Legendary: Season 1 Episode 1 “Welcome to My House” [Series Premiere] – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

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As “Pose” reintroduces ballroom to the mainstream, we meet the modern-day girls ready to make you gag as you possibly question why two people are their judges.

DirectorRik Reinholdtsen
Aired (HBO Max)5/27/2020
GenreLGBT, Reality-TV, Competition
AudienceDance Enthusiast

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LGBTQIA+ & Allies

Introduced This Episode

(Character | Actor)

HimselfDashaun Wesley
HimselfLaw Roach
HerselfJameela Jamil
HerselfLeiomy Maldonado
HerselfMegan Thee Stallion

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

8 Houses, from the well-known names of Ninja and St. Laurent to houses who are ready to move beyond being leaders in their community but desiring to also become household names, they compete for a trophy and $100,000. In the premiere, we meet many members of each house, primarily their mothers, or fathers, and one to three children of each house’s 5 team set. Together, they will face off in 9 balls with this one just being the Grand March to introduce themselves.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Don’t Megan Thee Stallion give you Miley Cyrus vibes, in terms of the way she speaks?


Getting To Learn About Each House And A Notable Portion Of Their Members

The premiere episode superbly uses the hour. We get to see each house do a glamour shot, be in what looks like everyday attire, and they often open up in ways that get you invested in who they are. Which, with that being followed by seeing their talent, makes for the perfect setup for you to stan a house, or a member of a house.

The Diversity

What “Legendary” seems to want is present the idea that while ballroom is predominately for the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those who fall under being Black or Latinx, it isn’t exclusively for them. Hence the House Mother for Ebony being a white woman. Also, the Legendary House Ninja being nothing but cis women, with not one being undisputable Black or Latinx.

Which, we won’t lie, does raise an eyebrow, but what matters is the house, and its kids are happy, validated, and taken care of.

Law Roach – We Love A Shady Queen

Law Roach sitting pretty.
Law Roach

All shows need that one judge you love to hate. Seemingly, Law Roach will be that person. Well, at least it seemed that way in the beginning. With the first few houses, Law Roach made it clear they need to step it up. However, maybe to avoid criticism, they calmed down or, maybe, the ones that followed House Escada and House Ebony were just good.

It’s hard to say but taking note the other judges are far less cutting in their criticism, when they do have it, Law Roach will be the notable one to speak.

On The Fence

Jameela and Megan Thee Stallion As Judges

No shade but are they on this show for name recognition? Jameela, while a noted ally, seems like she should be in the audience having a good time, not judging. As for Megan, again, there is a need to ask what are the credentials here? She’s new, just is starting to really pop off now (#1 record as of this posting by the way – respect), but is she on the level required to be judging someone for their performance or look?

I mean, taking it deeper, one of Jameela’s criticism was there wasn’t enough voguing when House St. Laurent came out – as if this ball was supposed to be a competition. Unless I heard wrong, this was all about showing up and showing out – not performing for the excitement of someone who almost seems like their understanding of balls comes from television and movies exclusively.

Which is no shade, by the way, let her and Megan get their checks when and where they can. I’m just saying, from Billy Porter, Todrick Hall, Big Freedia, and so many others, surely they could have gotten a name and someone known for dance, looks, and presence, right? Heck, if not, as “American Idol” did when it began, just get big names in the community and let their personas make them, and the show, a hit.


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First Impression: Optimistic

Despite a side-eye that may make my eyes spin, “Legendary” does begin its own journey to live up to its name. Here is just hoping, as time goes on, everyone can settle into their place, what they give, and this show, can be less about seeing if a market is there, and there can be multiple competition series for LGBTQIA+, not hosted by RuPaul, and it can just exist on its own.

Getting To Learn About Each House And A Notable Portion Of Their Members - 86%
The Diversity - 84%
Law Roach – We Love A Shady Queen - 88%
Jameela and Megan Thee Stallion As Judges - 72%


Despite a side-eye that may make my eyes spin, "Legendary" does begin its own journey to live up to its name.

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