Big D and Higan go for another round as Yamaji begins to make it seem he has plans beyond what Joseph wants for Auza.

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Plot Recap

Bigger Plans At Play – Yamaji, Joseph

While Joseph sees the world as a game, him as the only player, and victory in sight if he can stop people like Higan, Emma, and cowardly politicians, Yamaji has his mind on other things. What exactly? That’s hard to say. We only know that he sees Joseph as vile and doesn’t seem above creating a power vacuum or rising in rank beyond what the Ninja Clan could offer.

Round 2 – Joseph, Big D, Mike, Jason, Emma, Higan

Big D, similar to Lil, lives for combat but, unlike Lil, wants a fair fight. With ignoring Joseph, to make sure his hair was right, Big D doesn’t learn or get a chance to call off Joseph sending Auza soldiers. Thus, what should have been Big D vs. Higan featured soldiers whom Emma and Mike focused on.

As for Jason? He and Emma were working on hacking Auza’s servers, but he had to finish that task alone, which with having to hack into satellites and mainframes, was a potential challenge. But it seems he and Emma got far enough for him to finish the work on his own.

Big D (Joe P) satisfied by his fight, even if a defeat
“Big D (Joe P) satisfied by his fight, even if a defeat,” Ninja Kamui : Season 1 Episode 9, directed by Sunghoo Park, 2024, (Toonami)

Now, as for the battle? Big D remains honorable and fights hard but fair as Emma and Mike mow down Auza soldiers. But, in the end, Big D loses, and thanks to Joseph putting what appears to be some mechanism to turn Big D’s suit into a bomb, while Higan lives, Emma dies.

Goodbye Friend – Mike, Jason, Emma, Higan

Unlike in past episodes, we’re not left on a cliffhanger that leads to a reveal that Emma actually lived. She is dead. We see her true face, take her last breath, and Higan even burns her body. Jason is a blubbering mess throughout all of this, and Mike, since Mike, vicariously, was experiencing the fatherhood he didn’t get to have through Emma.

But all this does for Higan is strengthen his resolve and as he does, his next opponent preps for their battle.

Collected Quote(s)

    • “[…] desperation [is] like courage for cowards.” – Emma

Question(s) Left Unanswered

    1. Whatever happened to that old man who helped bring Higan back to life earlier in the season?

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Yamaji Kazuhiro Yamaji
Joseph Scott Gibbs
Mike Shawn Hamilton
Jason Joe Daniels
Emma Luci Christian
Big D Joe P


On The Fence

The Fakeouts In The Past Ruined Emma’s Death

Because we’ve had so many moments when it seemed Mike was dead and at least one when it seemed Emma was dead, I didn’t get anything from Emma’s death being explicitly confirmed. I recognize it is sad, but the show made a hero’s death a bait and switch too many times to care at this point.

Lack Of Interest In Yamaji’s Ultimate Plan

Being that Yamaji hasn’t been developed well as a villain, you don’t have much of a reason to take note of his plans. He is subtle in his ambitions, which you have to give him credit for. But he is so subtle that he is forgettable and because he lacks a notable personality, doesn’t really seem to have notable control over the ninjas, and contains a air of mystery that makes him relatively unknown, him finally revealing his plans makes me shrug.

Does the show even have enough episodes to, in this season, rapidly build up Yamaji to be more than representative for the ninjas and instead someone who deserves your attention.

Background Information

Episode Title Episode 9
Release Date April 7, 2024
Network Toonami
Director(s) Sunghoo Park
Writer(s) Shigeru Murakoshi, Takayuki Sano
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 8
Series Page Ninja Kamui
Character Guide Ninja Kamui Cast and Character Guide

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Ninja Kamui: Season 1 Episode 9 - Review


At this point, “Ninja Kamui” seems unremarkable but still enjoyable. The type of show that is cool in moments but overall forgettable since, in the grand scheme of things, it lacks an engaging story, its character development is minimal, and the action? While you can appreciate it, without the right sound effects and visuals to push the idea the violence is truly painful, it is easy to get accustomed to and feel like all flash and no substance.

  • The Fakeouts In The Past Ruined Emma’s Death - 74%
  • Lack Of Interest In Yamaji’s Ultimate Plan - 72%
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  • Lack Of Interest In Yamaji’s Ultimate Plan
  • The Fakeouts In The Past Ruined Emma’s Death

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