Liar: Season 1/ Episode 3 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Liar exemplifies the reason I love mini-series. They cut the nonsense, don’t add extra bits to uncover in later seasons, and get to the point. Though, even with being relatively to the point still comes confusion. The Kids Aren’t Alright: Luke, Andrew, Laura, Makeda (Tsion Habte) It seems Luke got his girlfriend Makeda pregnant. Which,…

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Liar Season 1 Episode 3

Liar exemplifies the reason I love mini-series. They cut the nonsense, don’t add extra bits to uncover in later seasons, and get to the point. Though, even with being relatively to the point still comes confusion.

The Kids Aren’t Alright: Luke, Andrew, Laura, Makeda (Tsion Habte)


It seems Luke got his girlfriend Makeda pregnant. Which, as you can imagine, is a huge issue. Especially because she is Ethiopian and with her sister just allegedly dating a boy leading to her being sent back home, a pregnancy?! PSH! It’s over.

However, thanks to the access the internet gives, she takes 5 abortion pills and while it seems the baby is gone, her life almost slips right with it. Luckily for her, Laura sees her bleeding and takes her to hospital. Then, trying to push Andrew to think about his son, if he can’t show humanity for the girl, Laura convinces him to lie to Makeda’s father. Making the reason why she fainted being dehydration. All the while there is still blood on her school uniform.[note]It should also be noted Luke is being bullied for his dad allegedly raping Laura.[/note]

Perceptions: Andrew, Tom, Katy, Laura, Dennis, Liam (Richie Campbell)

Liar Season 1 Episode 3 Liam Richie Campbell and Katy
Liam (Richie Campbell) and Katy

Liam, after listening to a woman talk about how she fears her spouse may be cheating on her, picks up the idea maybe Katy is cheating on him. Something she denies when confronted, but it seems discretion isn’t something she has been doing well. You see, Andrew knows about Tom and Katy. Something he reveals for Tom decides to get up in his face and decides to threaten him. So, to rebuke him, he reveals all he can do to Tom’s relationship with Laura and Tom realizes that Andrew could ruin everything. For while those two aren’t messing about anymore, who knows if Andrew has evidence to back up what he saw.

Though, all things considered, it is a bit weird for them to worry about what Andrew may or may not say. Granted, Laura has this weird habit of talking to men who assault her, like Dennis who is far from innocent we learn [note]They shared a hug while she worked at the school he was headmaster of and he got handsy. Thinking the hug was consent for him to go further. [/note], but who knows? In Laura’s mind, Andrew’s charm still has some swaying power so maybe she would believe him. If not that seed being planted being enough for her to play detective again.

What Was Intended vs. What Happened: DI Harmon, Andrew, Laura

Liar Season 1 Episode 3 The Wine Glass Andrew Put Something In

It is decided that the case against Andrew is being dropped and with that, comes some joy out of Andrew. However, that joy turns a bit dark. For one, he seems arrogant and dares ask DI Harmon out for a drink. An odd choice since she was just investigating him. But, with her noting she thinks he did it, Andrew backs down. Though, all things considered, she wasn’t too far off.

For now, we get pertinent flashbacks out of Andrew and the truth is, he was going to drug Laura. The problem is, she chose the wrong glass. Now, as for whether he swapped them like Laura said, or maybe he added something to her drink later? Who knows. On top of that, who knows whether he intended to rape her or if maybe he is the type of doctor who harvests organs. Either way, it is implied that he may have intended to do something to Laura but didn’t get the chance.

Which, considering DI Harmon dug deeper into Andrew’s ex-wife, it leads her to believe Laura might be in danger. For while she can’t prove Andrew may have murdered her, red flags are popping up. So considering how he found a way to beat the case, DI Harmon, off duty and unofficially, warns Laura and even pushes the idea to get the hell out of dodge.


The Clap Back

Liar Season 1 Episode 3 Dont threaten people when you live in a glass house

Even after knowing Andrew is not what he seems, I still find myself enjoying the clap back he gave Tom. If only because Tom seems like such a butt head. Not just because he might have been cheating on Laura with her sister all this time, but for him to really go out of his way to threaten Andrew seemed so extra. I mean, he is a cop for goodness sakes and you know Andrew is a man with money and status. Do you really think he doesn’t have the time to pursue your badge?

The Twist

Though it remains unconfirmed if Andrew did do the deed, him putting something in the wine glasses does push the idea he is much more sinister than given credit for. Something that increasingly became clear as he interacted with DI Harmon with a smug look on his face. As if he wanted to rub it in her face that not only did he get away with it, but he could do it again with her.

But, what will really be interesting is that with this case dropped, Andrew seems to be planning for a defamation suit. Meaning that between Laura, Katy, and maybe even Tom, Andrew is looking for payback. Which, considering the UK doesn’t have a statute of limitations for sex crimes, seems like the dumbest move he can pull. For even if he is innocent, if he really didn’t have intercourse with Laura, I’m sure he could be persecuted for being involved in some way.


How Stupid Are These People?

Liar Season 1 Episode 3 Laura and Andrew
I get she was trying to keep a girl from being sent to an abusive situation, per Makeda’s own words, but is Laura really this selfless?

Though specifically Laura. Like, in my mind, I would never have this much interaction with people who assaulted or I thought raped me. Her interacting with Dennis by phone, made no sense. Her not pushing Luke to talk his dad into lying, again, made no sense.

Then with Katy, why in the world would you hook up with your sister’s husband, estranged or otherwise, within the area you work in? Much less in the town you live in? Not that I’m sure how big the area is that this show is covering but, being that Katy is a nurse, and a noted big mouth, you’d think she’d keep a brick house instead of a glass one. Especially considering everyone probably knows she is married with kids.

On The Fence

Liam’s Worries

I still struggle to care about Liam and Katy’s marriage. For even though now there is this push of how Liam has insecurities about not working and being out in the world, I don’t know what to do with his emotions. It is hard to care since they aren’t really developing the character. Yet, now I feel like maybe I should consider him a suspect. For, who knows, maybe Liam and Laura had something going on and he went over to her house that night and may have done something. She believes she was raped but there weren’t any bruises, marks, or anything with her genitals signifying force right? He’s an option.

The Makeda Abortion

Liar TV ShowThe curious thing about shows which are mini-series is that with a definitive end comes the need to overanalyze everything we see. Makida getting pills for an abortion, did Luke push her to do that? How does he feel about his mom’s death? Could it be, as twisted as Andrew seems, the apple may not have fallen far from the tree? Could something twisted be going on in which Luke learned the ways of a psycho from his father?

Again, I ask all this because Makeda didn’t ever seem noteworthy just like Katy and Liam didn’t. Yet, here they are with storylines which make it so you can imagine these two guys being like Andrew. Someone who may seem nice, perhaps shy, but when alone with someone vulnerable, maybe more dangerous than given credit for.

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