As James potentially realizes he met his match with Ruby, we see Ruby and James share brilliant younger sisters who may not get the credit they deserve.

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Plot Recap

Daddy Issues – Lydia, Mr. Sutton, James, Mortimer

When it comes to Mortimer, you can see he takes being the head of the Beaufort’s 125-year legacy as a clothing brand seriously. Yet, despite Lydia seemingly being the smart one, at least regarding the family business, he seems blind to her. He’d rather James take the reins, and while Lydia seems willing to lend her brother ideas and the spotlight, who knows for how long?

But maybe it would be for the best? After all, if Lydia can make something of her own, maybe she can convince Mr. Sutton that there is a future for them? Because, as of now, he doubts a lowly teacher will be accepted amongst an elite family, and it could be the final wedge that splits them apart.

Young Beaufort – Mortimer, James, Harold, Elina

With Young Beaufort, the brainchild of Lydia, supported by Mortimer, investment is the next step for him. So, with raising his son to be a winner, feign weakness, and then go for the jugular, what better way to see if, now at 18, James has learned this lesson than to share in a conquest?

Harold Ellington has prestige and money, and Elina, Alistair’s sister, could help seal the deal if she and James get along well. So, Mortimer hopes that James will play his role as he is groomed to become the CEO of Young Beaufort and, eventually, the company.

Sometimes You Don’t Need A Win When You Can Draw – James, Ruby, Ember

One problem with that is Ruby. While James and Ruby are at war, with him getting her peers to take his side about the donor gala becoming a Victorian Ball and force her to adapt quickly, hatred is an understatement. But, never one to back from a challenge, Ruby, with the help of her sister Ember, begin to work on the promotion for the ball, a dress, and it seems Ruby, despite James handing her a setback, was going to bounce back ahead of his shenanigans.

That is until she burns the dress Ember spent all night making. With that, she is humbled, and with James still picking with her, she decides to embarrass him beyond the point of banter at school. This victory feels wrong to Ruby, so she apologizes. With that, it seems James decides to ease up on Ruby and even tries to be nice to her.

Albeit, it seems part of him being nice stems from him developing feelings, but with things still contentious, whether these feelings can grow or not will depend on how Ruby acts when James takes her on an impromptu trip to London to go through the Beaufort’s archives for a dress. One that may serve not only the advertisement for the gala but maybe the dress Ruby could wear to it.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Alistair is gay and out.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Lydia Sonja Weißer
Mr. Sutton Eidin Jalali
James Damian Hardung
Mortimer Fedja van Huêt
Harold Bernd Lambrecht
Elaine Eli Riccardi
Ember Runa Greiner
Ruby Harriet Herbig-Matten

New Character Description(s)


Mortimer (Fedja van Huêt)
Mortimer (Fedja van Huêt)

Mortimer is the head of the Beaufort family, and as he turns a blind eye to Lydia, he hones in on James to be his successor. Mind you, James seems to have no desire to follow his father’s footsteps, especially as he blocks him from doing the thing he loves. However, with his father drilling into him how life is like chess, and you have to sometimes feign and push the idea that your opponent has power before striking, Mortimer may not realize his son is playing a long game.


Harold is a member of the Ellingtons, an ultra-rich and prestigious family whose investment Mortimer wants into the Beaufort brand.


Elina is Alistair’s sister who potentially has a crush on James and is seem as a means to seal the relationship between the Beauforts and Ellingtons.


On The Fence

The Usual Trajectory But With Interesting Players

Whether it is James and Ruby potentially going from enemies to lovers, a father honing in on the child who isn’t their brilliant one, because of gender, or insecurities plaguing the male lead, as noted in episode 1, a lot of what “Maxton Hall” offers can come off familiar. However, I will admit there is something to these performances and the writing that could steer this ship in the right direction.

Mortimer, for example, as he pushes his son, has high hopes and expectations but will just as much exploit him as praise him, is a slight wild card. Also, even with Elaine’s introduction, which will surely act as a foil for Ruby and James’ potential relationship, with her also being Alistair’s sister, and Alistair having a nice conversation with Ruby in episode 1, so it seems there are many situations in play that could lead to unexpected results.

Making it so, “Maxton Hall” could be trying to put you in a sense of lull with the familiar before flipping things on its head and bringing you a level of unexpected shock.

Background Information

Episode Title Noblesse Oblige
Release Date May 8, 2024
Network Prime Video
Director(s) Martin Schreier
Writer(s) Daphne Ferraro, Marc Schieber
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 1
Series Page Maxton Hall
Character Guide Maxton Hall – The World Between Us: Character Guide and Noteworthy Information

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Maxton Hall – The World Between Us: Season 1 Episode 2 - Review


It still feels too soon to tell with “Maxton Hall” regarding where the series may go. To its credit, it is taking the familiar to get you comfortable, but it does push the idea that it will eventually veer to a less-trodden road. But, whether that is just our hopes or will be reality requires another episode.

  • The Usual Trajectory But With Interesting Players - 74%
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  • The Usual Trajectory But With Interesting Players

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