Just when you think Issa and Daniel could be gearing towards something, he gets in his feelings and throws a cluster bomb.

Director(s) Mo Marable
Writer(s) Ben Dougan
Air Date 8/26/2018
Characters Introduced
Antoinette Karen Obilom
Table of Contents show

At Her Old Firm: Molly, Kelli

At Molly’s new firm, Hayward & Associates, she already has mixed feelings. It being mostly Black, big plus. However, the caveat is a lot of things are either backwards, like no DocuSign program but a courier, her office being temporary storage sometimes, and meetings not starting on time. Which irks her in ways that irk Kelli during the group meet up. For Molly questions why Black businesses always on the struggle and Kelli asks why we so hard on our own people.


Molly looking out of the window of her office.

Let’s be real, Molly ain’t lying. Is it universal that Black majority jobs are behind and bring bad habits of the culture to the workplace? No. However, if you are someone who jumps from Black majority to white majority anything, you’ll notice stark differences. Heck, even if, as a kid, you went from a Black majority school to white majority school, it may feel like you suddenly skipped 2 to 3 grades or went back 2 to 3 grades.

As for why? Well, in a school, you can say it is because of lack of tax income and things of that nature. However, as for why resource issues can permeate at a law firm like Hayward & Associates? That is harder to say.

But let’s address Kelli’s comment too. The idea that we are harder on ourselves than other races. Why shouldn’t we be? I get there is a need to address how systematic oppression has made it so things are much more difficult for Black businesses and places where Black people are the majority of the local population, however, why should that mean lowered standards? Especially when your money is involved?

I mean, let’s bring up the courier thing – the dude is holding documents which need to be at certain places by certain times but the dude runs on CP time when he wants. Docusign would eliminate his position, yeah, but also make the company seem more efficient and not worried that this middleman didn’t deliver documents yet because he decided to make a stop at his girl’s house.

Oh, and one last thing, why did they make every last person at the firm boring as hell? Like, there was not one person who felt worth noting at all. They were just different pieces of Molly’s headache with the place.

It Has Been 5 Years…: Freida, Antoinette, Issa

Joanne has seemingly taken to what Issa said about diversity so she sends her and Frieda to a job fair. One which really forces Issa to take account of where her life is. Here she is, at We Got Ya’ll, for her 5th year, and is kind of miserable. Not full on, flip out, I QUIT! Kind of miserable, but when one candidate, Antoinette, asks how the job really is, sista to sista, Issa notes it is okay but mentally she just seems out of it.

Especially since this other youth program, The Beat Crew, seems more in line with Issa’s interest. But, being that Issa is more so about money than trying discover a career path, she may talk to their representative but doesn’t apply for anything. After all, she just took a new job as property manager.


Antoinette (Karen Obilom) being interviewed by Issa and Frieda.
Karen Obilom as Antoinette.

I think it didn’t really hit Issa she has had that job for 5 years until it was said out loud. And it makes you wonder, with her having her own place now, by being a property manager, does this mean she may try to shift into a new job eventually? For there are levels to this. You gotta have a place before you worry about a job, and often have to have a job before you can find a place to be a career.

But, again, like the discussion around Black jobs vs. white ones, you have to appreciate the realness of the situation. That you have been on auto-pilot, even if there is some effort behind your work, and lost track of time.

He’s Just Working Things Out: Daniel, Issa, Molly, Tiffany, Kelli, Khalil, Spyder

It isn’t clear what may or may not happen between Daniel and Issa, but it is clear Molly, Tiffany, and Kelli do not support them doing anything together at all. For good reason too. Not just because of the cum in the eye example, that Kelli brings up, but also how he handles his frustrations. Take, for example, his attitude after what could be seen as a disastrous meeting with Spyder. One in which Daniel didn’t present the beat he and Khalil worked on, but just his, then followed up with the one he and Khalil did.

Why? Well, because he doesn’t respect the new or just Khalil’s style. Leading to, when Issa calls him out for what he did, him noting she doesn’t have something she is passionate about so of course she wouldn’t understand what he is feeling. All offense – no shade. Making it where when he tries to make up with eating her out, she is turned all the way off.


Daniel after eviscerating Issa.

Dudes really can’t handle their emotions or even constructive criticism. That is pretty much the gist of the Daniel situation. Also, be wary of what you say to who because they can either be shady like Issa’s girls are or just straight up come for your neck like Daniel did. Then try to get back on your good side like they actually tried to put what they have long felt in a nice way.

But, with Issa taking note of her 5 years and Daniel coming for her, maybe this is a serious wake-up call. Proof that it isn’t just her who realizes her life is a mess but it is common knowledge among her circle. Making it when, even as she makes moves, they aren’t moves which means she going forward but still wandering about.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will the people at Molly’s firm maybe listen to how things were done at other places and maybe look into them?


  1. Showing a stark difference between friends calling you out on your BS and someone who seemingly doesn’t have much respect for you calling you out.
  2. Acknowledging both how hyper-critical the Black community is of their own, while also noting how backwards, sometimes, Black businesses can be, and accepting of it as their norm. Thus crafting a culture which complains about lack of support while not excelling to its fullest potential.

Low Points

  1. Not a single one of Molly’s co-workers were worth naming and that’s a damn shame.

On The Fence

  1. Tiffany is back but, didn’t really get to further her storyline much.

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