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A very campy action/comedy which requires a perverted sense of humor.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

Max (Myles McLane) and Ruthie (Emerald Robinson) are two assassins given a hit list to complete over the course of a day. Issue is, Max is a bit of a novice, a pervert and Ruthie seems unable to take out all the targets by herself. So the two try to work together but, after one mishap after another, their boss Michael (Douglas Macpherson) gets involved for those two are becoming bad for business. Michael isn’t alone though when it comes to dealing with the mess Max and Ruthie are creating. Two cops, Cynthia (Anita Leeman) and Akeem (Roger Payano), are also on Ruthie and Max’s tail. Leaving you wondering, among the eccentric personalities of the film, who may get to walk away without being in cuffs or a body bag?


Hit Team possesses a level of silliness which makes it so you can’t help but laugh. For whether it is the constant badgering from Max to have some sort of intimacy with Ruthie, the various personalities of the film, the sound effects, or how characters die, the movie is nothing but perverted and campy. Which, if your sense of humor loves and craves such comedy, you will likely be cracking up from scene to scene.


However, if you don’t have a tolerance for slapstick and campy material, featuring a perverted male, this may not be the film for you. For most of the jokes appeal to immature humor, of the teenaged boy variety, and while each character has a distinct personality, it is hard to say that the characters won’t become annoying after a while. For whether it is Max constantly trying to pursue Ruthie, Michael’s singing, or just the strange things which come out of every cast members’ mouth, I do feel this film doesn’t have a grey area. Pretty much you are either going to like what you see or wonder what the hell did you just watch?

Overall: TV Viewing

A part of me wants to say to skip this, but I have to admit the kid in me found some parts funny. And while I may not have laughed a huge amount while watching, thinking about what I saw as I wrote the review had me shaking my head and laughing. For while Hit Team isn’t the type of film which is going to launch careers and make those involved major forces in Hollywood, it does have the type of appeal which could make it a cult hit. If only because it has that sort of, “It’s so bad it’s good” type of vibe.

Things To Note

I was provided a free copy of this movie.

Availability: The film is available at https://filmcanal.com/#!/home (URL isn’t working as of this posting – Should Be Back Soon) for $5.99 if you wish to buy it, and $1.99 as a rental.

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