Rudy feeling depressed

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As Rudy begins to succumb to his depression, we’re shown all the lives and people he touched up to this point.

Aired 12/19/2021
Network Hulu
Directed By Chihiro Kumano
Written By Muneo Nakamoto, Rifujin na Magonote


In The Throes Of Depression – Alphonse, Rudy

With resurging feelings of abandonment, Rudy finds himself drifting back to his former life when bullying was prevalent. When combined with Eris abandoning him and having no sense of direction, he sleeps all day. This, for Alphonse, is a bit of an inconvenience as tents are in short supply, as is food. Plus, while Rudy has the kind of magic which can bring rain and be of immense help, Rudy is largely unresponsive and what he does say conveys he won’t be of much help. Thus, Alphonse has no choice but to gently ask Rudy to leave, which only further Rudy’s descent.

All The Lives Which Were Touched

Adventurers from the past

While Rudy is feeling worthless and depressed, we, as viewers, are reminded of all the lives he touched. Whether it was the group of adventurers saved when he, Ruijerd, and Eris first formed Dead End to Doldias people, we all see them able to live out their lives because of Rudy being in it. Heck, Ruijerd and Eris too are shown to clearly be in Rudy’s debt. Hence Eris proclaims her love for him and seemingly desires to return to him once she is powerful enough to protect him as he did her countless times.

Hope On The Other Side – Rudy, Sylphiette, Zenith, Roxy, Kishirika

While Roxy is adventuring with her crew, she comes across Kishirika, who remains boastful and acts as if anyone recognizes them as the demon emperor. This leads to problems for them as they are tasked with paying up after racking up a large alcohol bill – that Roxy finds herself having to pay.

Kishirika offers a demon eye to thank her for this, but instead, Roxy just asks for Rudy and Zenith. This leads to Kishrika revealing Rudy in a depressed state, of which Roxy believes he’ll be able to handle himself, and Zenith? Well, all that is made clear is that she is on the Begaritt Continent, in the Labyrinth City of Rapan. This is where Roxy now plans to go, and, remembering his mother’s love and care, it seems Rudy will continue his quest to find her.

Part of Sylphie's face, as she applies for Ranoa's magic University

But, after the credits, we get the answer to a question long asked: Where is Sylphiette? The answer? She is applying for the Ranoa University of Magic, where she mentions knowing Rudy, way back when, and it seems his legacy has been of note and curiosity to their admissions staff for quite some time.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Things To Note

  • There isn’t an episode 24, nor currently any announcement for a 3rd cour or OVA

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why wasn’t Kishirika able to see Zenith?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Zenith, Roxy, and Rudy reunite at the same time
  2. We meet the other top warriors, beyond Dragon God



Rudy Breaking Himself Out Of His Own Spell

Rudy’s depression has always lurked in the background. Whenever he encountered Man-God, he saw what he considered his person at his worst. Whenever there was a setback, and he felt like he disappointed someone, so did his own personal demon come peaking from the shadows, no longer blinded by the light of various people’s approval. And I gotta say, I appreciate us seeing Rudy’s dark side not be externally destructive but internally so. For too often, when a character is down and feeling worthless, they decide to self-destruct and take anyone and everyone out with them.

However, Rudy implodes and holds in the wrecking he could cause, especially considering his magic talents. Which to me, feels more akin to the character since, closing himself off, doubling down on how worthless he is, and binging on negative feelings, that’s what he does.

Yet, you have to love that it didn’t take death or someone like Roxy to get him out of this. Yes, his love for Zenith was the trigger, but lest we forget, he had a loving mother and father in his past life, even a best friend, and that didn’t push him to leave his room. So as much as Zenith should be credited as inspiration, and you can’t discount Alphonse noting he can’t stay there forever, ultimately, Rudy had to decide to get out of bed and move forward, and that deserves applause.

Seeing So Many Familiar Faces

Eris after her haircut

It’s hard to not get emotional, especially with it being unknown if we may get another season, cour, what have you, and seeing all these characters. It reminds you how far we’ve come yet, with Kishrika’s unclear vision about Zenith, and FINALLY seeing Sylphie, it reminds you of how much is left for us to see and all the places Rudy has left to go.

But, at the same time, Rudy’s trajectory is also presented. From being thrown out by his family in his past life and grossly misunderstood, to Zenith and Paul who, even with Paul and Rudy not always seeing eye to eye, them being family and Zenith being loving, encouraging, and everything Rudy has wanted and needed. I mean, even in terms of Roxy coming into Rudy’s life, that was Zenith’s doing to nurture her son’s magic in ways she was willing to admit she couldn’t.

So, whether a movie, another season, what have you, everything has built up to Zenith being found and all these faces, all these lives touched, are due to Zenith giving Rudy what he needed and him smart enough to honor and appreciate it.

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Rudy feeling depressed
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Seeing So Many Familiar Faces
Rudy Breaking Himself Out Of His Own Spell

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