With Issa trying to elongate her high from the block party, she seeks ways to keep that feeling going – which bite her in the ass.

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With Issa trying to elongate her high from the block party, she seeks ways to keep that feeling going – which bite her in the ass.

Directed By Lacey Duke
Written By Fran Richter
Aired (HBO) 5/17/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Just Trying To Make New Friends, And Be A Good Person – Issa

With silence from Molly, and no desire to make the first move, Issa tries to fill up the time Molly once did by running errands, doing a paint and sip, and just relishing in her success. This leads to her meeting some odd characters but, it’s Los Angeles.

Momma’s Arms Are Home – Issa, Delilah

Delilah greeting Issa.

But, despite Issa finding distractions, it doesn’t take away from Molly coming at her like that and her feeling forced to reflect. So, rather than call Nathan, and have him d**k her down for yet another distraction, Issa goes see her mom. Someone who, with them both being adults, is open with Issa. From saying she initially felt her and Ahmal were mistakes to noting they are one of her greatest accomplishments, you can see they have a full-on adult relationship. Yet, with Delilah saying she admires Issa, she damn near cries. After all, with all that is going on, Delilah knows what Issa needed to hear. Plus, she gave her room and permission to cry. Showing momma surely knows best.

So You Just Not Going To Speak – Kelli, Issa

Wanting to keep the high going, and just not be rude, Issa answers Kelli’s call after Kelli hits her up for the umpteenth time. What about? Well, Issa talking to Molly. To which Issa asks, are you giving the same energy to Molly, which leads to Kelli saying she has.

Now, whether that is true? Who knows. Kelli’s life exists primarily in the background, unseen. Case in point, her talking about her and Tiffany making up, and that whole process. All of which we didn’t see at all. They were just having a disagreement that left Kelly in her feelings one episode, and next thing we know, Kelli is playing an aunty, potential godmother, like everything is okey-doke.

Kelli pushing Issa to start a conversation with Molly.

However, what matters to Kelly, and she tries to push this with Issa, is a conversation was had. For, otherwise, due to pride, there would be a chance the two, Tiffany and Kelli, wouldn’t speak. And she can see when it comes to Molly and Issa, they could easily head down that path if one, or the other, doesn’t put their big girl draws on and speak up.

Worth Noting

  1. Nathan and Issa are still talking, but they aren’t getting back together


Kyla Pratt, IS THAT YOU?!

While Dina, Kyla Pratt’s character, isn’t worth noting as introduced and adding to the character guide, you can’t see Kyla Pratt on a show and not mention it. If she wasn’t part of your childhood, she was at least part of your teen years and, more than likely, one of your celebrity crushes. So to see her grown, on a hit show, even if in a small role, it just feels like a taste of what’s to come.

Dina (Kyla Pratt) welcoming Issa's offering of Pinot noir.
Dina (Kyla Pratt)

Issa and Delilah Having A Moment

With getting to see Molly and her family bond and interact, multiple times, getting to really see Delilah and watch her interact with Issa was a treat. Especially since it was a heart to heart with some jokes, yes, but ultimately a real conversation. One dealing with Delilah thinking she couldn’t have kids, so likely having Issa and Ahmal based off that information. Yet, for a time, who knows how long, regretting that decision until she realized how much she loves the two kids she raised.

And I don’t think we can understate how cool it is to see a lead character’s parent and watch that dynamic. Specifically, Delilah knowing Issa needed not just a hug but permission to cry.

A Hint Into What Goes On In Kelli’s Life, Behind The Scenes

You know the time and effort put into whatever TV show the cast watch passively each season? I need that time and energy to go into Kelli. She finally gets to be more than some comic relief but only for a hot minute. And with the reminder we missed the juicy part of her and Tiffany reconciling, it is frustrating that Kelli, and Natasha Rothwell, are such breakouts, yet there is a bridle on them keeping them from really getting to shine.

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