In the season, possibly series, finale of “Lovecraft Country,” we learn whether Atticus and his family find a way to stop Christina and prevent the fate Atticus saw.

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In the season, possibly series, finale of “Lovecraft Country,” we learn whether Atticus and his family find a way to stop Christina and prevent the fate Atticus saw.

Director(s) Nelson McCormick
Writer(s) Misha Green, Ihuoma Ofordire
Aired (HBO) 10/18/2020
Introduced This Episode
Titus Michael Rose
Hattie Regina Taylor

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

“Full Circle” Recap

With The Help Of My Ancestors – Hannah, Dora, Hattie, Leti, Hippolyta, Atticus, Diana

Focusing on Diana, using the Book of Names retrieved in the last episode, everyone pools their energy to heal Diana. During this process, Leti and Atticus fall out and find themselves back to Hattie and Diana’s home back in Tulsa. A place that has them reconnect to the past to power themselves for the future.

Hattie (Regina Traylor) warning Leti
Hattie (Regina Traylor)

To add to this, Hannah also joins them, and between Atticus and Leti, they learn Hannah sealed the book and her descendants’ potential for magic to hide them. Yet, with the spell Atticus has cast, that bind has been broken, and it is realized there is so much potential with magic that she shouldn’t have held back from them.

For, in the past, she was fearful, and the mark on everyone we’ve seen was to hide her family and keep them safe out of fear. Yet, in taming the fire, the passion, and magic, in some form, her fear has subsided in the afterlife, and she advocates for the use of magic. Leading to Diana recovering from the spell Captain Lancaster cast upon her – except her arm.

Come Together & Follow Me – Leti, Ruby, Christina, Titus, Hippolyta, Diana, Ji-ah, Atticus, Hannah

While Diana is back to semi-normal, this doesn’t mean her relationship with Hippolyta is back to where it was. She feels abandoned in her time of need, and Hippolyta can’t change that. However, with centuries of knowledge, she finds a way back into her daughter’s heart.

As for the rest? Well, to begin the fight against Christina, who seemingly means peace, Titus is raised from the dead, and his heart is taken. But, before killed, he lets Christina know Atticus’ family has the Book of Names, and of course, says the N-word a few times. Never mind confronts Hannah and acts as if his raping her was a gift. Though, as usual, he gets his, and this is but one part of what is assumed to be needed so Christina, during her ceremony, can be binded and stopped.

Titus (Michael Rose) brought back to life
Titus (Michael Rose)

However, one necessary ingredient would be Christina’s DNA, and while she attempts to be friendly, the only person who has ever gotten that close to Christina is Ruby. Someone who, considering she is in a relationship with Christina, isn’t keen on helping Leti, who she still has a strained relationship with. Yet, with Ji-ah joining the fight, perhaps as back up, while there is a hope Ruby will come through in the end, you really don’t know.

Under The Light Of The Full Moon – Christina, Leti, Atticus, Ruby, Hippolyta, Ji-ah, Diana, Montrose

With a plan in place, Atticus, Leti, Ji-ah, Diana, Montrose, and Hippolyta head to Ardham in hopes they can alter the fate Atticus and Ji-ah saw. However, while making plans and casting spells, it is realized what appears to be Ruby is actually Christina. You see, despite Ruby’s beef with Leti and feeling like she was being manipulated for the sole benefit of Leti, and in extension Atticus, she did try to betray Christina to help her sister. Due to such actions, Christina killed Ruby.

As you can imagine, that reveals sets off a fight, and as they fight, Atticus is being taken to an altar, and Ji-ah, Montrose, and Hippolyta are fighting for their lives as well. However, they end up losing, and while no one dies, Montrose gets knocked out, and Leti thrown out a window. Thus paving the way for Christina, in front of Hippolyta, the knocked out Montrose, and Ji-ah to begin her ceremony and even complete it.

But, naturally, Christina doesn’t get away with killing Atticus. Leti comes out of nowhere and stabs her with this ancient-looking sword. Following that, Ji-ah, using her abilities, connects Atticus, who is barely holding on, with Christina, and with Leti saying an incantation, she binds not just Christina but all white people from using magic. Which, in the end, is seemingly why Atticus’ sacrifice was necessary.

Yet, this doesn’t mean Montrose is any less distraught, nor Leti exhausted from losing both her sister and her man all in one day. Though, what can she do? After all this trauma she has experienced, surely she knew a happy ending wasn’t guaranteed? Magic always comes with sacrifice, and for the betterment of her family and race, two people made the ultimate sacrifice.

Diana and a Monster, after Christina is killed

Leaving what happens to Christina, right? Well, Leti leaves us alive under multiple rocks that have seemingly crushed her. And with her immortality, invulnerability, and magic gone, she likely would have died where she was. But then Diana, who was left behind and nearly eaten by a Lovecraft monster, comes about, with this metal arm, and crushes Christina’s throat. Seemingly getting revenge on her in lieu of what she can’t do to Captain Lancaster.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We just call ourselves family. I’m even confused about what family really means, and Lord knows she wasn’t a good example of it. You know, I know what it is now, and it is not an obligation. It’s acceptance. It’s a willingness to sacrifice everything that is necessary in order to protect it.
— Leti

All this time, I’ve been chasing faith, when I should have been discovering it in myself.
— Leti



How Exhausted You Are After All Is Said And Done

I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired after watching a show for an hour. Mind you, were the twists and turns that dramatic? Some would say they weren’t. Yet, after ten episodes, and becoming so invested and not sure who would make it till the end, how can you not feel tired as your emotions have been riding on the idea that a happy ending could be achieved?

After all, we did lose George early on, and that seemed like a major sacrifice there for he held the family together. So, as Christina showed how ruthless she could be to reach her end goal, and Atticus’ family clearly thinking she was too dangerous to trust that she’d find another way, there was a need to be fearful.

I mean, lest we forget, Atticus and his family have practiced and known about magic for, what? A few months? Christina has been practicing it for years, decades, maybe more if she has found a way to defy age. So Even without the Book of Names, she is likely one of the most powerful women and spellcasters around. Which made us seeing the fight on the bridge, Leti getting thrown out a window, and Atticus having his arms slashed stressful.

Yet, in the end, everything ended up alright. Granted, with what may have felt like a cop-out for Leti, but unlike “Game of Thrones,” with how they kept Jon Snow alive, there is this vibe that a win was needed. That, after all the horrors we saw, the core group couldn’t lose to the extent it seemingly would. So despite Leti being stripped of invulnerability, her survival, and likely of her son, was welcomed, and even though Christina’s defeat was swift, if it meant peace for those we have come to love, it was forgiven.

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