Alongside seeing what led to Lilia and Aisha ending up in the Shirone Kingdom, we learn how Rudy will escape his imprisonment.

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Alongside seeing what led to Lilia and Aisha ending up in the Shirone Kingdom, we learn how Rudy will escape his imprisonment.

Aired 11/28/2021
Network Hulu
Directed By Katsuya Shigehara
Written By Shigekazu Kondō, Manabu Okamoto
Introduced This Episode
Zanoba TBD


The Early Days In Shirone – Lilia, Aisha, Pax

Everyone, Lilith, Sylphiette, Paul, Zenith, Norn, and Aisha, were together as the light beam came and separated them all. However, with Lilia holding Aisha tight, they ended up in a lake near the Kingdom of Shirone and hoped to get an audience with Roxy to get help. However, with Roxy no longer being the court mage, due to Pax’s harassment, he tries to use Lilia and Aisha as bait. This is Pax’s modus operandi since kidnapping people is how Pax exerts control over others. His soldiers, for example, only follow his orders due to him holding their families captive.

Just Waiting For A Coup – Zanoba, Pax, Eris, Ruijred, Rudy

Despite Pax’s hold on people’s families, thus giving him some level of control, all they were waiting for was a group like Dead End, or someone like Rudy, to end his tyranny. Hence, the setup of getting Zanoba, the third prince of the kingdom, and an otaku similar to Rudy, the statue of Roxy. A statue that, apparently, comes apart and allows you to see a semi-nude Roxy in her underwear!

Zanoba introducing himself

Yeah, despite how powerful and refined that statue seemed, it was actually lewd. But with Zanoba less interested in Roxy’s semi-nude figure, and more into the craftsmanship, Rudy gets him eating out of his hand. Oh, and shall we add, Zanoba is apparently one of the “Blessed Children” and also known as the Decapitator Prince due to killing one of his brothers. So when it comes to Pax, being that Zanoba would do anything to be a disciple of Rudy, he is willing to kill his sibling.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come to that, but with Ruijerd handling all the family members who were held hostage, Pax had no choice but to let Rudy go, for he had no muscle. But, in the long run, due to his tyranny and seemingly no one wanting to follow Zanoba either, both end up disposed.

Dysfunctional, Yes. But Still Family – Aisha, Lilia, Rudy

Thus, Lilia and Aisha are reunited, but also Lilia and Rudy. This is a bit of an emotional reunion for, despite all Lilia has said to Aisha, thus poisoning her opinion of her brother, you can see they are still family. She gives him the coveted underwear he likes and a charm from Sylphiette. But, most importantly, a hug and a happy birthday.

Rudy, Aisha, and Lilia having a mini-family reunion

Which, granted, doesn’t make up for Lilia talking to Aisha that one day she may have to serve her older brother in a way that sounds incestual, but they’re cool. In fact, it seems Aisha, at some point, realized Rudy was her brother, and because of all he has done, she apologies for calling him a pervert.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are we ever going to see Almanfi, Lord Perugius, or Kishirika again?
  2. What in Man-God’s name led Lilia to plant the idea that when Aisha is older, and voluptuous, she’d had to serve her half-brother?
    1. Okay, episode 4 answers this, but I still don’t understand why Aisha would think it was in a way that was perverted.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Sylphiette and Ghislaine have yet to be featured in this cour, so they should be popping up soon



Rudy’s Reunion With Lilia

While Jobless Reincarnation will NEVER leave the ecchi behind, I continue to appreciate the follow-up being a sense of heart. For when it came to Lilia and Rudy’s reunion, yes, it was sort of weird, with him talking about her touching him, but that hug seemed so loving and genuine. Despite all that those two have been through, he rescued her, his little sister, and was even nice to Aisha, despite all she was told about him.

I cried. I know it probably wasn’t that deep, but this show has set things up where you know relationships matter, and even with Lilia causing so much drama in Rudy’s household, she is the mother of his sister and someone who took care of him. So even with things weird, due to her knowing about his proclivities, it seems she has sort of accepted the flaws with the good and sees him as a whole person.

Lilia embracing Rudy

Lest we forget, he is the reason Aisha and her person got to stay in Zenith and Paul’s house, as covered in episode 4. So considering Rudy still struggles sometimes with accepting both his perverted side and who he wants to be seen as, it’s nice to see someone embrace his whole being, and not just the part to be proud of.

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Rudy lamenting over being captured again in his life
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: Season 1/ Episode 20 “The Birth of My Little Sister, The Maid” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
While we rush through Rudy's rescue, it gives us a sweet moment between Lilia and Rudy, which reminds us of the simpler times on the show, when Rudy barely left his house or its border, and Lilia was a constant presence in his life.
Rudy's Reunion With Lilia

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