As the chrysalis finds a new host in McKenna, Violet may now have some hope of getting out of prison.

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As the chrysalis finds a new host in McKenna, Violet may now have some hope of getting out of prison.

Director(s) Joanna Kerns
Writer(s) R. Lee Fleming, JR.
Air Date 7/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
April Alisa Allapach
Peri Adriyan Rae

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Something Old(er), Someone New: Alex, April, Peri

Thank the good lord, Alex seemingly will have a life outside McKenna. We’re introduced to her older sister April, who goes to Stanford, and clearly Alex has a complicated relationship with, and also a girl named Peri. Someone who is a potential love interest, is in college, teaches yoga, and made the first move. But, unfortunately for Alex, April kills her attempts to impress Peri. However, Alex knows enough to do some follow up, so fingers crossed.

April (Alisa Allapach) coming back from Stanford early.
April (Alisa Allapach)

Something Is Happening: McKenna, Violet, Trey

With that chrysalis embedded in McKenna’s back, she is getting shooting pains, and she’s begun to see graphic imagery. For example, while at a party with Trey, Isaac’s to be specific, she sees his face warped beyond identification. Also, later on, she passes out on the sidewalk and somehow ends up home. To which who can she turn to but Violet?

You Need Me: McKenna, Violet, Deb

Someone who clearly needs McKenna as much as McKenna needs her. Not to imply Violet isn’t doing well in jail – she is making friends. However, prison is not that stimulating and listening to someone drone on about what they’re missing due to being inside isn’t fun. Plus, she can only fake it but so much before she cracks, as we saw in season 1. So as McKenna witnesses her mother nearly die, it seems Violet may finally see a silver lining. Especially considering McKenna and Alex lied about what happened.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How exactly did McKenna and Alex explain all that went down in a way which could make sense? Did they just omit everything beyond the mausoleum assault and McKenna being put in a roll-out grave?



Violet’s Deadpan Reaction To Most Things

Deadpan humor is underappreciated, and that’s why you have to love Haley Ramm’s delivery. There is the tiniest bit of sincerity, just enough for people to believe she does care, but like an inside joke, you know she is just humoring that person. Maybe even keeping the peace because she is bored out of her mind and rather not deal with people’s emotions. She has enough going on.

Alex Might Have A Girlfriend?

Peri (Adriyan Rae) introducing herself to Alex at Isaac's party.
Peri (Adriyan Rae)

Alex was completely underutilized in season 1, and it makes the fact Candace and Olivia are dead a blessing. Granted, some may feel they were Trojan Horses for lesser-known actors, but that’s not Alex or Brianne Tju’s problem. If anything, it is to our benefit. For now we’re meeting her family, she isn’t just this queer character who exists, but someone we can see dating and having a full life outside of trauma. Which is all you could want in season 1.

On The Fence

The Chrysalis & Butterfly Still Doesn’t Feel Like A Hook

The whole butterfly and chrysalis thing remains a ends to a means. Is it something I am craving answers to? Not really. Which isn’t to say I am not curious, it is just the most interesting thing about the chrysalis is the visual. When it comes to people’s deaths, it isn’t like it plays a direct role in what happens. All it is, is ominous.

But, I will say, with us getting to see what Violet did, and what she went through, with McKenna being our medium, my curiosity is rising. If only due to me wanting to know where did that thing came from and are there ways, beyond light as a feather, to satiate it? Especially so that it doesn’t kill its host?

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