As Ray is watching Dirk’s kid, he finds himself becoming Liam Neeson when the child is taken.

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As Ray is watching Dirk’s kid, he finds himself becoming Liam Neeson when the child is taken.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 11/7/2019
Introduced This Episode
Maddy Alyia Browne


A Guilt-Ridden Day Out: Maddy, Ray, Brittany

With Dirk’s suicide hurting Ray emotionally, he decides to take out Dirk’s daughter, Maddy, who sees him as his uncle. At first, the day goes well, for Brittany is there, and with Maddy not really being aware of what is going on with her father, she is happy. Plus, with her birthday coming up, there isn’t too much of a reason for the 7 going on 8-year-old to not be ecstatic.

That is until Ray lets Brittany and Maddy look at the bikes on their own, and Maddy ends up kidnapped.

The Search For Maddy: Gary, Freddy, Ray, Nassir

Maddy going missing sends Ray into overdrive, and after dropping off his daughter, he goes into Taken mode. This leads to him calling Gary to look into things and also Freddy to assist. But with Freddy, his main part comes in finding Nassir and Ray terrorizing him since he thinks Maddy’s kidnapping was in retribution for the murder of his brother.

It is not.

Gary, however, through one of his contacts, finds a drugs and arms dealer, who apparently also does human trafficking, of children specifically, and after rescuing Maddy, he puts all of the people involved in the children’s holding area.

A Massacre: Ray

Simply put, with Ray, there are no apologies. Dropping off his daughter to his exes’ job? Not a word is said. Busting into Nassir’s home, shotgun in hand, shooting up stuff and threatening his grandmother? No apologies are given after all is said and done. All we see is Ray showing he isn’t the greatest detective.

However, what he is good at is killing people, and boy does he make a mess of the dealer and their two assistants.




It Really Pushes You To Recognize How Great Of A Lead Is Scott Ryan

While Ryan could very much be writing each episode to his strengths, you have to admit compared to most lead actors, he is rather consistent in his performance, and with the writing, you see him increasingly getting better. This makes him playing this gangster veteran character with such life something not applauded enough. For with Ray, we have truly hit the perfect mix between someone who’d beat a man to deal with a metal pipe as he would happily go to the movies with two little girls.

It’s a weird combination, since there is such an old idea of how men like Ray operate, yet with Ryan’s writing, we get this newfound sense of humanity that seems like the next evolution of what Scorsese pursues with his underbelly characters. Just with a better sense of the day to day and not an almost HBO level reliance on violence and sex.

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It Really Pushes You To Recognize How Great Of A Lead Is Scott Ryan

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