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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Legion tones down the quirkiness and leaves that almost strictly to Lenny. Thus allowing the show to take a more serious tone in developing not just David, but this organization and world he has been recruited into.

Topic 1: We’re going To Make You Whole Again (Dr. Melanie Bird [Jean Smart], David, Ptonomy [Jeremie Harris], and Lenny)

For the majority of the episode, Dr. Bird, with the assistance of Ptonomy [1], takes David through his memories to try to pinpoint when his powers started, as well as investigate different moments of his life. Many of which include Lenny, who he used to do drugs with, but what seems really of interest is David’s relationship with his father. For while things seem fine between him and his mother, as well as his sister Amy (Katie Aselton), his dad is a man whose face we never see. His dad is a man who reads him a bedtime story which gave him nightmares.

Outside of the memory recollection, Dr. Bird is also helping David deal with hearing voices and is also trying to figure the extent of his powers. Something which, with their current MRI machine, they can’t even gauge to the fullest.


One of the things that are leading me to have a positive outlook about this show is that sort of NBC weird nature the first episode had, for the most part, it is gone. Outside of Lenny, who remains a welcome comic relief, things seem more grounded now. For with us going through David’s childhood and exploring the relationship he had with his family, and even hearing about his ex-Philly (Ellie Araiza), the show drives toward normalcy. Not without the odd moment of watching David and Lenny do drugs or him transporting an entire MRI machine, but said things don’t lead you to feel the show is being over the top.

What I think I’m trying to say is, no longer is the show trying to be some fancy and shiny bait to try to hook you. Instead, it seems to have some form of confidence in its stories and characters now. Leading me to wonder, should we blame the drugs David was on for the less likable parts of the pilot?

Topic 2: A Romance of the Mind (Syd and David)

On top of establishing the extent of Syd’s power [2], alongside why she was brought by Dr. Bird into her organization, we are given a taste of where her relationship with David may go. For with her saying touching others is like being covered in ants, and David almost desperate for physical contact, it does lead you to wonder if these two can last? However, it seems she maybe willing to compromise on hand holding at least, though naturally with gloves.


I love romance. No matter what the media, that is something I’m probably guaranteed to hone in on. So with Syd and David’s relationship lacking the ability for physical intimacy and, per David, being a romance of the mind, you have to wonder how that will work out. For while she loves him enough to risk her life, and I’m sure he will return the favor, I think David may have a hard time adapting to Syd’s rules. Yet, a part of me wonders, with the way her powers work, how quickly can she swap bodies and whether a hot and heavy make-out session would just mean he and her switching bodies rapidly or a single switch? Also, how long do these switches last?

Topic 3: The Bait (Amy, Syd, and David)

With what is known as The Eye (Mackenzie Gray), working with The Division, wanting David’s power, or him eliminated for tipping the scale, they decide to kidnap his sister Amy. Someone who, while in the MRI machine, David strangely can see and hear as they take her. So with the one person, outside of Syd, who he is close to being affected by his recent discovery, he is ready to bolt. Thankfully, Syd stops and reminds him that he doesn’t have control over his powers so he really doesn’t have anything to fight back with. However, with time, like how he was rescued, so will Amy.


Considering how cheesy the first real action scene was of this show, which looked heavily done with a green screen, I must admit I’m not over the moon with the idea of watching David get his sister back. Though I must admit, I just can’t foresee the action and fighting elements of this show being awe-inspiring. In terms of building its universe and character development, this show seemingly will be fine. However, when it comes to competing with other Marvel properties when it comes to notable battle sequences, I am ye of little faith.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who seemingly has the power to take people into their memories
  2. Syd’s power allows her to switch bodies, and seemingly powers, with someone by touch. However, this is for a limited time and after that period she switches back with them in an instant. Also, it should be noted, she maintains the memories of what she did as the other person. As for whether she has her host’s memories or control of their powers as they have gained, that isn’t 100% clear.

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