Violet is free, and with her wanting to genuinely help McKenna, she presents the only way she knows in how to deal with the chrysalis by finding new players.

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Violet is free, and with her wanting to genuinely help McKenna, she presents the only way she knows in how to deal with the chrysalis by finding new players.

Director(s) Joanna Kerns
Writer(s) Eileen Shim
Air Date 7/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Sammi Katelyn Nacon
Ridge Froy Gutierrez
Nadia Kira Kosarin
Luke Alex Wasabi

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You Did WHAT?!: Violet, McKenna, Deb, Trey, Alex

McKenna takes it upon herself, without talking to her mom Deb, Trey, or even Alex, to talk to her lawyer and say she lied. This forces Alex to agree she lied too, for their case was on the way to going to court and changing things up at that point, it could lead to jail time. However, changing their tune doesn’t mean they are off scot-free. Both get 20 hours of community service, and as for McKenna, the Violet situation doesn’t just lead to the issue of community service.

With freeing Violet, Alex is done with McKenna for a bit. Then, when it comes to Trey, he is upset he wasn’t talked to, and McKenna counters with noting this is her life. She isn’t someone who needs protection or a knight in shining armor. Leading to them breaking up.

If The Response Isn’t Enthusiastic, Please Move On: Alex, Ridge, Peri

While Alex is working as a dancing elf, Peri catches the show, and the two of them catch up, exchange numbers, and both reveal what they have gone through. Thus laying down the foundation for something within a few episodes. However, despite noting she is queer and uninterested, a boy named Ridge, at the community service site, he doesn’t take no for an answer.

We Should Play A Game: Violet, McKenna, Sammi, Ridge, Nadia, Luke, Jennie

The main thing which led to McKenna rescinding her statement was Violet helping her with the chrysalis. Problem is, Violet doesn’t know any way to help beyond playing the game. Hence why she gathers up some kids from the community service location to play. However, McKenna isn’t down. So, because of that, she holds onto this key Violet wants and forces her to look for alternatives. Of which the only one she can come up with is using Jennie. Someone who may or may not be popping back.




Out of fear of repeating myself, as with the first season, I feel that Violet’s dry humor, how nonchalant she is, while potentially infuriating, is also hilarious. Mind you, it lost its luster in season 1 and probably will this season too. However, I’m just going to enjoy it while it is still entertaining.

Alex & Peri

Fingers crossed that Peri doesn’t end up dying or dragged into McKenna’s drama. Mainly because these two are taking things at a nice pace, are cute, believable, and Peri seems like a good person. Which makes her a perfect candidate for something messed up to happen.

Low Point

Raise Your Hand If You Care About Trey and McKenna’s Relationship

I don’t know what it is about Trey, but I’m cool with him being on of the first to die this season. Something about him doesn’t inspire the desire to see him exempt or protected from what’s bound to happen. He just seems like this annoying guy who McKenna is on the path to outgrowing so he’s trying to finagle some way to remain relevant.

On The Fence

McKenna & These New Characters

The major problem with Light As A Feather, for me, is that only Alex and Peri I don’t want to die. Violet, I’m cool with being killed, as long as it is something epic. As for everyone else? It is what it is. McKenna is whiny and doesn’t have that vibe a lead character should. Then, with these new kids, unless looks are deceiving, they seem like tropes that either won’t evolve to be much or will have major sob stories to cheaply, and as quick as possible, get us in our feelings before they get axed. Which, as of now, will be an uphill battle.

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