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On My Block: Season 2, Episode 2 “Chapter Twelve” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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On My Block Season 2, Episode 2 Chapter Twelve - Title Card

Ruby and Oscar, of all people, have a heart to heart, as Jamal tries to get his money back – from a cop.

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Director(s)Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s)Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
Air Date3/29/19
Introduced This Episode
Office HamillBrent Werzner

Spending The Day With Oscar & Evening With Geny: Oscar, Geny, Ruby, Amber

Thanks to Olivia dying, Ruby’s faith is rocked a bit. I’m talking him willing to go toe to toe with Geny, who is no pushover, so he doesn’t have to go to church – which she allows. However, it is expected for him to stay home. The problem with that is, Amber is also home, and she is annoying as hell. So, Ruby was supposed to help Jamal with getting the bag, but then he ran across Oscar. Someone he decides to go off on, publicly, and he pays for that by running errands with Oscar.

During that time, Oscar reminds Ruby of how bad things were and Ruby questions whether the Santos really are making things better or not. Also, he reveals, in a similar manner to Amber, he too is quite ignorant. For whether it is complaining about his mom, the idea of working at Walmart, and so much more, Oscar snaps on him for forgetting his privilege. Leading to Ruby remembering not just how good he has it but how hard Oscar does. Even if he has some peculiar taste in food.

Geny noting her faith wavered in the past.

Geny: When I was your age, I wasn’t feeling Him much, either.

Yet, the best conversation comes from Geny who admits her faith wavered when she was Ruby’s age. However, having kids, having a kid survive being shot at, it made her faith renew and not she makes sure to show up to church.

The Money and Explorer Program: Officer Hamill, Jasmine, Cesar, Monse, Jamal

While the money is found and retrieved, there is a bit of an issue with Jamal saying the money is his. That is alongside Monse and Cesar wanting to see it after Jamal spending months talking about the money in every other conversation. They fight over the bag publicly, and with Freeridge being Freeridge, when a cop sees some Black and Brown kids fighting over a gym bag with some weight to it, he brings them in.

Mind you, he doesn’t book them and takes forever and a day to open the bag. However, luckily Jasmine is a third generation explorer program member, meaning she is training to be a cop, and gives her friends the skinny on Officer Hamill. Thus allowing them to manipulate his issues with his ex-wife and new girlfriend so that he doesn’t discover the money and they can leave.

Communication Is Key: Monse, Cesar, Jamal, Dwayne, Coach, Jamal’s Mom

Thanks to Officer Hamill who, by the way, was the one who advised Cesar in Season 1, Cesar and Monse come to an agreement. One in which he’ll sleep in Monty’s car, to circumvent Monse’s promise, and seemingly she may give him some company in there. Possibly leading to Monty discovering them later on – it’s a possibility.

As for Jamal? Well, while the day dealt with getting his money back, the night deals with how he got the money – digging up the football field. Leading to his parents, and the coach, at dinner, questioning why he did what he did.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Taking note of how Oscar respected Mario, I wonder how he feels about the Amber situation?
  2. Where was Mario?


More Jasmine and Geny

Jasmine revealing she is a third generation cop.

Jasmine: The explorer program, I’m third gen.

Though a small, almost forgettable role in season 1, I must admit I’m loving Geny and her place in season 2. Granted, I feel like she is taken the screen time Abuelita got, but while recognizing Geny and her husband had to work, it was unfortunate we never saw them interact with their kids. Well, Ruby anyway since I don’t think the twins are ever on screen for more than a minute or two.

Then, with Jasmine, though still very much a comic relief, at least they are building on her character. Not by much, but with her having a life and history outside the crew, it is a positive step forward.

Monse and Cesar Growing Stronger

Both Monse and Cesar have Type A personalities, and that leads to a lot of do as I say and don’t question me. Yet, I think taking note of Officer Hamill’s drama has them learning how to be a better couple. Which is important since, lest we forget, Jamal and Ruby’s family are their main examples, but we don’t see them go over Jamal’s house for parties or dinner. Then, when it comes to Ruby’s family, depending on how things are, what we’re seeing this season may just be the weekends, and most of the time they aren’t around to set an example.

Thus leaving both nothing but media to really observe and scrutinize. Which, thinking about it, thus far, how often do you see either watch TV or talk about a movie? So Officer Hamill is probably a serious wakeup call.

Ruby Understanding How The Other Side Lives

When it comes to the Crew, especially Ruby, there is a bit of a bubble. For while Cesar is connected, or was connected, Oscar didn’t really integrate him much until a few months ago. Even then, he was in Santos for maybe 6 months? If that? So Ruby not knowing the truth wasn’t surprising but was necessary.

One of the key reasons why is because gang culture, the reason for it, wasn’t really noted in season 1. We mostly saw Oscar hang on a stoop and beyond the Latrelle drama, we didn’t see why The Santos exist or what they do. But, another thing worth noting is that Ruby is not only privileged but a snob.

Oscar explaining the difficulties he face.

Oscar: That’s the kind of stuff that makes a man snap!

Remember season 1 when he thought Oscar couldn’t handle his idea? When putting down the idea of working at Walmart, we saw that again, and I think Oscar reminding him that is the best some can do shook him up a bit. Leading you to wonder, what does Geny and Ruby’s dad do for a living?

On The Fence


I try to spin thing when doing recaps or summaries, but it is so hard to see the point of this character besides frustration. Maybe she is supposed to present a different perspective on life and things, but if that is the goal, a terrible job is being done. For one, Mario is nowhere to be found, and we’re not told if he is looking for a job or what. Two, considering how Mario was love struck over a local girl, how Amber come into the picture? Did she trap him or something? Is she supposed to show how ghetto or ratchet white girls can be? Even if they seem like they are from the suburbs? Maybe it is too early to be criticizing her, but this is a difficult character to get into.

Jamal’s Storyline

Jamal separated from Abuelita is seeming like a bad move. The way the actors played off each other made Jamal someone to love and pay attention to. Plus, it made it so he didn’t have to be like some weird, over the top, form of Blankman in his interactions with people. He was still a rather privileged Black kid, but his eccentricities weren’t a 9.

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Writer(s)Lauren Iungerich
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Ruben Sr.Eric Neil Gutierrez
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  • An Ultimatum: Cesar, Monse, Jamal
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Season 2, Episode 5 “Chapter Fifteen”Oscar tries to be the saint Ruby expects him to be, until Ruby says something to incite the Santos and Cesar makes a mistake.
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Writer(s)Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
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Introduced This Episode
AngelicaKendra Michelle
RosarioBelita Moreno
PaulaMaleah Ann Goldberg
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  • It’s Been A Month: Paula, Cesar, Monse
  • The Return of Ruben – With The Big Mouth: Ruby, Mario, Angelica, Oscar
Season 2, Episode 6 “Chapter Sixteen”Monse’s new life in Brentwood is comfortable, but does she want to stay permanently? Ruby and Jamal, as well as new friends, help her make a decision.
Director(s)Erica Watson
Writer(s)Lauren Iungerich
Air Date3/29/2019
Introduced This Episode
SaharaDana Gaier
JaneBrooke Sorenson
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Season 2, Episode 7 “Chapter Seventeen”Major and minor secrets are revealed as Amber’s baby shower comes about. Also, an old problem resurfaces.
Director(s)Ryan Shiraki
Writer(s)Sonia Kharkar
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  • Baby Shower Drama: Mario, Amber, Geny, Ruby, Jasmine, Monse, Cesar
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Season 2, Episode 3 “Chapter Thirteen”For those who wondered about Jasmine’s backstory, you have to watch Chapter Thirteen.
Director(s)Ryan Shiraki
Writer(s)Jamie Uyeshiro
Air Date3/29/2019
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  • Selena: Julia, Monse
  • You Are Your Own Universe: Jasmine, Ruby
Season 2, Episode 1 “Chapter Eleven”It’s New Year’s Eve and months have passed since the tragedy in the season 1 finale. Leading to the question of how is everyone?
Director(s)Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s)Lauren Iungerich
Air Date3/29/19
Introduced This Episode
AmberShoshana Bush
  • Mario Has Some News: Amber, Mario, Geny
  • A Party With Very Little To Celebrate: Caesar, Oscar, Monse, Ruby, Jamal, Geny, Abuelita, Monty
  • What Could Have Changed It All: Jamal, Abuelita, Caesar, Ruby, Monse
Season 2, Episode 2 “Chapter Twelve”Ruby and Oscar, of all people, have a heart to heart, as Jamal tries to get his money back – from a cop.
Director(s)Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s)Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
Air Date3/29/19
Introduced This Episode
Office HamillBrent Werzner
  • Spending The Day With Oscar & Evening With Geny: Oscar, Geny, Ruby, Amber
  • The Money and Explorer Program: Officer Hamill, Jasmine, Cesar, Monse, Jamal
  • Communication Is Key: Monse, Cesar, Jamal, Dwayne, Coach, Jamal’s Mom
Season 1/ Episode 10 “Chapter 10”For the last few recaps I questioned whether the ending was going to be ideal or realistic and, well I got my answer… which ends up being both.
Director(s)Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s)Lauren Iungerich
Air Date3/16/2018
  • Never Gonna Give You Up: Jamal, Chivo
  • Changing Places: Cesar, Ruby, Monse, Olivia, Jasmine
  • Bittersweet Tragedy: Latrelle, Cesar, Jamal, Ruby, Monse, Olivia
Season 1/ Episode 9 “Chapter 9”The treasures of Rollerworld are finally found and just when Cesar needs them the most.
Director(s)Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s)Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
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  • Halves Cannot Revoke Wholes
Season 1/ Episode 8 “Chapter 8”Cesar learns what it will take to keep having precious moments with his brother as Monse takes an opportunity to get to know Julia better.
Director(s)Steven Tsuchida
Writer(s)Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft, Lauren Iungerich
Air Date3/16/2018
  • Dress Freakout: Monse, Cesar, Olivia, Abuelita, Ruby
  • In Pursuit of a Better Life: Cesar, Oscar, Jamal, Chivo
  • Is She or Isn’t She?: Monse, Cesar, Julia
Season 1/ Episode 7 “Chapter 7”Ruben continues to prove he is husband material for Olivia, despite her dating Cesar, as abuelita gets Jamal another clue which could lead to the money.
Director(s)Steven Tsuchida
Writer(s)Lauren Iungerich
Air Date3/16/2018
Characters Introduced
ChivoEmilio Rivera
  • Julia Whitman & The Boy Fresh Out of Prison: Monse, Cesar, Latrelle
  • Cesar Is Just My Placeholder: Ruby, Cesar, Monse, Olivia
  • The Gnome Holds All The Secrets: Jamal, Abuelita
Season 1/ Episode 6 “Chapter 6”With the secret dropped, now comes the question of how to move forward. Though for Jamal, it becomes time to reveal his secret as well.
Director(s)Ryan Shiraki
Writer(s)Adam Starks, Francesca Gailes
Air Date3/16/2018
Characters Introduced
Jamal’s MomRaushanah Simmons
CoachRob Murat
Monty (Monse’s Dad)Reggie Austin
  • I Can’t Live A Lie… Unless You Help Me: Ruby, Jamal, Olivia
  • Nobody Wins When The Family Feuds: Ruby, Jamal, Olivia, Cesar, Monse
  • Ending Things On Top: Jamal, Oscar
Season 1/ Episode 5 “Chapter 5”Just as Monse is finally coming around to wanting to be official, this Olivia kiss could ruin everything. Will she find out and if so, because of who?
Director(s)Ryan Shiraki
Writer(s)Jamie Uyeshiro
Air Date3/16/2018
  • Secrets Are Deadly: Jamal, Cesar, Ruby
  • My Girlfriends: Jasmine, Olivia, Monse
  • Lockdown: Oscar, Cesar, Olivia, Ruby, Jasmine, Jamal
Season 1/ Episode 4 “Chapter 4”Jamal’s relationship with Abuelita gets him one step further to Rollerwood fortune and with tagging along with Jamal, Monse sees a ghost.
Director(s)Steven Tsuchida
Writer(s)Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
Air Date3/16/2018
Characters Introduced
RoséAngela E. Gibbs
JuliaLisa Marcos
  • Get You an Abuelita: Jamal, Monse, Ruby, Olivia, Cesar, Abuelita
  • Straight Outta Brentwood: Olivia, Ruby, Cesar, Oscar
  • Can You See Me?: Monse, Cesar, Ruby, Olivia
Season 1/ Episode 3 “Chapter 3”Objectification is the issue of the episode and it ruins Ruby’s chances with Olivia and might be the final straw for Cesar.
Director(s)Steven Tsuchida
Writer(s)Robert Sudduth
Air Date3/16/18
  • Don’t Worry, Abuelita Believes In You: Jamal, Abuelita
  • I Feel So Objectified: Cesar, Ruby, Monse, Olivia
  • This Isn’t Fun Anymore: Cesar, Ruby, Monse, Olivia, Oscar
Season 1/ Episode 2 “Chapter 2”As a fourth member is added to the squad, Monse has to deal with Cesar manipulating her and Ruby has a date with Oscar.
Director(s)Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s)Lauren Iungerich
Air Date3/16/2018
Characters Introduced
OliviaRonni Hawk
AbuelitaPeggy Ann Blow
GenyPaula Garces
  • The New Girl In Town: Olivia, Monse, Ruby, Cesar
  • Digging A Deeper Hole: Oscar, Cesar, Monse, Ruby, Jamal
  • Jealous?: Monse, Cesar, Olivia
Season 1/ Episode 1 “Chapter 1”On My Block has an almost Fridayir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=64d2fd2c2e36dd99ce74b5f80fffee13& cb=1521205273599 vibe to it. It’s comedic yet, with its urban setting and gunshots, you know things can go left in any moment.
Creator(s)Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
Director(s)Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s)Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
Air Date3/16/2018
Noted Cast
CesarDiego Tinoco
MonseSierra Capri
RubyJason Genao
MarioDanny Ramirez
OscarJulio Macias
DwayneEme Ikwuakor
LatrelleJahking Guillory
JasmineJessica Marie Garcia
JamalBrett Gray

More Jasmine and Geny - 86%
Monse and Cesar Growing Stronger - 85%
Ruby Understanding How The Other Side Lives - 87%
Amber - 70%
Jamal’s Storyline - 75%


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