Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Season 1/ Episode 2 – Episode Recap & Review

Growing increasingly comfortable with one another, Mr. and Mrs. Smith find themselves in an odd position during their latest mission, leading to unexpected intimacy.

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John Turturro

Plot Recap

We’re Married, But Not Exclusive – Hot Neighbor, Jane, John

While Jane and John are legally married, thanks to their employer, they aren’t romantically involved. So, when Jane is confronted by the neighbor about what her cat might have been doing, she takes note of who he is while she lies about her and John being software engineers from San Francisco. Jane even talks to John about the neighbor, and he is lowkey jealous.

But, after establishing that there doesn’t seem to be anything between them, in that moment, a vow is made regarding them making money, and then when they have enough, that is it. Though it should be noted, it isn’t clear if they can decide to quit or if quitting will be that easy.

The Truth Of A Lonely Man – Eric, John, Jane

For this episode’s mission, they are to make a very wealthy real estate magnate, Eric, tell the truth via truth serum. This is supposed to be done at a silent auction, and the challenge is, how to inject him with no witnesses and making sure there are no casualties?

Well, since Eric is a bit of a freak, potentially queer, John is used to do weird things, alongside Jane, and Eric gets injected. This leads to him revealing a lot of wild and crazy things on a microphone at the auction, so mission accomplished.

At least until it is clear Eric is veering towards overdosing. Thus leading to John and Jane taking him home, struggling to find a eppy pen, and Eric dying in their kitchen.

2 Fails Remaining – John, Jane

With a dead body, that they break into pieces and throw into the compost, John and Jane have an incomplete mission, and it is presented there is a three-strike system. Now, what happens if they fail three missions? Can they do enough to be forgiven for a failure? A litany of questions arise, and all go unanswered.

However, something about accidentally killing someone who made them do some weird things together, apparently has led to Jane being open to intimacy with John. Now, whether this is to take the edge off or the start of something romantic isn’t clear, but it does appear that the vow they just made to make money and not have sex has been thrown out the window.

General Information


Prime Video

Release Date

February 2, 2024


Hiro Murai


Francesca Sloane

Newly Noted Characters and Cast

Hot Neighbor

Paul Dano


John Turturro

Previously Noted Characters and Cast

John Smith

Donald Glover

Jane Smith

Maya Erskine

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Previous Episode: Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Season 1/ Episode 1 (Series Page | Character Guide)


Community Rating: 100% (1 votes)


Not An Easy Show To Pin Down

The first mission was notable because of the bomb going off, since “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” has this odd vibe. You know there will be action scenes, since the first episode starts with us seeing someone get shot through the cheek. Yet, our time with John and Jane doesn’t feel like it is rushing towards an explosion, gunshots, or commotion. But, at the same time, it isn’t a dry, investigative type of spy show either.

Similar to Glover’s “Atlanta,” while you know what “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is, you can’t necessarily pin it as any specific genre since it doesn’t stick to the usual beats. It’s an action show with explosions, speeding cars, and guns, but it has a story and characters like Eric, who aren’t treated as fodder. There is a spy element here, but while the organization John and Jane works for tasks them with killing or exposing people, no big evil is presented here.

It’s almost as if, as soon as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” could fall into a routine, there is a sudden pivot to keep the audience guessing.

Familiar Faces Left And Right

From Paul Dano to John Turturro, we’re seeing an increase in familiar faces, and with Alexander Skarsgard in episode one and the promise of Ron Perlman and Michaela Coel in the future, again, you see “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” wants to subvert what you would assume this show would do. With this being one of Donald Glover’s first shows since “Atlanta,” you’d think it would be about him, maybe raise Maya Erskine’s profile, and that’s it.

That is not the case here. Skarsgard opened episode one and presented us with a story reminiscent of the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt movie. Then we switch to Turturro exposing the rich and powerful, hinting some might have some Epstein type of proclivities, while Paul Dano is a neighbor who is either annoying, a spy, or someone Jane may have an affair with.

This is a show that seems to use the Glover name as a hook, but wants everyone to shine and be put on it seems. Whether well-established as an actor or not.

The Chemistry Is Getting There

John and Jane were co-workers in episode 1, with a friendship building. In episode 2, as noted, there was originally a boundary between John and Jane, but one hard day led to kissing and what we can assume was sex.

Now, let it be known, since John seemingly walked into the situation willing, maybe wanting romance, he has been asking questions and trying to get to know Jane. Meanwhile, she has been cagey, and with seeing their partnership as something out of the KGB playbook, where they hold each other accountable and coerce loyalty, she has kept John at arm’s length.

But one could submit, with John coming through in the clutch multiple times and proving he can handle her sarcasm and other attributes exes haven’t been fond of, she might be falling for him. Though, who knows, maybe this is all about making sure John stays loyal as Jane gets the money she needs or wants for some form of freedom.

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