Mr. Inbetween: Season 3/ Episode 1 [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Mr. Inbetween returns, and Ray reminds you, his smile, more often than not, is a warning sign than a friendly gesture.

Episode Name Coulda Shoulda
Aired 5/25/2021
Network FX
Directed By Nash Edgerton
Written By Scott Ryan
Newly Noted Characters
Adam                 Sam Cotton

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You Just Had To Be Stupid – Ray

It was supposed to be a simple exchange of guns for money. However, a group of guys wanted to be greedy, so they send their friend in to do the trade, rob everyone, and fake like they beat their friend’s ass. That was the plan.

Here comes the problem: Their friend doesn’t act like they just got robbed and their ass whipped, so Ray realizes what happened and finds himself having to threaten this guy with a chainsaw. But, because Ray is generous, while he wants his guns back and $30,000, it seems he’ll let bygones be bygones.

Unfortunately, Ray’s grace is given the finger, so he and his friends kill the guy and his associates.

They Grow Up So Fast – Brittany, Ray

Brittany is now 12, and that teenager attitude is starting to kick in. However, with her into astrology, it seems Ray has the upper hand over his ex since he and Brittany are compatible signs. But with him deciding to embarrass her as she goes to school, while their signs are compatible, he seems to want to end up on her s*** list.

2-3 Weeks – Adam, Ray, Brittany

Adam (Sam Cotton) getting checked into prison
Adam (Sam Cotton) getting checked into prison

Yet, despite embarrassing her at school, Ray is still her dad, and she wants to see him. But thanks to him decking someone and cops seeing, Ray ends up in prison. Mind you, he is a regular, so no one messes with him, but with being paired with a newbie named Adam, Ray messes with him.

How? Well, by saying he rapes men, and that’s why he is in jail. This is a shock to Adam since Adam is just in for violating an AVO order, which sounds like a restraining order. However, Ray reveals he is just messing with him once he sees the joke has hit its peak.

Commentary/ Review

The Balance Found In Season 2 Continues

Despite nearly a year and a half since the second season finale, Mr. Inbetween maintains that balance between Ray’s humor, his job, and his family life. As someone willing to take a chainsaw to someone’s leg, Scott Ryan remains a believable gangster who would torture someone and be completely unaffected. Yet, within the same scene, he can show a sign of humanity, even humor, that reminds you that people like Ray don’t have to be one-dimensional. They can just as much be the baddest men in the room and potentially the funniest.

Then when you throw Brittany in there and see him switch into daddy mode, it’s perplexing. The only thing I can really compare it to is how Eminem’s persona has evolved. At least regarding how he balanced being a rapper with comical music videos, becoming well known for talking about killing his ex, while also being this father who sounds like he dotes on his daughter whenever possible.

Some Of The Best Action Scenes You May Find On Television

While we always find it interesting that the opposition to the lead doesn’t aim for more headshots, which gives you a slight Rambo vibe, there is no denying Mr. InBetween has some of the best action scenes on television. They are brutal, the gun violence usually has a realistic vibe, and is done in such a cinematic way. I’d even say Mr. InBetween rivals some theatrical films that are summer blockbusters with the way the action scenes are shot, choreographed, and how the special effects are done.

Ray smiling, hoping he isn't about to kill some idiots
Mr. Inbetween: Season 3/ Episode 1 [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Mr. Inbetween remains a hidden gem that I'm sure many will kick themselves for not watching as episodes were originally released.
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The Balance Found In Season 2 Continues
Some Of The Best Action Scenes You May Find On Television
Low Points/ On The Fence

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