With tapping into Higan’s origins and what organization is against him, it seems fears that “Ninja Kamui” would quickly lose its luster might be unfounded.

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Plot Recap

The Old Man & Old Ways – Higan, The Old Man

While Higan, formerly known as Logan, should be dead, he isn’t, and the doctor he goes to has many reasons to question why he is amongst the living. Between the evident scar on his back, which is a sign of a fatal blow, to Higan using a technique called “Stark Awareness,” it’s clear Higan has pushed his body to its limits and seemingly broke over to the other side.

But, from what we’ve seen, ninjas have been trained to be tough, and with eons of secret arts and training, only recently leaving Japan and going global, Higan will need every last bit of training he has had to survive.

Though the big-headed ninja who killed his family? They don’t survive. Higan tortures and kills him with fire.

Sweep It Under The Rug – Mike, Emma

Emma (Luci Christian) making it clear she is onboard to investigate Logan
“Emma (Luci Christian) making it clear she is onboard to investigate Logan,” Ninja Kamui, “Season 1/ Episode 2,” directed by Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park, Hiroki Itai, 2024, (Adult Swim)

As you can imagine, an international organization like the Ninjas have isn’t going to be without friends or a network. So, despite what Emma saw, the massive amount of blood on the hospital roof, and all signs that this situation needs federal attention, Mike is told to stand down, and Emma? To upper management, she feigned the idea that she didn’t see anything.

However, with Mike, she admits she did and is ready and willing to do the job required of her as they seek out the truth behind Logan together.

What Have I Gotten Myself Into? – Mike, Higan

Between the two, Mike slipping Higan his card is the first to get to have a conversation, but the answers are minimal. Why? Partly because Mike thought he could arrest Higan, but what also complicates things is Higan is still being hunted by not only ninjas with blades, who can produce an additional set of arms but people willing to shoot or fire a rocket at Higan.

This makes Mike’s first experience around Higan shocking, and while Mike is seemingly within arm’s reach of retirement, it seems he is far too intrigued to say he is getting too old for this nonsense and to drop the case like his supervisor said to.

New Character Description(s)

The Old Man

The Old Man talking to Higan while looking over his injuries
“The Old Man talking to Higan while looking over his injuries,” Ninja Kamui, “Season 1/ Episode 2,” directed by Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park, Hiroki Itai, 2024, (Adult Swim)

Like much of Higan’s past life, not much is known about The Old Man. It is clear that he is a doctor, seemingly constantly surrounded by cats. But, most importantly, he is someone Higan can trust.



Backstory and Action On Equal Level

Auza Spokesperson
“Auza Spokesperson,” Ninja Kamui, “Season 1/ Episode 2,” directed by Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park, Hiroki Itai, 2024, (Adult Swim)

Now, was there a lot of backstory given? Not at all. However, one of the initial fears is that when the luster of the violence dies down, this show wouldn’t have much to offer. However, with touching upon the origins of the ninja organization, the hinting that they are involved in this corporation named AUZA, and the might they send towards Higan? It pushes you to think we’re about to go on quite a journey, and while there is no rush to reveal everything, we’ll be given enough without excessive dialog to get the point.

Mike and Emma

I don’t know why, but something about Mika and Emma as a duo does it for me. Maybe it is the familiarity of two opposites working together, with one close to retirement and one barely having paid into the retirement plan? It’s hard to say, but what I do know is that Mike seemingly still has gas in the tank, and with him not frightened off after seeing a rocket and a barrage of bullets coming his way, beyond being crazy, it seems he might be the right person for this job – even if unsanctioned and likely to put him in retirement through death.

Background Information


Adult Swim

Release Date

February 17, 2024


Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park, Hiroki Itai


Shigeru Murakoshi

Previous Episode

Ninja Kamui: Season 1/ Episode 1

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Ninja Kamui

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Jeremy Gee

The Old Man

To Be Determined


Shawn Hamilton


Luci Christian

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Ninja Kamui: Season 1/ Episode 2 – Episode Review


Assuming we remain on this trajectory, “Ninja Kamui” will likely be a reminder of why Adult Swim and the Toonami block were a staple of many American anime fans.

  • Mike and Emma - 81%
  • Backstory and Action On Equal Level - 82%


  • Backstory and Action On Equal Level
  • Mike and Emma


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