Insecure: Season 2 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Insecure: Season 2 for some characters was a stepforward. One in which you could see maturity and growth. However, sometimes becoming a better person is just uncomfortable so some end up regressing. More on that below. Summary After the Lawrence breakup, it seems both Issa and him decide it is time to be a ho….

Insecure Season 2 Episode 8 Hella Perspective

Insecure: Season 2 for some characters was a stepforward. One in which you could see maturity and growth. However, sometimes becoming a better person is just uncomfortable so some end up regressing. More on that below.


After the Lawrence breakup, it seems both Issa and him decide it is time to be a ho. For Lawerence, that means messing around with Tasha, these two girls who fetishize black men, and then him settling down with his co-worker Aparna. For Issa? Well, she messes with a dude downstairs, a couple of guys from apps, but finds herself keep coming back to Daniel. Someone who has some kind of hold on her that can’t be broken.

Leading to a lot of ill feelings from Lawrence which eventually leads to a huge blow up at Derek’s birthday in episode 7. One in which they call each other out over what they did or didn’t do in the relationship but, being that as they’ve grown apart they grew up, they reconcile in episode 8. As for the rest of the cast? Well, Kelli remains a comic relief and Tiffany the bougie friend. One who we learn is pregnant, but considering there might be the question of: by who? Well, we got something to look forward to in season 3.

Leaving Molly. Someone who finally goes to therapy but guess what? Still has her old bad habits. Something you kind of want to attribute to Issa, since she is the one who pushes Molly to be her wingman and get back into the dating game, but as a ho. However, Molly messing around with her married friend from grade school Dro, that was all her decision. Especially staying no matter how much he treated her like a mistress. All the while passing up on many dark-skinned men and finding any reason she could to stick with the light brights. I guess Molly is #TeamLightSkin.



Insecure Season 2 Episode 8 Hella Perspective Season Finale Lawrence apologizes e1505148596310

I was very #TeamLawrence until the last episode of the first season. In this season though, as shown through his relationship with Tasha, it became established that Lawrence was a f*** boy of the worse kind. Not only was he trying to be casual with Tasha while being up in her house, eating her food, and up in them guts, but he didn’t make it clear his intentions. Which really came to a head when he ghosted her at her family BBQ.

Leading to the realization that, when women critique Lawrence, it often goes in one ear and out the other. Something that, with us not knowing about  Lawrence’s family, we can only assume is either misogyny or else his means of coping with Issa cheating on him. Which I say only because, I figure with him getting cheated on, it made it so he numbed himself to other people’s needs and became increasingly selfish. Perhaps on the idea that only he really has a vested interest in his own happiness. Something that also gets shown in his early dealings with Aparna who tries to give him advice about his app which falls on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, as Chad and Derek critique him, that is when things sink in. Because “his boys” tell him he ain’t s***, that he is lazy, that is when he decides to move out of Chad’s living room. That is when he realizes he was terrible to Tasha, and with him getting used for sex in episode 4, I think he also realizes he isn’t about that ho life.

Though he wasn’t the best boyfriend towards the end of his relationship with Issa, there was a certain level of comfort he enjoyed. Something he took advantage of, and he realizes that when the two meet at the end of the season. In which they have a conversation which provides Lawrence closure. For Issa cheating on him causes trust issues as he tries to date Aparna, and makes him insecure to the point of driving her away. However, things end with it seeming those two may make it.


Insecure Season 2 Episode 7 Hella Disrespectful Issa asking Daniel why their relationship always has to be so messy e1504500575131

I can’t recall Issa’s full relationship history, but from what it seems, she hasn’t really gotten the experience of dating without being exclusive. She hasn’t really just been with a dude for penile pleasures and though it may not seem like growth to some, I came to consider her ho phase growth. For, like Lawrence, it provided her the opportunity to understand what she truly wanted. Whether the life she has thus far been living has been difficult because, simply put, it isn’t what comes naturally to her.

However, like Lawrence, it sort of comes off that she isn’t necessarily for having a ho phase. One of the reasons seems to be, she likes guys who aren’t necessarily about that ho life. They may have a roster, as she does for a period of time but, like Lawrence, the ones which really attract her are the ones who could have long-term potential.

Hence why she gets back with Daniel. Despite them releasing years of built up sexual tension, there remains something there. Issa doesn’t fully understand it, but reliability is definitely one of the factors. Especially after she gets in a car accident partly due to a surprise dick pick.

And once you hear her conversation with Lawrence at the end of the season, you realize not only why that relationship went to hell, but why she is invested in Daniel. Issa wants the type of man who pushes her to be better – to be on her ish and get on their level. So with all the work Daniel does to keep or get his career going, that is inspiring. That is, compared to Daniel who couldn’t hold the weight of her expectations and got crushed.

So with this next season featuring Issa living with Daniel, it should be interesting to see whether they can now have a real relationship. Especially after he gave her a facial, seemingly on purpose.

Real Conversations

The best part of this show will always be the conversations that don’t sound scripted. In the first season, it was when Molly was dating that bi guy and everyone’s opinions on it. For this season, it is the ladies talking about their opinions on blowjobs as well as the difference between working at a white company or a Black company. In these conversations, amongst all the drama and immaturity, we return to the idea that these are just young people. Someone you potentially know, if they don’t represent you, and it reminds you that, at its heart, Insecure tries to normalize the experience of the average, if not awkward, Black women. That is, as opposed to the usual professional in her field who has the most messy, for no good reason, personal life.

Low Points

Lack of Tiffany and Kelli Development


Tiffany and Kelli barely evolve from who we knew them as in season 1. Tiffany remains the bougie friend, the one who tries to make it seem she has it all together and is an exception. Then with Kelli, she is still a comic relief. With these two, there isn’t any nuance, no real sort of layers, and only when they participate in conversations do they not seem locked into their tropes.

Are We Even Supposed To Care About The Men Not Named Lawrence?

Who are Derek and Chad? We know Chad has settled down but seemingly used to be a ho. As for Derek? Well, outside of being Tiffany’s husband, I can’t say much about him. I mean, as underutilized as Tiffany and Kelli are, the men not named Lawrence are so shallowly written that you barely have anything to miss when they’re gone.

On The Fence


Insecure: Season 2/ Episode 5 "Hella Shook" - Lionel and Molly looking cute together. Like they are cutting a wedding cake.

Molly is starting to make her way into generic messy Black woman territory. Meaning, professionally, she is showing she is a boss. Yes, she is dealing with a pay gap, but she reminds us and her employers that she is the business and she can take her name, reputation, and talents, elsewhere if she has to.

But then comes her personal life. Now, at first, it seems Molly might be getting better. First and foremost, homegirl is going to therapy. She doesn’t necessarily like it, mostly because Dr. Pine forces Molly to realize she got issues, but her stepping into the room should have been growth. Italics on the should have been. For, you see, after some time, Molly decides to stop trying to move forward and just be still. She stopped dating, messing around, and just focused on work. However, then Dro comes into her life, Quentin, and Lionel.

Now, Dro is married, has been Molly’s friend since middle school and some weird fashion phases, but is still married. Yet, she lets him all up into her guts and pretty much happily plays a mistress. Well, maybe not happily. However, despite often it being clear she will always be number 2, someone Dro meets up with at a bathroom, hotel, or what have you, leaving if the wife calls or is around, Molly settles for this.

Leading to the idea that Molly got colorism issues. Something I believe for both Lionel and Quentin are good men. Lionel got all his hair, dresses sexy, has a job, and wants all that Molly wants. Yet she picks him apart. Quentin is a peer and yeah, he has a pastor’s body, but that just makes him cuddly. But no matter how good these two men are, Molly basically curves them for another session with Dro. Really making it seem Molly is becoming like most of the professional Black women we see on cable and network TV.

Work Life

Insecure: Season 2/ Episode 6 "Hella Blows"

We get to see Lawrence new workplace and return to Molly and Issa’s and I got to say, there hardly felt like much of a reason to invest interest in anyone’s work life. Yes, Molly meets Quentin through work and one of her storylines revolve around pay discrimination. When it comes to Lawrence, yeah, Aparna he meets at work and she is helping him shape himself into one day maybe launching his own app. Also, I got to admit I enjoyed Issa saga at the high school and what VP Gaines brought to the show, when it came to racial dynamics.

However, in the long run, if the co-worker wasn’t a love interest, it seemed they didn’t matter. Frieda didn’t evolve into a closer friend. Molly, she may have introduced us to Quentin, but outside of him being the nice guy prepping to shoot his shot, her work life didn’t really produce much besides that one good conversation about working in a Black company vs. a white one. Then with Lawrence, honestly, outside of Aparna and what she added to the characters, the only noteworthy thing was how well-meaning white people act when dealing with women and people of color.

What I mean by that is, they do their best to be nice, non-threatening, maybe seem down, but try to avoid potential conflict. For what reason do they avoid this? To be honest I can’t remember. Out of the three mentioned, Lawrence’s job life is probably the least invested in and altogether, watching everyone deal with co-workers often is more miss than hit.

Overall: Positive (Watch This)

Insecure Season 2 Episode 8 Hella Perspective Season Finale Issa and Lawrence e1505148755660

I won’t pretend a part of me doesn’t want to mark this as mixed. However, look around, what other show is doing what Insecure is? Do you know of another show which has young Black women make mistakes, maybe get a little messy, but it is the type of messy which seems plausible? Do you know of another show which may only really focus on one male character, but they show multiple sides to him?

One could throughout some of the programs OWN has, but Insecure is different. It shows a different side of Black culture but doesn’t pursue showing its characters in an almost thespian manner. They make it so their audience, be them ratchet, ghetto, dignified, or able to code switch can identify with characters to the point of excusing their actions to justify their own trash behavior, as said by “Honeybruh.”

Which, to a certain degree, I used to with Lawrence. Leading you to, if you have the ability to be self-aware, finding yourself being forced to maybe look in the mirror. Take note of your own strengths, shortcomings, being forced to recognize things you try to avoid, and get the vibe you found a show which represents you. Someone who isn’t rich, but do got a job. Maybe not the hottest thing around but you can have a roster. But, most of all, a show which normalizes your existence.

Episode List

Episode 1

Insecure returns and Issa is still recovering from Lawrence walking out on her cheating behind. But she is “Hella Great” otherwise.

Episode 2

My name is Amari and I’d like to hand in my #TeamLawrence card due to him being an F*** boy. Who do I need to talk to? No, I don’t wish to subscribe to #TeamIssa, though I do enjoy her storyline more than ever. Is there a #TeamMolly or even a #TeamTasha subscription available though?

Episode 3

As Issa begins to enter her ho phase, Lawrence comes to realize that maybe he isn’t as much of a good guy as he thinks he is.

Episode 4

Daniel returns to Insecure and while things are awkward between the two, Kelli helps push them together. Meanwhile, Molly is propositioned and Lawrence has a threesome.

Episode 5

Things are starting to get a little rocky in Issa’s work life but are holding steady for her ho phase. Meanwhile, Molly learns her role model parents aren’t as perfect as she thought they were.

Episode 6

“Sometimes saying goodbye means you’re making room for something better.” This quote is a lesson damn near every last character needs to learn. As for why, look below.

Episode 7

All the signs are there that people need to move on but, unfortunately, until the point is smeared into people’s faces on Insecure, the point doesn’t come across.

Episode 8

Up to a certain point, you may think that everyone maybe getting their situations together. But, in the long run, happy and functioning people don’t keep shows running.

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