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Love Is uses the quintessential romance route of a man really f***ing up and recovering all with one grand gesture.  

Director(s) Rachael Holder
Writer(s) Melora Rivera
Air Date 8/14/2018

When Your Main Contribution Is Good D: Sean, Yasir, Nuri

As shown many times, Yasir is very traditional in some ways and liberal in others. He is cool with the queer community, Nuri working and doing well, better than him even, but he needs something to bring to the table. Getting all these handouts don’t allow him to feel like a man. The only thing that does is that he has sexual endurance and that isn’t enough.

Yet, Sean tries to remind the man, getting help isn’t a terrible thing. But with Yasir losing 15 hours from work and starting to feel like he is riding Nuri’s coattails, it is giving him a complex. Especially when she talks about using a night which is special for her, to give him a come up opportunity.


Yasir talking about how long their sex lasts.
Yasir: You know ain’t nothing about what we do is quick.

You got to feel for Yasir, to a point. As shown in the last episode, a lot of people are making sacrifices so he can do well and make them proud. However, what has he to show for it? One ex-girlfriend and a new one? Some used condom wrappers? I mean, he has two scripts, one being “Mama, Get That Money,” which might be based on his mother, but are they good?

And that is the question here. Is Yasir good enough on his own, without Nuri being the connect? But, what Yasir seemingly doesn’t get, despite all his rhetoric, is that Nuri providing him a connection, being his network, is the same benefit white guys have had in Hollywood for years. Plus, let’s add in that she is offering. Otherwise, how else would this man get an agent? Considering how bold he supposedly is, we don’t see him walking into agencies trying to push what script he might have had. Hell, even try to work in the business to make his own network. Never mind trying to find events where he could get his name out there.

So, considering the lack of traction he has made, he should be looking at this as Allah trying to kick his behind in the right direction. If not kicking it so he can move forward instead of pacing around.

It’s A Celebration!: Nuri, Yasir, Angela, Norman

With Nuri getting to write a script, thanks to Angela and Norman selling that Whitney Houston drama pilot, it’s a celebration all around. One Nuri badly wants Yasir to join in but, knowing how he feels about it, he tries to let her have her moment. Especially since he knows his insecurities are flaring up. The first sign being when he flips out about Nuri not calling when she was working on the script. For while, yes, him knowing two people who got raped, one murdered alongside that, does explain his freak out, at the same time, this man is complex and you know any issues presented – it has layers.

Of which he adds layers into the question of why is Nuri with this dude? For you know Norman, he is a mentor and a bit of a big brother to Nuri. So when Yasir pitches a fit because his name isn’t on a list, and he gets hold up, again and again, he puts a red flag on that. He reminds Nuri about all that can go downhill because this man is leeching on her. Not even when she is at a point where she can make a mistake either. As repeated, again and again, this opportunity did not come easy. You heard what he said about Angela right? And she has a better agent and skills.

But, Nuri knows her Yasir and pitches for him like she is his agent. Which Norman notes and decides to back off because of.


Nuri questioning if her relationship with Yasir is too difficult.
Nuri: I don’t think love is supposed to be this hard.

Yasir flipping out, you can see this show tries to root it all in something which can be seen as reasonable. He fears her getting raped, because of his environment growing up, so he freaks out and doesn’t like she doesn’t take that seriously. Because he doesn’t like being paraded out, without anything to really show off, having all that trouble at the studio was embarrassing for him. For with his boss saying to knock up Nuri and be a stay at home dad, it brings on that idea that he becomes Mr. Nuri Summers. It means him losing his identity and fully adapting to Nuri and her lifestyle. Which, be it ego or a strong drive, neither one wants to allow that to happen.

Yet, at the same time, we’re still in that place of wondering how these two got to 20+ years of marriage? Nuri’s dad having issues and her seeing a bit of him in Yasir isn’t a good enough reason. Also, I know faith can be a powerful and overwhelming thing but sometimes some good D can get you confused. We’ve seen it ruin a lot of people’s lives. But, even with Nuri telling us she had bad relationships, seeing her mom with a creep, also her rules before Yasir came around, with him she remains. Pushing you to wonder if she is foolish, desperate, d***matized, or maybe just isn’t conveying something needed to understand her point of view.

Until The Hangover: Nuri, Yasir

Naturally, an argument follows Yasir making an ass of himself at the studio. One which leads to Nuri thinking they should go on a break. However, rather than live out that one week left on his lease with Ruby, Yasir spent the night. Even tried to see if some action could put him back in Nuri’s good graces. However, as he was beginning some foreplay he triggered the hell out of Nuri. I’m talking her flipping out and ending up in a corner.

Reason being? For roughly 3 years, from when she was 9 until 12, her stepdad molested her. Seemingly creeping up on her like Yasir did. Leading to, as Yasir is consoling her, him revealing he was molested too. And it seems, in that moment of honesty and vulnerability, the drama and nonsense from that night is forgiven.


Nuri and Yasir after revealing they were molested.

Question: Is the reason Nuri’s mom is so up in her business now is she didn’t learn what happened until after the fact? Also, who molested Yasir and how has he dealt with it? Is that part of the reason he so badly wants and needs to have something of his own, stand on his own two feet, because he was in a position where he relief on someone and they took advantage of him? Maybe while his mom was in prison?

Heck, could that be why his mom, like Nuri’s mom is with her, is so close with her son? Not just because she was in jail but because she wasn’t there to protect him? I’m not saying Yasir’s openness gives him a pass for his actions, but it’s a start? I don’t know. I’d love if Yasir didn’t do the things which required big moments like this as a reprieve you know? That he was capable of not often making it where it seems his feelings on any situation or matter are of the utmost importance. I get he is feeling insecure, not that kind of man he feels capable of being, but he moved to the Hollywood area to not just make it, but learn and adapt right? So do so in your relationships as well.

Because, from what it seems, Yasir knows how to pick them and from the exes we’ve met, it also seems like he knows, even likes, pushing a woman’s buttons. Making them seem crazy, foolish, and like they are the problem. I peep it and I don’t like it. He is too damn old to keep acting this way.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was it just Nuri or her sister as well?
  2. Is this a generational thing for both maybe? Being molested.
  3. How did Nuri meet her agent again?
  4. So, with how well Nuri’s script did, does that mean we may hear about a spin-off in the season finale?
  5. How is Sean and his girl doing?
  6. What pushed Norman to choose Nuri in the first place? Especially after having a token in Angela?


  1. Nuri making serious headway career-wise.
  2. Sean, consistently, being the one to check Yasir on his stupidity.
  3. Norman and Angela selling that drama pilot.

On The Fence

  1. The “But” which comes with Yasir’s attitude. “Yes, he was an ass but…” It’s getting tired. While I may not like these 10 or so episodes seasons, I reflect sometimes and realize they stop these shows before they get on my nerves. Because, really, Yasir’s attitude is escalating and probably was the thing which stressed Nuri out to the point of being triggered. So him revealing he got molested too? Again, if it wasn’t for the wiser version of our lead characters, I don’t think I could make it through this show without questioning how realistic is this really?

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