To really show how bad things have gotten between Issa and Molly, what once was unthinkable happens at Issa’s block party.

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To really show how bad things have gotten between Issa and Molly, what once was unthinkable happens at Issa’s block party.

Directed By Stella Meghie
Written By Syreeta Singleton
Aired (HBO) 5/10/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Nathan The Friendly Ghost – Issa, Nathan

With Molly mad at her and Issa having no desire to call Tiffany or Kelli in the middle of the night, Nathan becomes a viable option. Granted, he ghosted her and just suddenly came back into her life when things are starting to get a little shaky, but beggars can’t be choosy, right? So, they talk, and it helps calm Issa down a bit.

If It’s Last-Minute, Does It Still Count? – Issa, Condola

So, it’s the day of the block party and guess who Issa sees? CONDOLA! The woman who ghosted her, all because of a now mutual ex, she showed up, with some hesitation. Which, as you can imagine, is a bit annoying since this was a two-person project. But, Condola is unprofessional – what can you do? At the very least, she got some interns to help out. Even if that doesn’t compensate for Condola, all because of some man, dropping the ball and being lucky Issa was able to follow through.

You Don’t Listen – Molly, Issa, Andrew, Nathan

While everyone is happy for Issa, even Molly, to a certain point, upon the discovery Nathan asked Andrew to help, she gets pissed. For Issa going around her to ask Andrew for help, it still means using Molly’s connection in order to benefit herself. So, the conversation they needed to have months ago, since it is now January, it explodes. Leading to them calling each other selfish, Molly calling Issa a backstabber, them both coming for each other over having messy lives, and it is just a mess.

Molly getting upset with Issa.

But, what really takes it over the top is when Molly switches it up like she about to physically fight with Issa. That, ladies and gentlemen, might be the end of Molly and Issa’s friendship.


Ahmal and Kelli’s Beef

It still isn’t clear what began things between them, but I love watching it play out and continue. Granted, I feel like Ahmal is the main one continuing it, more so than Kelli, and it is lowkey mean spirited, but it isn’t like Ahmal is the sweetest guy around. He has his moments but, being catty is his thing, and nobody says a word when he comes for Kelli, so that’s their stamp of approval.

On The Fence

The Return of Nathan

While not someone who thinks, no matter what, Lawrence and Issa will get together, nor someone who forgot Nathan ghost Issa, he did come through. Plus, let’s not forget Molly did complicate things between Nathan and Issa by sending him away. Never mind, who knows if the month Nathan was AWOL was a mental health thing. Nathan is still a slight mystery that remains unsolved, so if this is his second round, here is hoping he makes the most of it.

Molly Ready To Scrap

There is a part of me that wants to understand Molly’s side to all this. Her relationship was in a rocky place, so it seems only natural she didn’t want to test it by using her man’s connections. However, stepping to Issa in a way to start a fight? That seemed a bit much. Especially since things went well, but let’s not forget Molly is still readjusting to the new normal of their relationship. One in which Issa is doing bigger things, and can be seen as someone capable of follow-through.

And I’d even knock Issa a bit since she knows Molly isn’t necessarily secure with her relationship, so presenting a stressor isn’t the best idea. Never mind Molly, around 2 months ago, gave them the opportunity to work things out, and Issa, apparently, blew off that conversation. Which, I know, the excuse can be, Issa was busy. However, if something is important to you, you make time for it.


Ahmal and Kelli’s Beef - 82%
The Return of Nathan - 75%
Molly Ready To Scrap - 74%


To really show how bad things have gotten between Issa and Molly, what once was unthinkable happens at Issa’s block party.

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