The rules and consequences of Violet’s version of Light as a Feather are detailed this episode and Alex does something drastic.

Director(s) Geary McLeod
Writer(s) Seth M. Sherwood, Sarah Fiori
Air Date 10/12/2018
Characters Introduced
Ed John Tague
Judith Nancy Linehan Charles

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Daddy Wasn’t There: McKenna, Ed, Deb

With McKenna now experiencing two friends dying, Deb seemingly believed Ed needed to get involved to support his kid. Which, despite often being touted as a deadbeat, he flies and talks about, as before, having McKenna live with him. However, again, like before, McKenna rejects the offer. In fact, she throws up how he left a year after Jennie died and married a patient. Following that, she defends her mother fiercely and while Ed walks away, for now, he doesn’t believe the conversation is over.

As for how Deb feels about all this? Well, validated. Though her issues with McKenna have only started recently, her hearing her side of things, acknowledging them, makes her feel better about their relationship. Here is hoping, eventually, McKenna will see her dad’s side as well.


Ed (John Tague) talking to McKenna.
Ed (John Tague)

I don’t know if it is because of the recent episode of Black Love, or what little I know about the death of a child but, Ed needs to be cut a break. First and foremost, it’s tiring this idea that he abandoned the family. If anything, the death of Jennie was too much for him and it seemed too much for his and Deb’s relationship. For between how he grieved and her drinking, they eventually broke beyond repair.

Also, from what it appears, Ed didn’t cheat on Deb so why in the world McKenna has this attitude is beyond me. Your dad has, more than once, asked you to come live with him probably because he knows Deb is a hot mess. One who probably needs to go to rehab for her drinking since she is a functioning alcoholic. But, I guess since he left first, he gets all the blame.

Such is the logic of a child.

Down Goes Nana: Violet, Judith

After disappearing for quite a long time, Nana Judith appears and she seems fine – at first. She gives Violet some breakfast, and some tea, then leaves her granddaughter be. But then she falls and is in the hospital being taken care of by Deb.


Judith (Nancy Linehan Charles) talking to Violet about Candace's death.
Judith (Nancy Linehan Charles)

So, I think it’s safe to say whatever Violet is into, it isn’t a generational thing. For if it was, I’d believe Judith would ask how such and such was going. You know, wanna check on the thing growing from Violet’s back and maybe push her to finish the game or start a new one. But, with Grandma on her deathbed, it seems she is completely clueless. Just as we are about where she has been all this time.

The Rules: Violet, Alex, McKenna

With Violet noticing her shared journal is gone, it forces her to provoke Alex into action. However, while Alex pretends to go along with Violet, what she really sets is a trap. One which cracks open some of the things we’ve been asking about for a while.

The thing on Violet’s back: a time bomb which slowly kills her if the game isn’t played. Also, even when it is played, it may only delay the inevitable. It’s not a sure-fire end to the suffering.

Why keep playing the game: Like Truth or Dareir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=a1454e78e48c9ebff6b87f96db61608c& cb=1539705322018, the game has to be played or else people die. For example, because Violet hasn’t played it in a while, Judith is now dying. Which doesn’t make sense since Alex is still alive but let’s just appreciate the answers we’re getting.

Now, one last thing: Getting out of the game. Violet says, if Alex gave her the journal, she’d get her out. However, how that would work we don’t learn. For with Violet deciding not to reveal how that is done, Alex kills her by electrocution. Well, she thinks she does but it seems Violet can’t be killed that easily.


Violet's lower back.

I honestly feel like, at this point, I’m watching because I’ve made it this far more so than I’m enjoying myself. Yes, the show has had its moments, but they stopped by episode 4. Violet pretending like she didn’t know what was going on stopped being funny. Alex feels like she got taken down a peg and while I so badly know I should want to invest in McKenna, if she doesn’t come off dull it is her coming off annoying.

Yet, I do want to see how this ends. From what I’m seeing, the book this is based on was part of a three-part series so does this mean Alex and McKenna won’t die? Maybe one of them will inherit what is in Violet’s back or will they band together to learn the origin of this game and end it once and for all?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How was Alex able to sleep through all the noise McKenna and Deb made, after McKenna’s nightmare?


  1. We learned a good portion of the rules and finally got Violet’s motive.
  2. We’ve officially met McKenna’s dad, Ed.

On The Fence

  1. It’s hard to say whether I’m really worried about anyone dying at this point. Alex isn’t as interesting as she once was, Violet’s Willy Wonka-esque sarcasm is gone, and McKenna has remained this basic girl. The kind who maybe kind and I’m sure represents some general, everyday girl, but in that, we have a problem. She is so ordinary that it makes her have an almost Debbie Downer effect on all that is going on around her. Even if you take into account her nightmares, dead twin, and family drama.

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  1. The book goes differently, they all die except violet and McKenna. Mckenna and trey go to a juvenile detention center and trey gets possessed by some spirit.. I stopped reading after that.. but this rendition is boring. And the McKenna in the book is more alive and active than this girl

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