We go two years into the past when Violet first played Light As A Feather and get a much more interesting group than we’ve seen this season. Network Hulu Director(s) Alexis Ostrander Writer(s) R. Lee Fleming, Jr., Seth M. Sherwood Air Date 10/12/2018 Characters Introduced Gabby Leah Lewis Images and text in this post may…

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We go two years into the past when Violet first played Light As A Feather and get a much more interesting group than we’ve seen this season.

Director(s) Alexis Ostrander
Writer(s) R. Lee Fleming, Jr., Seth M. Sherwood
Air Date 10/12/2018
Characters Introduced
Gabby Leah Lewis

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She’s ALIVE!: Violet, McKenna, Henry

To everyone’s shock and surprise, Violet isn’t dead. From what it appears, once you play the game, the only way you can die is how you were told you would. Otherwise, it seems you might just be immortal. Now, how immortal? Like, will body parts grow back? It probably it isn’t taken that far. However, after being electrocuted, Violet has risen again.

With that, she is back to her old self, in terms of that Willy Wonka sarcasm, and it drives everyone a bit batty. Especially Henry who can’t deal and thus decides to threaten to toss the journal into the fireplace unless he gets answers. Which he doesn’t get quick enough so to the flames they go.

Leading McKenna to get upset because that leads to Violet dashing off and while no one likes her, they need her.


Okay, maybe I took it a bit far and said it makes you immortal. However, Violet did get electrocuted with a live wire and doesn’t seem worse for wear. At worse, it is like she got herself an expresso considering that old sass of hers is back.

But, here is one thing I don’t get: Why weren’t McKenna and the rest more freaked out? Before all this, there was some plausible deniability. Like maybe Violet created self-fulfilling prophecies of some kind. Yet now she has come back FROM THE DEAD! I don’t know about you, but that seems like something worth freaking out over for a few days – not a few minutes.

Also, lest we forget, Alex directly tried to murder her. I’m talking, throwing the wire in the tub and being absolutely cool with her frying. No one is going to be scared of her a bit? I get they have all been pushed to their limit but that some next level stuff right there.

2 Years Back: Marc, Gabby, Violet, McKenna

To begin, Violet and McKenna met two years ago – on good terms. It was simply one of Marc’s games against Henry and one Marc beat Henry at. Yet, for some reason, scouts seemingly weren’t chasing Marc like Henry. It isn’t explained why.

The more important thing to go over though is how Marc and Violet got sucked into the game. The answer is Gabby. She, during a going away party, decided to play Light As A Feather with Violet, Marc, and two other people – since the game is supposed to be played with 5. Now, as for how she got part of the game, learned the consequences, and all that, the show doesn’t dig that deep. All we learn is how Violet got sucked into this and who she was before she cursed McKenna’s friends.

Which, believe it or not, was a sweet girl. I would say sweet in a similar way to McKenna, but with Violet having some kind of personality and not seeming so wooden most of the time. Or, to be nice, restrained and anxious to the point that the only time she’d express herself is when she forgets herself. But, long story short, Marc and Violet were together 2 years, were each other’s first love, and Marc, after two of the fellow players die, kills Gabby and then has Violet help him kill himself. Just so she would live.

This doesn’t explain the back thing at all but let’s just assume when it comes to her death, it deals with getting eaten from the inside out.


Gabby (Leah Lewis) trapping Marc and Violet into the game of Light As A Feather.
Gabby (Leah Lewis)

So, could it be, if the last person alive just lets themselves die, the game is over? I mean, how many people play Light As A Feather this specific way? Also, though way too much to go over, who started this all? Much less, how does foreseeing someone’s death work? From what it seems, Violet is not a witch. All she is doing is what she saw Gabby do and, for some reason, being the last survivor allows her to foresee a violent death. Which, so it appears, may not even require you having some parasite looking thing feeding off you. So how does this all actually work?

On top of that, while Violet did push Marc, did no one know about Marc’s previous attempt to kill himself? What did his mother and Lena know about what was going on? Oh, and before I forget, what happened over that two-year gap between Violet losing Marc and meeting McKenna all over again? How did she learn she’d lose family members, maybe friends? How did it circulate she pushed Marc? I gotta admit, this penultimate episode got my wheels turning again, with a good amount of lubrication, after they were ready to come to a screeching halt.

We’re All In This Together: Violet, McKenna, Lena, Henry, Alex

Henry finds himself tasked with getting from Lena how Violet was supposed to die, since it is assumed she overheard her. Problem is, he promises not to tell anyone but then texts that he got the information. Seemingly leading the very weird acting Lena to act.

As that happens, McKenna tracks down Violet and offers a truce. If just so they can all get out of this situation alive. Though, Alex makes it clear, she is ready to attempt to kill Violet again if she has to/ is given the chance.


Lena sitting on a bench, in her backyard.

This ending is very 50/50 right now. With this not being a limited series, and there being 3 books, this could end on a cliffhanger. Yet, there is also the chance Alex could die and maybe it being down to Violet and McKenna. There are a lot of ways this could go and, to be honest, none of them seem all that good. We got a bit of a reprieve this episode but whether that was just for a final push to make it to the end, or a showing that the writers really got a rhythm? Well, we’re about to find out.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where was Mrs. Regan when Henry went to the house?
  2. How come Lena didn’t ask to join the investigation but instead sat on the sidelines willingly?


  1. The two-year From the characters to the vibe, it makes you wish that group was leading the series.


  1. Shouldn’t they be more freaked out that Alex tried to kill Violet and Violet came back to life? Yeah, things were weird before but this is seriously next level.

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