On My Block Season 2, Episode 10 Chapter Twenty [Season Finale] - Title Card

Like season 1, we’re left on a cliffhanger, but that’s just the icing to a rather gourmet cake.

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Like season 1, we’re left on a cliffhanger, but that’s just the icing to a rather gourmet cake.

Director(s) Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s) Lauren Iungerich
Air Date 3/29/2019

When The Adults Step In: Oscar, Cesar

For the entire first season and part of the second, Cesar was largely being protected or looked out for by his 14-year-old friends. Friends whose parents stepped up in season 2, but mostly out of guilt. Also, while they provided a place to stay, not much beyond that was offered.

Thus making Oscar’s plan to handle the Prophet$ genius. Long story short, from the Freeridge Savings money he’d have all the Prophet$ taken down for they would be using marked bills. Meanwhile, thanks to the ingenuity of Oscar’s friends, the Santos would have laundered money. Leading to many, if not all, of the Prophet$ going down as they spend money for their Hood Day – including Latrelle.

An Ultimatum: Monse, Cesar, Ruby, Jasmine, Jamal

After what Cesar did, so comes the question if the crew can or should be the same? Monse, partly thanks to Jasmine, is starting to feel she has outgrown the crew and that going to Mayfield Academy in New Hampshire isn’t that bad of an idea. The boys, despite all she has done as a friend, or girlfriend, don’t appreciate her. So maybe what she needs is girlfriends?

Monse noting she believes she and the guys have outgrown each other.
Monse: And I think we’ve outgrown each other.

So, what originally was posed to be an ultimatum of choosing between Monse or Cesar comes to Monse choosing herself and giving a goodbye. One which none of the boys believe, which upsets Monse, and leads to a bit of a blowup since they continue to show they don’t respect her.

And Then There Was Darkness: Monse, Cesar, Ruby, Jamal

But then a van pulls up and kidnaps each one of them. First the boys, then Monse, and we’re left wondering what happened?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I forgive you, but I can’t forget. ‘Cause if you loved me and you did that… what else would you do?
— Monse


Monse Choosing Herself

When you think about it, Monse has pretty much-done anything and everything for her friends. Sometimes while complaining, but whether it was dancing or putting effort into saving Cesar, she has done more for the guys than they have done for her. Heck, even if you take into account Cesar noting he smashed Monse in season 1, arguably they were more so protecting Cesar from Monse than trying to spare her feelings. So her deciding to put herself forward, even come to the mindset of thinking she outgrew her friends, it not only makes sense but is right.

Monse talking to Jasmine and realizing she has outgrown her friends.
Monse: Why am I always fighting for my friendship?

Think about it, as much as you’d think Monse would have needed time to adjust to Brentwood, she was able to fit right in. All those summers away made it so she was well-rounded and while her friends are no dummies, we never hear them venturing outside of Freeridge. Meanwhile, Monse goes two miles by bus to get to know Julia and spends a month out in Brentwood to get to know her and perhaps how the other side lives.

A young girl with curiosity like that truly would outgrow Cesar, Jamal, and even Ruby. Yet, because of the ending, likely we may not see her leave until mid or end season 3, if/when this gets renewed.

Low Point

Cuchillos Is Still A Ghost

I can’t be the only one who wants to see who runs the Santos right? Much less, considering how often the adults, 30-40+, mention how things have changed, it would have been interesting to meet one of the factors of that change. Assuming Cuchillos isn’t maybe a few years older than Oscar.

Considering Monse Likely Has Family Which Are Prophet$, Shouldn’t She Feel Something?

It kind of sucks that we spent most of the season hearing about Julia’s family, and Selena’s, but then get a bomb dropped on us that Monty was raised by profits and we don’t meet any of them. We don’t see Monse’s grandpa, cousins, and taking note of Jamal questioning her blackness in season 1, it would have been a nice follow up to see her hang with her cousins. Maybe feel like an outsider and use that to amplify her feelings towards Julia and feeling she isn’t enough.

For if there is one thing you don’t see a lot of is shows and movies addressing what it means to be bi-racial outside of a Black/White context. So this could have been a good opportunity.

On The Fence

Another Cliffhanger

Monse reacting to the guys being gone suddenly.
Monse: What the hell?

The first season ended with Ruby being shot and Olivia dying, now with most, if not all, of the Prophet$ getting arrested, this means one of two things: Those who got away are kidnapping Cesar and his friends for revenge. The second thing would be, considering the summer is coming up, for kicks and giggles, Oscar is taking the kids to Disney. I mean, he has the money, the kids did help him take out Santos’ sole competition and damn near made them obsolete. So him trying to take the kids and his crew to celebrate doesn’t sound that far fetched right? Plus, Oscar is the type to mess with them a little bit rather than straight up tell them they are going and to get ready.

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