As we come upon the season finale, you’d almost think there were preparations being made for a happy ending. You’d be horribly wrong, though.

Episode Focus: It’s Time To Break Free (Lenny, David, Cary, Syd, Oliver, Kerry, and Melanie)

The combination of Oliver and Cary, with Syd assisting, leads to the rescue of Melanie, Kerry, this drooling guy [note]Who I think maybe David’s father[/note], and Ptonomy [note]who we don’t see get saved this episode[/note]. However, there comes the issue of how to save David? Much less, how to make it so when time resumes function, he and Syd don’t die due to bullet wounds?

Well, that is between David breaking out of the box Lenny put him in and Cary putting his device on David’s head. Which, miraculous, both things needed to be done get did. Then, as a bonus, Oliver gets released from his shell. However, while Lenny maybe back to the weakened state that David believes his father left it in, Division Three shows up and ruins a lovely breakfast.

But with Lenny locked away, at least for now, someone has to play the role of the villain right? [note]Oh yeah, Lenny kills The Eye.[/note]


I feel like a broken record when it comes to praising Plaza but she makes the show. Everyone else is adequate, and while David’s actor definitely shows why he was cast as the lead, Lenny is the Joker to his sometimes [note]alright, often[/note] boring Batman. Lenny is the type of villain you wish Marvel had more of. She has charisma, this sense of evil playfulness, sort of like Harley Quinn but with no focus on her sex appeal, and she presents an actual challenge to our heroes. A consistent one which, sometimes, it honestly doesn’t seem like they can defeat.

Lenny aside, I like how they are building toward the reveal of not only who David’s father is but what he has done. For with Lenny, likely, being put to the side for now, and Division Three returning, it leads to a good opportunity to build up to who David’s dad is and why he gave up his son. Much less, reveal who his mom is. [note]Also, can I note how it tickles me how they change up how to tell the story nearly each episode? This one featured a silent movie style and not only do the changes keep things refreshing but they positively tickle me.[/note]

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