Insecure: Season 4 Episode 4 “Lowkey Losin’ It” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

We may have come to the point that led to Issa not messing with Molly no more – can you guess the reason?

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Issa looking into a mirror.

We may have come to the point that led to Issa not messing with Molly no more – can you guess the reason?

Directed By Nijla Mu’Min
Written By Laura Kittrell
Aired (HBO) 5/3/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Work/Life Balance – Andrew, Molly

Molly’s current case is throwing off many of her relationships, but especially her main one with Andrew. Someone who she thought was rolling with the punches, but with him starting to pull back and make plans on top of theirs, it leads to the need to regroup. For with this being one of her longest relationships, she isn’t trying to let it go south on some BS.

Andrew noting he isn't sure how he plays into Molly's life.

People Abandoning Me Left & Right – Issa, Condola, Molly, Lawrence

Issa’s block party is slowly, but surely, going to hell. Schoolboy Q pulls out and Condola? Oh, who knows where the hell she is. Which is something Issa was going to ask Lawrence, but then she got a call, and that conversation didn’t get completed.

However, after going through her network and perusing through Instagram, she found someone on IG who is local and is repped by Live Nation! You know who works at Live Nation? Andrew, so she was hoping Molly could hook her up, but that request gets denied. Leaving Issa stunned and Molly, who feels like Issa isn’t giving as much as she is getting, putting up boundaries to protect this relationship that is trying to navigate out of a rough patch.


The Blood Clot Conversation

While Tiffany and her baby aren’t mentioned in the recap, mostly because Tiffany’s storyline doesn’t get the time it needs, there is a conversation amongst her and the ladies worth noting. One that, like the one or two group ones we get per season, acts as a reminder of what it is like to be Black women, often for worse than better. In this case, it is Tiffany dealing with a life-threatening blood clot and Derek having to step up and curse out doctors.

Tiffany talking about how she almost died during child birth.

Something that isn’t made a big deal of, but let me tell you, from people like Serena Williams to Tiffany, to people in our own damn life, the s*** is real. It is truly one of the things that doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. All that matters that if you are a Black woman, here is hoping someone can and will advocate for you, even if they got to rub some people the wrong way. For ain’t nothing sadder than being born while your mother is dying or possibly dead.

Molly Prioritizing Her Life

Professionally, Issa has been straggling since we’ve met her and has used her network to try to move on up. Condola is one of Tiffany’s friends and co-workers, and when it comes to access to Andrew, that is Molly’s boo. However, the difference between Tiffany and Molly is Tiffany’s relationships are mostly secure. With Kelli, it isn’t clear in the episode, though the “Wine Down” says they are cool. So Issa pushing up on Condola only ends up a problem for Lawrence until he has a conversation with all parties.

Molly on the other hand? One could submit that with her relationships always being rocky, and Andrew no exception, asking him for something wouldn’t have been a good look. Especially since Molly has been lowkey trashing Issa for a while now and add in what Nathan, who calls, may have said about Issa, who knows how Andrew may see her. So in Molly setting a boundary, you have to understand it isn’t to be petty or an ass.

If anything, she is protecting Andrew from a possible mistake Issa could cause and making it so, unlike when she worked at “We Got Ya’ll” and the party from earlier, Molly can do as she does at Tiffany’s events. That is, show up, enjoy herself, and that be it. Rather than get thrown into some kind of job, having to put up money, or do anything but show support by being that and enjoying herself.

The Blood Clot Conversation - 90%
Molly Prioritizing Her Life - 84%


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