The end of Higan v. Zai leads to a new fight with the stakes upped, and as the ninjas fight, Mike and Jason try to crack Emma’s code.

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Plot Recap

One Last Fight – Zai, Higan

Once again, Zai and Higan fight, and being more skilled than before makes the battle brutal. But, while Zai is in the end defeated, Higan lets him live. So, despite how far Zai takes it and how much he seems unable to move beyond his feelings of believing he was betrayed, Higan lets him live to seemingly have yet another round down the line.

For Emma – Mike, Jason

Jason is struggling to crack Emma’s code, and with Mike’s failed attempt to get the FBI on board and expose Auza, time is limited. So, he sacrifices himself to get Jason time and uses the note from his daughter, with Emma’s fingerprints, the only trace of her that exists beyond her grace, to unlock her code. Thus, Jason is given all he has been looking for to destroy Auza.

Always One Step Ahead – Yamaji, Dilly, Joseph

Joseph has seemingly caught Yamaji on tape talking about stealing Auza technology and starting a production plant for themselves. Naturally, Joseph can’t just let Yamaji reproduce the energy and gear Auza has created, so he sends a team to eliminate the ninjas and Yamaji. However, Yamaji tricks Joseph into thinking he has the upper hand. Ultimately, Joseph loses many good people – both security and everyday employees.

Luckily for Joseph, he gets spared thanks to Dilly following orders over her loyalty to Yamaji, but in return for her rescuing Joseph from his fate, Dilly will now have to face Yamaji.

Collected Quote(s)

  • We must sort out our present instead of our past. — Higan

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Zai James Marler
Higan Jeremy Gee
Mike Shawn Hamilton
Jason Joe Daniels
Dilly Elissa Cuellar
Yamaji Luis Galindo
Joseph Scott Gibbs



Feeling Dilly Was Underutilized

Dilly whipping so many ninjas with heels on and taking a bullet to the hand like it was nothing? It really pushes me to wish there was more of her on this. Especially considering she is sort of a double agent. Mind you, she wasn’t feeding information to Yamaji, but considering Yamaji’s goals, having a ninja on Joseph and that ninja being Dilly should have meant seeing her more, right? Especially considering it isn’t like Joseph is close to anyone, and it seems like he is close to Dilly.

First Person Viewpoint In Higan v. Zai

While the first-person viewpoint wasn’t immersive in a way that could make you feel like you were being punched or kicked, it did bring something different to the usual flashy but long lacking excitement fights that “Ninja Kamui” delivers.

On The Fence

Wanting Mike’s Story To Wrap Up

Mike’s pursuit of justice has long been a blemish on “Ninja Kamui.” There are few changes in the latest episode as he is without a ninja and paired with yet another character who brings little beyond their assigned task. So, one can only hope, as we assumingly enter the final episodes, that Mike may finally stand on his own as a character and not need the crutch of a ninja.

Background Information

Episode Title Episode 11
Release Date April 20, 2024
Network Toonami
Director(s) Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park
Writer(s) Shigeru Murakoshi
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 10
Series Page Ninja Kamui
Character Guide Ninja Kamui Cast and Character Guide

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Ninja Kamui: Season 1 Episode 11 - Review


I’m holding on, hoping for a meaningful ending, but thankfully, as the hope wanes, so does the number of episodes left – of which there are two.

  • Feeling Dilly Was Underutilized - 83%
  • First Person Viewpoint In Higan v. Zai - 81%
  • Wanting Mike’s Story To Wrap Up - 72%
User Review
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  • First Person Viewpoint In Higan v. Zai
  • Feeling Dilly Was Underutilized


  • Wanting Mike’s Story To Wrap Up

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