hasn’t answered. However, with her asking for a consultant on a book, which means major money, Monse takes a bus for two hours to see Julia. This leads to Monse going on and on about herself from recent events, like Olivia dying, to her dad not dating, and how her mom leaving affected her. Which, since Julia perhaps didn’t fully take in how hard it would be to hear how her absence affected Monse reveals the truth.

You Are Your Own Universe: Jasmine, Ruby

Ruby and Jasmine have been a good match since season 1 since she respects his intensity and admires how is himself. So, since he matches her swag, that is why she is drawn to him and has tried to be there for him since she knows loss. Well, her father, an Afghanistan vet, isn’t dead, but whether he is shell shocked or something similar, while he doesn’t need machinery to be alive, he isn’t very responsive.

This reveal leads Ruby to feel bad about his previous actions, including bargaining with a higher power that he’ll be nice to Jasmine as a means of charity. Leading to him realizing, while she can be a bit extra, she’s a good person. One he should treat as such.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where is Jasmine’s mom?
  2. Why did Selena leave?
  3. Will we see Monty in the next episode? He’s back so shouldn’t he be trying to make time with his kid?
  4. What does Geny do for a living?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • It’s January 2019 in the show.
  • Jamal is working for Coach Ron to pay off the repairs.



Jasmine reassuring Ruby as he has a breakdown.

Jasmine has become my favorite character. I was given all I needed and more as we discovered why she is this weird and jubilant soul. Not just because of what her dad is going through but because she knows she has to seek it internally. Yet, despite that, knowing that she’ll have to find her validation, reassurance, all that from inside, and she still was willing to be in Ruby’s corner? It makes it hard to not get in your emotions a bit.

Think about it. Ruby might be the closest person to her in terms of knowing themselves and being comfortable. Yet, look how he does her for most of season 1 and how he was up until this episode. All the while she accepted it and took note he is probably hurting so she wrote it off. Then, when he was having a breakdown, she didn’t give him tough love or anything like that, she gave him what no one has probably given her. Mind you, without expecting anything in return either.

Leaving me to hope that as much as Ruby has acted funny towards her in the past, these two end up together. I mean, taking note of the good times, like when they were practicing dancing for Olivia’s quince, these two are clearly a match. Ruby just has to get his head out of his ass.

Ruby’s Survivor’s Guilt

Ruby blaming himself for Olivia's death and noting all the ways he could have saved her.

Ruby is noted as being a very passionate character. One who jumps into things headfirst and then will go 100 miles an hour. However, what we haven’t seen thus far is him really stumble or regret something. I mean, he did end up getting Cesar promoted in the Santos, but that doesn’t compare to his guilt over Olivia. After all, between him pushing her to do a quince, pulling her on the dance floor, and so many other factors, he has taken on the weight of her death and the fact he survived the shooting, that makes it hurt even more.

And it’s that survivor’s guilt which perhaps amplifies the need to praise Jasmine for it allows her to play off this side of Ruby and truly push, as fun and nuts as she can be, she is still human. Like Ruby, she’ll bend over backwards for you if you seem worth it. Also, taking note of how deeply Ruby feels about Olivia’s death, it shows one-way kids who live in urban environments, especially violent ones cope.

Monse and Selena

Yet, there are also those like Monse. People who don’t necessarily want to cry or move on like it didn’t happen. Instead, they take it as part of life and that, since they aren’t dead, they have to continue living. Not in a callous way but because that is the best way to honor someone’s memory. And I think Monse seeming low-key cavalier sent some guilt into Selena and made her question her part in this. For while she didn’t leave Monse because of something involved with being her mom, in a way, it seems she has her own survivor’s guilt. After all, she has a whole new life and are providing two children one completely unlike Monse’s. So imagine the weight of hearing Monse’s troubles on Selena.

Abuelita and Jamal

Short and sweet – Abuelita is the best match for Jamal out of all the cast. As seen by how they shake on it, she seemingly is the only one on his frequency, and with how the cast is mostly paired up, he needs to be with his partner more.

Low Point

So, Jamal Really Didn’t Set Aside A Cut For Abuelita?

Abuelita realizing she isn't getting a 20% cut of the Rollerworld money.

With that said, considering how much information Abuelita gave and encouragement, the fact she wasn’t getting 20% was very messed up.

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