With Bruno back with Malcolm, it makes a petty park ranger trying to say he is a bad owner the last thing he needs – so he makes them look stupid.

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With Bruno back with Malcolm, it makes a petty park ranger trying to say he is a bad owner the last thing he needs – so he makes them look stupid.

Director(s) Solvan “Slick” Naim
Writer(s) David Ebert, Solvan “Slick” Naim
Air Date 5/17/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ranger Debecki Katie Rich

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Raining On My Parade: Ranger Debecki, Malcolm

The day after Malcolm gets Bruno back, this Ranger sneaks up on him and Bruno, scans him, and says he has outdated rabies shots and hands Malcolm a ticket. One which we don’t hear the price of, but with Malcolm knowing the type of father he is, he feels offended. On top of that, the fact a park ranger gave him a ticket for a park with one single tree was ridiculous to him. Also, with her saying it is part of a “Broken Windows” initiative to crack down on small crimes, like dogs being stolen, to prevent bigger ones, that’s insult to injury since Malcolm just had his dog stolen.

Learning From His Mistakes: Ranger Debecki, Malcolm

Malcolm couldn’t get his revenge on Billy and Barry since he talked too much and wasn’t properly prepped. So, with having to pay $1200 for an updated rabies shot, among at least a half dozen others, Malcolm also gets Bruno’s paperwork altered so it says his shots came before the ticket. Making it so, when he goes to court, he is the sole person on the docket, who Ranger Debecki ticketed, who doesn’t get a guilty verdict.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering how much Malcolm loves Bruno, I can’t be the only one surprised he doesn’t have pet insurance, right?
  2. Why didn’t Bruno reveal to the cops Barry and his family were stealing dogs? I’m sure, from Jezzel, he could have gotten their address.


Malcolm Checking Ranger Debecki Was So Satisfying

At this point, you have to feel connected to Malcolm. Yes, we are just learning his last name is Bartello in this episode, but after 7 episodes there is this vibe you know him enough. So to see him win against smug ass Ranger Debecki was so satisfying! Especially since she was rude as hell and her ticket was so petty. Never mind the way she pursued it by not even asking Malcolm if Bruno’s shots were up to date but just scanning Bruno without permission was just ass.

Never mind her letting Harvey with Angie just walk on by and not checking him too. I mean, yeah, Bruno may not be on the front of dog food, but his face is out there too. It’s just you need to be a pet owner whose dog has strange eating habits to know Bruno’s mug.

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Malcolm Checking Ranger Debecki Was So Satisfying - 80%


Malcolm makes you appreciate his gangster. Yeah, he may have gotten knocked out before, and his dog stolen underneath his nose, but if you come at him with enough time to prepare? Oh, he is going to whoop that ass. And when he does, it is going to be so satisfying. Not just for him, but you as well.

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