The mega houses of La Gorgeous Exclusive and Bascada rise, and while neither show themselves as true megastructures, that doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes glisten.

Director(s) Rik Reinholdtsen
Writer(s) N/A
Aired (HBO Max) 7/9/2020
Introduced This Episode
Guest Judge Tamar Braxton

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Two Became One & This Is What You Give Me

When it comes to the judges, there weren’t a lot of impressive performances for them – Law Roach, especially. Multiple times there were questions of whether these were 100,000 performances or not? This is the case for the first category, “Tales From Atlantis,” which featured face, vogue, and runway, and the criticism is repeated in the “Octo Pus Pus Party,” which was about connective performances, and it seems they are just underwhelmed at this point.

The Conflict – La Gorgeous Exclusive v. Bascada

However, when it comes to Merfolk Physique, a body competition, mouths closed, and eyes were wide open. After all, Jarrell has one of the best bodies in the show, and with him encouraging touch and his competition being someone who never has done the category? Oh, he eats Cali up and spits out his bones.

But when it comes to performances that make you think the money and effort are there, look no further than the “Sea Or Not To Sea” category, a duo vogue featuring dual styles of a soft femme vogue to the more theatrical kind. In that, between the routine of La Gorgeous Exclusive to Torie and Shyanne, who was giving us every last bit of flair we could ever want, it made everything else seem like a warm-up for the houses.

I would even say, for our host, Dashaun Wesley, while sometimes his extra oomph can get drowned out, he came in full force and reminded us he does far more than intros and rangling these judges when they start to go off track. What Dashaun does is bring the energy to the next level and make a performance a moment.

The Drama – Jamari, Eyricka, London, Jerrell

There is something about the final battles that always leads to someone taking it to the next level. However, while Makaylah and Jeter do battle, and Spiderwoman Makaylah makes up for an average performance by running up a wall, it is the house parents who may leave the biggest impression.

Why? Well, let’s take note, for most of the show, shady comments have been backstage while someone was looking on a monitor. Rarely, if ever, has there been anything said to someone’s face. But when it came to the final category, “Rich Fish B***h,” Eyricka and London had a consistent back and forth. One that focused on Eyricka’s attire being the same, and then, during the judging portion, all kinds of shots were fired.

I would even say, Eyricka, being that she is a legend and has a more established house, you can see the fact that virgin houses (those that don’t walk outside their hometown) even challenging her was a bit offensive. Never mind such a young house parent coming for her so ferociously. This isn’t to say the concept of respect and knowing one’s place was outright stated, but you can see it was implied.

But, despite the back and forth, Lanvin just barely makes it to the next round to battle the two houses which Mother Eyricka tried to cut down despite their wins.

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Tamar Braxton making a face to a performance.
Tamar Braxton


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Dashaun Hyping Things Up

Like the music on the show, oftentimes Dashaun exists but doesn’t stand out. At least when the judges aren’t bickering, and someone has to take control of the situation. However, in “Sea Or Not To Sea,” we’re reminded that Dashaun, in his own lane, is legendary. That, unlike some, his place on this show and ballroom is clear. Do not get it twisted.

Torie in Sea Or Not To Sea

Considering Torie is often portrayed as quiet, and I don’t think he gets the opportunity to showcase their talent much, the fact there were no comments about his dramatic performance had me PRESSED! The aggression made what La Gorgeous Exclusive did seem tame. Especially since most of their performance had them in sync with barely any difference between the voguing style.

So let’s give our roses to Torie, even though the editing, or maybe the judges, didn’t give them not a one.

The Drama

You know we live for the drama and cattiness, right? Never mind we have been WAITING for mother Eyricka to say something to a person’s face. After all, we mention damn near every recap how she was one of the first to say something shady about another team. So for that finally to come out, and there be a back and forth? I LIVE!

Then, to add in her house is still in and she’ll have to battle the two houses she tried to put down because they are virgins, can you imagine what could be said? Especially if the competition gets truly nasty?

Tamar Could Have Been A Good Judge

With all due respect to Megan Thee Stallion and Jameela Jamil, there remains this vibe that they would have made more sense as one and done guest judges than consistent presences. In our mind, Dominique Jackson and Tamar Braxton would have been better. Yes, that is a WHOLE lot of personality, and Dashaun would likely lose some hair over keeping them in line, but at least the whole experience of watching this show would be entertaining.

For with how things are currently, as much as you can see and understand the need for diverse voices, Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t really talk about artistry or performance in her critiques. Certainly not to the level Law Roach speaks on fashion or Leiomy brings on the history or technique of categories and ballroom.

Then with Jameela, no shade, but Jameela Jamil to “Legendary” is like Jeff Ross on the Comedy Central Roast. A presence who likely has the industry credentials, hence their producer credit, but there is the vibe their presence on camera is less about the show and talent as it is about being seen. Which, in terms of both, isn’t to say they aren’t nice, genuine people, or we don’t understand both are predominately on-camera performers. However, neither could be considered the hook or top performer. They just come with the package like all that extra space in an Amazon box for a product ¼ of the size.

So, while Jameela isn’t likely to go anywhere, with Megan Thee Stallion having a hit record, televised performances, and really becoming the biggest name of the show, here is to her becoming too busy with her main gig to focus on this one.


Trajectory – Plateau

“Legendary” remains in this odd place of showing us its potential but lacking consistency in its contestants. Then, with its judges, you recognizing why certain people are there, but still feeling that, for what the show is, and who it focuses on, either the judges need to step it up, as they tell contestants, or stand aside and be the fans they claim to be.

Where To Watch

Tamar Could Have Been A Good Judge - 90%
The Drama - 89%
Torie in Sea Or Not To Sea - 88%
Dashaun Hyping Things Up - 83%


"Legendary" remains in this odd place of showing us its potential but lacking consistency in its contestants. Then, with its judges, you recognizing why certain people are there, but still feeling that, for what the show is, and who it focuses on, either the judges need to step it up, as they tell contestants, or stand aside and be the fans they claim to be.

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