As Hazel searches for a divorce attorney, Fiffany starts making the necessary moves to get the chip out of Hazel and sell it for a mint.

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As Hazel searches for a divorce attorney, Fiffany starts making the necessary moves to get the chip out of Hazel and sell it for a mint.

Director(s) Stephanie Laing
Writer(s) Christina Lee
Aired (HBO Max) 4/8/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Biff Jon Daly
Ignacio Mel Rodriguez

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The Struggle To Get Legal Representation – Biff, Hazel, Herb

Biff (Jon Daly) turning his head to the side, questioning what's happening?
Biff (Jon Daly) turning his head to the side, questioning what’s happening?

How does one get a lawyer and end a marriage to someone who took on the US Government and won? Much less, who actively will embarrass whoever you speak with, then call them to end whatever discussion they were having with you? That’s Hazel’s struggle.

You see, Bangles recommends Biff, a local divorce attorney, who was all gung-ho until Byron hacked into the bowling alley they were meeting at. And after Byron posts Biff’s private pictures on every screen, Biff is embarrassed to the point Herb doesn’t seem like the top candidate for town pervert anymore.

If You’re Going To Backstab, Aim For The Heart – Fiffany, Ignacio, Lyle

Ignacio (Mel Rodriguez) meeting with Fiffany
Ignacio (Mel Rodriguez) meeting with Fiffany

With Byron taking things too far, Fiffany is trying to make moves to save her research from his egotistical desires. Thus, she makes plans to sell the chip to the competition – her ex-husband Ignacio! Now, what’s the backstory there? You don’t get to know.

All that is made clear is Fiffany and Lyle had plans to betray Byron, but Lyle got caught and paid the consequences. Of which, as he said previously, was his bank account and identity being wiped. Thus showing he was honest with Hazel when he was trying to help her. Mind you, for the chip, allegedly valued at 1 billion dollars.

Tired Of Trying – Byron, Hazel, Fiffany, Lyle

At this point, Byron has come face to face with Hazel, offered a smell cube to have some of her outside world desires, and has suffered the embarrassment of her bringing their drama to outsiders. But at this point, he is done. He is ready to merge, and this complicates Fiffany, and Lyle’s plan for Lyle was supposed to disconnect Hazel from Byron’s network long enough for Fiffany to remove the chip. However, now Hazel is allegedly dead so, while the chip still works, she may no longer be of this Earth. At least, beyond Byron’s brain.



Seeing Byron’s Capabilities

Byron laughing as he merges with Hazel
Byron laughing as he merges with Hazel

While we knew Byron was a stalker and control freak, seeing him hack into the bowling alley to expose Biff furthered how much of a psycho we should see him as. Never mind, it also pushes the need to question, between Keegan and others, what are the chances someone catches on to what he is doing? Because if Jeff Bezos was able to just put out there your nightly activity purchases, Tim Cook ever iMessage you put out there, and so on, that would be big news, right? And while it has been ten years, between Bangles and Herb, and how much Hazel is talking, surely people are noticing what is going on, right?

Twin Sands is a small town, and Byron doesn’t do discreet. He showed up with his SUVs in tow, and surely some of the local population have social media. Not to forget, Byron has the ability to erase anything they post, but, eventually, Hazel is going to make enough noise that Byron won’t be able to keep his private life from the news.

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Seeing Byron's Capabilities - 82%


As Byron because the Goliath to Hazel's David, so comes the question of what can she do to become free from him? Assuming that is even an option, without choosing the ultimate option.

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