Insecure: Season 4 Episode 8 “Lowkey Happy” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

Lawrence and Issa check-in and continue to have the type of conversations some wish they could have with an ex – if they believe in closure.

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Lawrence and Issa hanging out and laughing.

Lawrence and Issa check-in and continue to have the type of conversations some wish they could have with an ex – if they believe in closure.

Director(s) Ava Berkofsky
Writer(s) Natasha Rothwell
Aired (HBO) 5/31/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Past – Lawrence, Issa

So, with Lawrence finding himself with possible job opportunities in San Francisco, he seeks closure from Issa. Meaning questions about what if they stayed together, if Issa didn’t cheat on him with Daniel, and Issa having a few questions of her own. Such as, did he, as he joked earlier in the night, buy a ring?

The answer to all these questions? Well, for Issa, she cheated because Daniel gave Issa the attention Lawrence wasn’t. In fact, things got so bad she would avoid coming home and would drive around instead. For, when it comes to Issa, the slow death of their relationship was devastating.

Leading to Lawrence explaining himself in, with him unemployed and her going to work, it was a constant reminder of his own failings. Making when Issa cheated, it was easy to blame her and perhaps use that anger to fuel the changes he needed to make.

Though, even with all that said, there is mention of fear that, if they got back together then, they’d fall back into old patterns they had.

Present – Lawrence, Issa, Condola

Which leads to what’s going on now. With handling the past, what has happened since then, and what’s new? Well, as mentioned, Lawrence has been doing interviews out in San Francisco and seemingly has come to the realization that, as much as he is capable of being the lead and coming up with his own stuff, he’d rather be part of a team. Mind you, there is a realization that, at one time, maybe he gives up too easily, but that comment seems to be more about his relationships, or his with Issa, than work. So in case you think the death of his app triggered this, you may not be wrong.

However, it just seems, at this point, Lawrence knows where he can excel, and where he’ll struggle. Making the fact Condola, who seems to be looking to have a heart to heart with Lawrence as well, texting, calling even, interesting. Since, for Issa, this wasn’t supposed to be such an illuminating night and conversation. So Lawrence acting like someone working the steps, making amends, and what have you, it’s weird.

But, considering how she had to put dating on the back burner, the attention is nice. Also, with Molly icing her out, while Nathan has been cool, there is always something about talking to a person who knows a good portion of your story so they can see the whole trajectory. Thus making unpacking all Issa has gone through when it came to the block party with Lawrence, somewhat therapeutic. If not a continuation of the healing and validation she got from her mother in the last episode.

Future? – Lawrence, Issa

Lawrence and Issa wondering what is next for them.

Leading to the need to question, after a very revealing conversation, what’s next? Lawrence has someone blowing up his phone, Issa feels sort of in limbo and would like to continue the night, and the final decision is: Issa and Lawrence sleep together. Mind you, without a conversation of what is to follow, but the action was nice, and could open the door to something else once Lawrence figures out what he is doing with Condola. Be it ending things – period, or maybe trying to devolve their relationship to a friendship.


The Conversation

While we aren’t the biggest fans of Issa with Lawrence, it’s because we saw more bad than good. To put it into perspective, we’re like the best friend who, for a long time, was told how her man, Issa’s, ain’t s***. So, naturally, that’s the narrative we have, and it makes it so when she sees him in a different light, we’re stuck on that old page.

But with them really hashing things out and speaking on the changing points of their relationship, maybe there can be a way forward. Perhaps Issa and Lawrence being endgame isn’t the most horrible thing. It would be nice to see Molly and Issa, as the series ends, equals in terms of both having flourishing careers and a stable relationship. One with Issa organizing events for Black businesses and talent as Molly is kicking ass in and out of the courtroom, with both having a family to come home to.

The Conversation - 84%


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