You know how having dogs in your dating profile supposedly make you more attractive, you ever think about if that person just wanted to kidnap your dog?

Director(s) Solvan “Slick” Naim
Writer(s) Solvan “Slick” Naim
Air Date 5/17/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lulu Shakira Barrera

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For The Love Of Bruno: Malcolm, Lulu

If a cute Dominican girl walked up on you, would you not be stunned into submission? Could you keep yourself from catching feelings? Malcolm couldn’t, and this girl touched his dog without permission. Yet, with seeing Malcolm command that puppy, she knew she needed his number and to become part of Malcolm’s daily routine. Hell, to really seal the deal and win Malcolm’s heart, she even goes off on Charlie, and with that, Malcolm even lets Lulu hold Bruno’s leash.

That’s damn near a marriage proposal right there.

However, then she started to say Bruno’s name during sex. She is trying to take over Bruno’s routine, not share it with Malcolm. Then she is caught trying to take Bruno, and so the relationship ends as quickly as it began.

Lulu Shakira Barrera Its Bruno Season 1 Episode 4 Lovely Lulu
Lulu (Shakira Barrera)


That Xolo Dog At The Beginning Of The Episode

I WAS DYING! That crazy little dog, in the subtitles, talking about killing all who ever looked at Bruno, their owner, everybody, was hilarious. Mind you, Bruno doesn’t reply in dog, but with the way Bruno looks away, you get all you need to know, and it doesn’t stop the funny.

The Fear Lulu Puts Into You

Is Lulu crazy, or is she passionate? Better question: How does Lulu take care of all those dogs she stole? Either way, I appreciate Lulu for she further pushes how dogs are like children. They can be a means of connecting with other people, as seen in the dog park, but are also vulnerable and people may use your affection for them to wiggle their way into that kid’s life. Then, when you feel comfortable, do something horrible.

Yeah, I went dark, but Lulu got the wheels turning in my head because she clearly was off. Not even in a steal well-trained dogs and sell them off, but with her shouting out Bruno’s name during sex, she made me think of Chester from Deadly Class. Someone who has sex with dogs.

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That Xolo Dog At The Beginning Of The Episode - 90%
The Fear Lulu Puts Into You - 80%


Do we have a storyline? Is what I wanted for this show finally happening? Well, not character development, but It’s Bruno! not ending up a bunch of days with Bruno strung together with no clear direction? It might be time for a happy dance.

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