As Issa begins to enter her ho phase, Lawrence comes to realize that maybe he isn’t as much of a good guy as he thinks he is. Some People Ruin Everything: Issa Issa Issa’s numbers are looking real good at the high school. Especially since VP Gaines is still looking out for a sister. However,…

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As Issa begins to enter her ho phase, Lawrence comes to realize that maybe he isn’t as much of a good guy as he thinks he is.

Some People Ruin Everything: Issa


Issa’s numbers are looking real good at the high school. Especially since VP Gaines is still looking out for a sister. However, Frieda is a bit confused by the fact only Black kids are coming yet the school is 86% Latino. Something she gets a bit Debbie Downer about and it low-key is pissing Issa off. Especially since she wants to act like they are accomplishing nothing just because only Black kids are showing up.


I kind of wonder where Frieda may go with her attitude toward VP Gaines? A part of me worries she may call him out and thus ruin everything to make a point. Leading to Issa telling her all the way off since Frieda can’t take a win and is used to taking a whole lot of Ls.

Though the big problem here may just be a cultural one. Issa seems fine with just the Black kids making it cause she is Black. Yet, I can’t say if it was just the Hispanic students, and no Black ones came, she would still see this as the win it is. So maybe, though not on VP Gaines’ level, there maybe some underlying prejudice from Issa too on this. I can’t say for sure, but I bet Frieda may call her out on this.

One Ho Enters, One May End Up Getting Cuffed: Issa, Molly


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Being the type of woman she is, Issa seemingly has focused on dating and getting to know guys. So, by the time they have sex, there is relationship potential. Well, put that woman on the backburner since Issa now wants to have a ho phase. Problem is, Issa can’t flirt worth a damn and doesn’t really know how to talk sexy either.

Luckily, her neighbor Eddie (Leon Thomas) seems to be fine with that. He himself seems a bit odd, shown through his love of Gossip Girl, and maybe the awkward Black boy to match her awkward Black girl. Though, even with them having sex, it maybe safe to say this won’t become a regular thing.


Lionel (Sterling K. Brown) on Insecure
Lionel (Sterling K. Brown)

With her giving her therapist the boot and planning for a Chicago trip, alongside Issa wanting to start a ho phase, Molly is back in the dating pool. However, it isn’t for long. For just as she is trying to play a good wing woman, Lionel (Sterling K. Brown) pops up. He is a marketing consultant and basically is the male version of her. He has a 5-year plan, wants kids, just not right now, and he seems perfect — which is the problem.

She wonders if all he may see her as is a check mark. Not a human being, much less a Black woman who got her own check list, never mind some issues attached, but a check mark. So, with that in mind, she starts to curve him.


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I’m so proud of Issa. She is really moving on and getting her life together. Perseverance at work is paying off, she is learning her awkwardness isn’t detrimental to her getting some. I mean, it really is a lovely time for those who are #TeamIssa. Yay, ya’ll.

But Molly is on that next level though. She has the perfect man for her, a Black one with a job, goals, wants kids, and he seems committed. Yet, past F*** N***** S*** has her questioning everything. Showing why she still needs therapy. She definitely ain’t over what happened to her in the past and maybe wondering if what goes around comes around. At one time, she was looking at people like check marks now she is looking like someone else’s.

However, I gotta ask, if that person checks off your boxes, and seems like he can please your box, is that so horrible? I mean, he is even asking her on dates. Then, when she says a day doesn’t work for her, he comes up with something else for another day. That’s commitment right there!

You Ain’t As Good Of A Man As You Think: Tasha, Lawrence

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It is the final straw for Tasha, hopefully. Lawrence ends up coming to her family barbeque, bringing some chairs, and after no more than 10 minutes ghosts on her. He straight up leaves to spend time with his work friends, drink, and probably get some white girl loving. Which, of course, he doesn’t say outright. After all, Lawrence tries to be just enough of a good dude to make you wonder if you’re the butt hole of the situation.

Tasha peeps this game and calls Lawrence out on it — thoroughly. Not without trying to play off she wasn’t serious about him, but you know that home girl had to make it seem like she wasn’t hurt. As if inviting a dude to meet your whole family wasn’t a big deal. Much less have him run errands like he is co-hosting the event.

So, needless to say, these two probably aren’t done but will be on a break – for about a week.


Okay, does anyone think Tasha is really done here? Not to play her or anything like that but even with her calling Lawrence something worse than a F*** boy, I can still see her messing with him. Be it because of the D or hoping he may become a better man now that he has been told off.

Though, I just can’t see that with Lawrence. I truly think just as Issa is having a cleanse through having a ho phase, Lawrence may do the same. He says he wants nothing serious, gets told by his friends that Start Up Saturday he could clean up at, so I fully expect him to go home with some white girls. If only because, I don’t recall any Black girls at the event. Maybe some light skinned and passing Latinx, but definitely not any Black or clearly Brown women.

Which would bring an interesting dynamic to the show. For while interracial dating is the default for damn near the majority of productions starring a Black woman, Issa and Molly stick to Black and Brown men. So it should be interesting how she and her team possibly handle Lawrence playing for the other team. Much less the raps Issa comes up with if Lawrence ends up dating and being good to a white girl. For something about Molly seeing a decent Black guy with a white girl seemed like foreshadowing to me. Plus, with how ain’t S*** Lawrence is, I think he may truly be on his way to the sunken place.

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