Mariah’s World both confirms and dispels what is often thought of one of the most talented singers of a generation. While crafting a dramatic plot featuring her staff.

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Mariah’s World both confirms and dispels what is often thought of one of the most talented singers of a generation. While crafting a dramatic plot featuring her staff.

The Introduction

You know the accolades, what can only be considered shenanigans, but what about the Mariah the paparazzi aren’t give more than they can ever want? What about that girl who came from nothing and now has damn near anything she could ever want? Well, you get a taste of her, Mariah as a person. But what the show seems to really be focused on is how in the world she balances being a mother, a singer heavily involved in the various aspects of her career, and dealing with people she has to rely on to get things done.


The Glamour Is Slightly Stripped Away & This Doesn’t Seem Purely for Promotion

While Mariah maintains her usual airs and graces, with you being reminded of the accolades, being reminded she writes most of her material, as well as is heavily involved in all aspects of her career, you can understand why she is so extra sometimes. For her, being extra, or perhaps goofy, is a means of stress relief. For, lest we forget, Mariah, like all artist, are a business. Her productions didn’t just make her a multi-millionaire, they also provide a huge amount of jobs and commerce for wherever she goes. So imagine that weight on your soldiers, much less with a reputation you are trying to maintain the standard of.

This stress is fully visible and while there is a comical moment here and there, her life doesn’t seem to have a real break. So, while it may seem extra for her to have so many diamonds, to constantly have a champagne glass in hand, or to be seemingly living a lavish lifestyle, at times you feel the need to remind yourself that she came from nothing. As she notes, as well as her nephew, this life she has now would have been so foreign to her as a child and even as a young adult. Making each diamond necklace, each lounge chair, not a symbol of her wealth but a reminder of what she has, and still does, work so hard for. Especially so her children won’t have to know the struggles she did.

On The Fence

Reality TV Drama

When it comes to Mariah, as noted, what is mostly featured is her stressing about the business aspect of her life, as well as being a good mom and trying to be a good partner. Now, while that maybe interesting to fans, seeing her have it all and perhaps feel guilty about the sacrifices she has to make to seem like she does, naturally that isn’t enough. After all, this is E! The days of True Hollywood Story and some sort of respect for the channel are long gone. It wants ratings and following Mariah around isn’t enough. So, naturally, the drama of her staff is featured and seemingly may eclipse Mariah being on the show. For while she may have a strong personality, it seems when it comes to conflict her new manager Stella is judge, jury, and executioner. Yet, with that said, it isn’t like the drama seems purely for the sake of drama. It is giving you a taste of the issues those without their name on the marquee encounter and how they have to deal with the talent’s manager, the various departments which have a hand in the stage show, and how you deal with the stress of getting your part done. Especially when the talent has a very constrained schedule.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

It seems very clear that while Mariah Carey maybe the hook, the focus will probably drift to the drama of her staff. Also, this isn’t going to be like the documentaries we have seen Beyoncé put out or like Misty Copeland’s A Ballerina’s Tale. This is going to be a bit more raw, not as heavily edited, and is going to let you in perhaps more than desired. But what will honestly make or break this series is if it can balance the sensationalizing of Mariah and her staff’s antics with showing the complications of Mariah’s personal life and the business aspect of her life.

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