Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Episode Recap & Review

While the name is familiar, nothing seems recognizable in this version of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

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Donald Glover, Maya Erskine on their first mission

Plot Recap

The Interview – John, Jane

So, who are John and Jane? Well, I can tell you that neither of their names are John or Jane, but they do share that they didn’t have any other options for work in their desired industry. John was dishonorably discharged from the military, and after a bad psych evaluation, no one but this mystery company would take Jane. Also, neither really have much. Jane has her cat, Max, and a father she doesn’t speak to, and while John is a momma’s boy, because his exes find him emotionally stunted, it seems dating has been hard.

This is amongst a litany of other reasons why any prestigious agency may not want either, even if they have skills that make them qualified, and this shady organization sees them as perfect candidates.

This Seems Like A Simple Arrangement – John, Jane

Yet, this unnamed organization, which begins things with a friendly “hihi” takes both in and KGB style, has John and Jane become husband and wife, living in a beautiful home in New York City, where they will take on missions. The first one seems rather simple because they are just to intercept a package an old lady has.

Now, what is in this package, you ask? Is it military secrets on a hard drive, guns, a ledger of some high-value corporation? Nope. It’s a cake. This leaves Jane and John to think the organization wanted to ease them in with their first mission.

High Risk, High Reward? – John, Jane

That is until it is revealed the cake is a bomb, and nine people are killed. Jane is a little bit more shaken than John, but John is an Afghanistan veteran who already has about a baker’s dozen worth of kills. Also, while it is never disclosed how much either makes, the idea for John here is that high risk comes with high reward and while neither were fully aware of what they signed up for, they knew it wasn’t to live a lavish life in New York with beds filled with horse hair.

General Information


Prime Video

Release Date

February 2, 2024


Hiro Murai


Francesca Sloane & Donald Glover

Newly Noted Characters and Cast

John Smith

Donald Glover

Jane Smith

Maya Erskine

Episode Directory

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Community Rating: 100% (1 votes)


Being Given Just Enough To Be Intrigued, Yet Not Clamoring For More

Donald Glover without a shirt on
“Donald Glover without a shirt on,” Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Episode 1, directed by Hiro Murai, 2024, (Prime Video)

To be honest, this is a show where you may feel actors are playing up their personalities rather than tapping into and becoming a character. In many ways, this is fine. Donald Glover comes off as cool and funny but could potentially flip a switch and be a bit cold if the situation calls for it. I’m not saying he does that by any means, but he has been in the entertainment business long enough to likely have to build up a hard shell when necessary.

As for Maya Erskine? To be honest, I don’t know her, but I have seen interviews and her in small parts, and while she is definitely not doing an embellished version of herself as much as Glover, there still is a vibe that this is an actor persona-driven show than character, and what is given to vaguely separate Mr and Mrs. Smith from Mr. Glover and Ms. Erskine is good enough.

The Question Of Who Are They Working For?

With beginning all their messages with “hihi,” there is something inherently weird about the organization Mr. and Mrs. Smith works for. It’s not above having its agents kill, but it also isn’t looking for the best and brightest agents either. Then, add on it got them what seems to be a multi-million dollar home, well-furnished, and knows not only where the likely rich and powerful live but can figure out how to intercept a bomb to take them out?

Honestly, the organization that hired Mr. and Mrs. Smith might be more interesting than they are.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Episode Review


“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” does well in using what has kept its actors working and making that the initial hook, as the audience begins to wonder what is this agency that hired Mr. and Mrs. Smith and what are their goals, as we know Mr. and Mrs. Smith are just in it for the money.

  • Being Given Just Enough To Be Intrigued, Yet Not Clamoring For More - 82%
  • The Question Of Who Are They Working For? - 83%


  • The Question Of Who Are They Working For?
  • Being Given Just Enough To Be Intrigued, Yet Not Clamoring For More


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