Love In The Time of Corona: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Course of Love” [Series Premiere] – Recap/ Review

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Love In The Time of Corona begins with a likable set of characters during the early weeks of the pandemic, and leads you to fear something bad may soon happen.

Love In The Time of Corona begins with a likable set of characters during the early weeks of the pandemic and leads you to fear something bad may soon happen.

Creator Joanna Johnson
Director(s) Joanna Johnson
Writer(s) Joanna Johnson
Aired (FreeForm) 8/22/2020
Introduced This Episode
Oscar Tommy Dorfman
Elle Rainey Qualley
Sean Jordan Gavaris
Sophie Ava Bellows
Jordan Tyler Alvarez
Paul Gil Bellows
Sarah Rya Kihlstedt
James Leslie Odom Jr.
Nanda L. Scott Caldwell
Sade Nicolette Robinson
Adeah Gail Bean
Charles Charles Robinson

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Oscar and Elle – Oscar, Elle, Sean

At this point, we’re a few weeks into quarantine, and there are still hopes that summer can recover what was lost in spring. Till then, friends like Oscar and Elle are enjoying their time together. At least until the itch to date comes about. With that, since they are terrible at choosing people on their own, they task the other person with choosing someone, and Elle picks Sean. As for who Oscar picks for Elle? Well, let’s just say he is a DC fan who seems more to want to see naked women again than have a relationship.

But there comes the problem: Oscar, who is falling for Sean, mentions his sexuality might be evolving, and with that comes an eyebrow raise from Elle. For with the two already having an intimate, minus sex, relationship, so comes the thought of them being together.

Too Much Heartbreak In Such A Short Time – Sophie, Jordan, Paul, Sarah

Sophie is a 19-year-old girl whose boyfriend, Jordan, breaks up with her. Why? Well, because she is too intense, which she kind of is. But, really, on top of quarantine, the state, rather country, shutting down, adding on someone who is politically correct and won’t let you vent, it can be a lot.

Though the bigger issue for Sarah may soon be learning, while she was at college, her parents separated. But with them not wanting to cause too much devastation at one time, they fake it for her sakes. Question is, how long can they keep this up?

Nanda’s Family – James, Nanda, Sade, Adeah, Charles

Nanda is the matriarch and currently lives alone since her husband, Charles, seems to have Alzheimer’s and may also be sick. It isn’t 100% clear why Charles is in a nursing home or hospital right now, but it seems Nanda does have hope that he might get out.

Till then, there is always her son James and his family. A family which comprises of him, his partner Sade, and their daughter Charli. Also, there is Sade’s friend, perhaps sister, Adeah, who is quarantining with a new boo. And from what we learn, this might be the first time in a while James has been around, and with him loving spending time with Charli and Sade, the idea of another kid comes to mind.

Problem is, Sade put her life on hold for three years to raise Charlie and while the coronavirus has slowed things down, and could last a year, Sade isn’t sure if she wants a second child right now.



A Reason To Get Attached To Nearly Every Character

Despite a rather robust cast, everyone is laid out in such a way that it allows you to get to know them and grow an attachment. Sade and James are the cutest romantic couple and make you almost wish this was a full-on series and not a limited one. Nanda too, with her husband Charles, they give you almost The Notebook vibes, but with the genders swapped as well as ethnicity.

Then when we venture to the more platonic characters, Elle and Oscar continue this idea that Love In The Time of Corona was made to be perhaps a bit too perfect. For their dynamics is cute, fun, and while it gets complicated, it doesn’t full-on taint you wanting to see more.

Leaving Paul and Sarah. Are we necessarily in love with this family? Not at all. However, there is something about them coming together, despite the breakups and separations, and trying to make the best out of it.

On The Fence

Oscar’s Evolving Sexuality

While we like Elle and Oscar together, it’s hard to say how we feel about Oscar’s interest in sex with a woman, possibly on a whim. Mainly since its introduction seems more so for the sake of drama between him and Elle than something to actually explore.


Freeform and progressive politics go hand in hand. From The Bold Type, Good Trouble, and so many others, the network has the goal of presenting, as their slogan used to be, “A New Kind of Family.” Now the goal is new stories from new voices and underrepresented faces. This, of course, we appreciate. The issue is sometimes that leads to characters like Sophie. People who seem to not have much beyond their politics and it drowns the character out a bit.

Note, it is noted she is a daddy’s girl, and heartbroken, but on top of having the family with one of the weakest storylines, she is the weakest character. So it makes you wonder if, in time, she can recover, or is this the best we can get? A child who is woke, aware, and taking the pandemic seriously, but is also the most expendable of the entire cast?

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