The more we get to know the girls, the more there is a need to question how innocent they seem. For maybe, in reality, they are putting on a façade just like Violet. Network Hulu Director(s) Chad Lowe Writer(s) Eileen Shim Air Date 10/12/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which,…

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The more we get to know the girls, the more there is a need to question how innocent they seem. For maybe, in reality, they are putting on a façade just like Violet.

Director(s) Chad Lowe
Writer(s) Eileen Shim
Air Date 10/12/2018

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Don’t Trust That New Girl: Candace, Alex, Violet, McKenna

With Violet predicting Olivia’s death, Candace is tempted to go to the cops. She doesn’t know how she got things down to the last detail, but it freaks her out. To the point that when Violet finds her way into the funeral and pressures Alex to let her come with them to visit Olivia’s parents, Candace becomes a ticking time bomb. One which goes off when Violet takes it upon herself to start a GoFundMe page so a tree at school could be dedicated to Olivia.

Now, when I say go off, I’m talking about her calling her a psycho and more, which McKenna meekly co-signs. As for Alex, she tries to calm them down since she doesn’t know what could come of this. Which could very well save her for all Violet does is just stands there. Then, when she responds, she has that usual feign of innocence tone to her voice like she doesn’t know what is going on.


Candace calling out Violet.
Candace: You might be fooling everyone else with this “nice girl” bullshit

I bet you Candace is going to be the next to go. She directly confronted Violet and called her out. The only reason for her not being next is so that suspicions don’t flare up. However, with Candace’s death being by drowning, how would they say Violet did it? The way we saw it, Candace couldn’t swim, flailed around, and that’s how she died. No one was keeping her underwater. Same goes with Olivia’s death. She didn’t die in her car but Trey’s. So how would Violet plan for that? The car was brand new and she hasn’t even crossed paths with Trey, assumingly.

Making you wonder, assuming Violet does get caught, the explanation for all this, especially if it isn’t supernatural, is going to be interesting.

Trey, I Have Some Questions About The Accident: Trey, McKenna

I can’t say if it is a racial thing or not, since Trey is kind of ambiguous at this point, but it seems all the blame is being aimed at him for Olivia’s death. Some are saying he was high, others are calling him a drug dealer (let me pretend I didn’t), when all he does is sell some of his ADD prescription? Why? Well, assuming his life is like McKenna, his family could use the money.

However, McKenna, as much as she may want the truth, she kind of bypasses worrying about her neighbor and former friend in the process. Someone who hints that their friendship may have ended because of the death of McKenna’s sister.

You see, McKenna and Jennie have heart issues and if Jennie took Trey’s ADHD medication, that could have possibly caused her to have a heart attack at 16. But, unfortunately, we’re not told that is the exact reason they have beef. We’re left to speculate.


Trey in the hospital.

A part of me wonders if Jennie was dating Trey. I feel like that might be a possibility because there is something about the way Trey talks to McKenna which makes it sound like they were more than friends at one time. Like they were possibly brother and sister in the making. Hence him fixing the fence and going out of his way to talk to McKenna, despite knowing how she feels about him.

Plus, him critiquing her friends, who she has been friends with for years, also seems like something worth mentioning. Like maybe Jennie knew them in a way McKenna didn’t and she would tell Trey about what they would do. For Alex mentioning her and Olivia shoplifting doesn’t seem like something we should just forget about. It could very well be that when Jennie died, they all got their act together and decided to stop doing things which could put them in prison or, if they died tomorrow, may make them feel like they’d go to hell.

2 Years Gone: Alex, Violet, McKenna, Deb

Being that Alex isn’t really trying to get on Violet’s bad side, nor may feel she did cause Olivia’s death, she tries to be cordial towards her in shop class. Unfortunately, in doing so, she reveals a bit about McKenna, her sister, and also that Alex takes pills. What kind? Who knows. However, they could very well be the ones which killed Jennie considering how Alex often looks around the time of taking them.

But, to add more layers and possibly lies to the situation: Alex talks as if McKenna’s dad abandoned them around the time of Jennie’s death and adds in that she dropped out of school and was in a dark place. The truth might very well be, McKenna dropped out of school to take care of Deb since she has a drinking problem. One likely exacerbated by losing a child and her husband in succession. Also, when it comes to McKenna’s dad, the truth is, per her mouth, her dad offered to take her but she stayed with her mom because she needed her.

Now, as for why she is allowing Alex to believe she was abandoned is beyond me. Though, who knows, maybe after that offer, he hasn’t seen her since. Either way, there definitely seems to be more to these girls stories than what they are telling us and each other.


Alex saying she is worried about McKenna.

How exactly is Deb keeping a roof over their heads? Is she relying on alimony? I wanna say she mentioned something about a job but with her drinking habits, unless she doesn’t hit the bottle till she comes home, I’m confused as to how she is holding a 9 to 5 down. Also, there is a need to question what pills are Alex taking and are they from Trey or her own doctor? We haven’t seen the two interact yet but it isn’t like these girls haven’t shown there is more than meets the eye.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering what Noreen says about Olivia, about them once possibly being friends, what happened? What had her act a bit aggressive towards Olivia before she died?
  2. With Isaac ending things with Candace, there comes the question of how and when did they begin?


  1. The more we learn about the girls, the more it seems Violet’s question for revenge may not be random and petty. It might not be worth murder but you can definitely understand why she may think she is doing the work of karma.

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