Ruijerd's (Daisuke Namikawa) face close up
Ruijerd (Daisuke Namikawa)

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A member of the infamous Superd tribe is encountered and a being known as “Man-God” who pushes Rudy to face the Superd.

Director(s) TBD
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Aired (Hulu) 3/7/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Man-God TBD
Ruijerd Daisuke Namikawa
Rowin TBD
Rokari TBD

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Friend or Foe? – Man-God, Rudy

Imagine you wake up in your former body, reminded of your former life, and then this being that is stark white, with barely any noticeable features approaches you. For Rudy, this is a red flag and leads him to believe the dream is over. His new life was just a mirage, perhaps something produced by a coma, and it’s done.

Man-God talking to Rudy

However, the being who identifies as “Man-God” says this isn’t the case. Also, it isn’t necessarily in their power, more so the Wicked Dragon God, who brought them to this new world. But, they do have a request, if not some advice: Rely on the man Rudy sees when they wake up.

Now, why such simple and curious advice? Well…

The Story of the Superds – Rudy, Eris, Ruijerd

It’s because Rudy ends up encountering a Superd, the demon clan known for violence and raging against the world. But, unlike the stories told, Ruijerd is different, and he explains why – after Eris freaks out seeing him. You see, 400 years ago, things were very different between humans and demons, and Laplace took advantage of the discord amongst demons to unite them in order to fight for civil rights.

But, when it came to the Superd tribe, what they didn’t know is Laplace has ill-intent. This affected them due to being given spears that seemed to have some maddening darkness in them. For Superds, this was an immense problem for their weapons, mainly spears, are considered their souls. So after the war, because of the spears Laplace gave them, and perhaps what they were used for, the Superd tribe became immensely violent. Ruijerd even notes people would kill their own families without any sense they were changed into violent beings.

This is why Ruijerd wants to change his tribe’s reputation and why Man-God seemingly sent Rudy and Eris to help him do so.

Roxy’s Hometown – Rudy, Eris, Ruijerd, Rowin, Rokari

Rokari and Rowin, Roxy's parents

Alongside meeting a Superd, we also get to see Roxy’s hometown and even meet her parents! From what we’re told, Roxy is from the Migurd tribe, and they live to be around 200 years old, and Roxy left 20 years ago and is currently 44. But beyond that, we’re not necessarily told much beyond them uneasy with Superds like most. That and Roxy’s father’s name is Rowin, mother Rokari, and it just generally seeming the Migured tribe likes names beginning with R.



The Superd’s Backstory

With everything that’s happening, combined with Roxy’s warning and Laplace’s name being invoked, the return of the Superd tribe seemed imminent and destructive. However, knowing they were manipulated by Laplace, albeit for the benefit of demon kind, does give you pause. Mainly in terms of wondering if Laplace is as evil as implied or simply was a demon who found a means to an end and used the Superd tribe as collateral damage?

Ruijerd (Daisuke Namikawa) when he first meets Rudy and Eris
Ruijerd (Daisuke Namikawa)

After all, humanity’s defeat was embarrassing, so when they pushed back and handled Laplace, who is to say they didn’t modify history?

Consistently Keeping Things Interesting

One thing you have to say about Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is that it doesn’t allow itself to experience a prolonged slump. Whether it is introducing compelling new characters, worlds or doubling back on established pieces of this world’s culture, there is always something going on. And while, yes, sometimes it uses ecchi to also regain your attention, I don’t think it ever comes off reliant on that.

Hence why, in some episodes, we get frustrated because, unlike Redo of Healer, you don’t see a show that goes for the most sensational thing, be it sex or violence, to maintain your attention. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation has far more going for it and knows how to pursue that in such a way where you never feel bogged down. Rather, like a child, you are given enough to understand what’s going on, and the topic gets revisited as you’re ready for more.

With that said, it makes you wonder how much of this first cour[1], which ends with episode 11, will be revisited when the show returns with an additional 12 episodes in July, according to EpicStream? Or will we experience yet another time jump, perhaps to Rudy’s adult years, in the second cour?

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[1] From Reddit: The term “cour” comes from the Japanese broadcasting lingo where it’s french for “quarter.” It literally means “quarter year.” A show that runs 1 cour runs for 3 months, regardless if it’s 10-13 episodes. 2-cour is half a year; 3-cour 3/4ths, 4-cour a full year.


The Superd's Backstory - 83%
Consistently Keeping Things Interesting - 86%


Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation remains one of the most consistent and entertaining anime of the season.

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