Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9

As Patty deals with the idea she has a demon inside of her, Bob A wrestlers with his sexual orientation. Network Netflix Director(s) Steven Tsuchida Writer(s) Jace Richadale Air Date 8/10/2018 Bob, We Need to Talk: Bob A, Bob B, Coralee Bob A is going through it. He is having weird dreams, Bob B is…

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As Patty deals with the idea she has a demon inside of her, Bob A wrestlers with his sexual orientation.

Director(s) Steven Tsuchida
Writer(s) Jace Richadale
Air Date 8/10/2018

Bob, We Need to Talk: Bob A, Bob B, Coralee

Bob A is going through it. He is having weird dreams, Bob B is being quite aggressive in reality, and he is under the impression you are either gay or straight. There is no bi or middle ground. Which, naturally, he doesn’t want to deal with. So, the first thing he does is try to dump all his time into Patty. However, with him loving Coralee, he agrees to some marriage counseling. From that, all he sees is Coralee mimicking his flamboyant ways and she follows that up by saying she feels like she has been playing dress up and has been on autopilot. So, while she may not want to be separated or divorce, she does need some space to discover who she is without Bob A necessarily crafting that person.

But, despite all this progress in their relationship, Bob A goes over Bob B’s house later to make out.


Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Bad Kitty Bob B

At this point, it’s not even funny it is just sensationalism. Not even in a 13 Reasons Why way where you could make the argument there is more than what people get upset about. All we get here is a bunch of jokes I don’t think would even muster laughs in the 90s or 80s, maybe even 70s.

Focusing specifically on the Bobs, all I can do is sigh. I honestly can’t think of anything to say besides why? Bob A being this flamboyant dude who seems gay but isn’t, there was something of a joke there and a poke at society’s expectation of men. Yet, with him being bi, gay, or maybe just a whore, it erases that. Now, this just seems like a lifeline to keep Bob B relevant since his daughter is gone, wife is who knows where, Patty’s issues have gone beyond a courtroom so they had to do something with the character.

Though I guess one could flip it and be happy we got a thin and built gay man loving one with male pattern baldness and some meat on his bones. Oh look, I found what could be seen as a silver lining. Too bad it takes so much effort to come up with.

Demon Possession: Christian, Patty, Bob A, Pastor Mike, Dixie

With the idea of surgery being rejected, Pastor Mike recommends an exorcism or, yet again, Patty may lose her crown. But, being that Bob A is as tired of these million and one threats as we are, he threatens him with the idea of being shown as a religious zealot if he takes Patty’s crown over the assumption of a demon possession. Thus leading to Pastor Mike backing down, but not Christian. He, unlike his dad, wants to invoke the demon and have Patty control it. Really pushing the idea that this dude is some kind of twisted evil. Add in Patty falling for him again and she goes along with the plan. After all, all she wants is to feel empowered and not to be the victim.

Problem is, while she gets her wish and is no longer seen as a victim, it is because Dixie shows up in a wheelchair and neck brace. Thus turning Patty from someone who exhibited self-defense to seeming like she took things too far. An idea which get exacerbated by an anti-bullying assembly that Patty was supposed to apologize at but she instead calls out the entire school. Then, to top things off, she pushes Dixie out of her chair in an attempt to prove she is faking.

With that action, she is pro exorcism. Yet, in the long run, the final diagnosis isn’t that Patty ever had a demon but just was a person who did bad things. Something we can all agree on.


Insatiable Season 1 Episode 9 Bad Kitty Bob A

Christian is evil. I’ve been calling him Lucifer for a while now and the evidence just keeps adding up. He likes conjuring spirits, loves the rage and fire she has, and his name is Christian. Haven’t you noticed that most people with religious or biblical names seem to be the biggest troublemakers? Especially in media?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Patty’s birthday is coming up soon.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Could Gordy, who is Angie’s mom’s, ex-boyfriend, possibly be Patty’s dad? Also, was she conceived under reciprocating circumstances? Yes, Angie does reach out to him but how she took what went down and how he did could be two different things. Plus, considering Pastor Mike thinks this evil is generational, a child molester leading to a demon would make sense.
  2. Okay, what is with the passing of time on this show? Bob A says he avoided Bob B for three weeks after that kiss. How is it all that happens in this episode makes it seem like it was days?
  3. Considering all the threats of being disqualified, due to public persona, at this point would it not seem like Patty would cause far too much trouble being in a pageant? Between a nude pic leak, beating up that person later on, and other things which barely avoided national attention, Bob A should be up a creek without a paddle when it comes to Patty.
  4. How many men has Bob B had sex with?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

The bad ones live forever.
— Angie


  1. We’re one step closer to maybe discovering who Patty’s father is.
  2. Coralee’s pursuit of discovering herself and joining the tax paying workforce.
  3. Patty’s commentary on society caring about only certain types of victims.

Low Points

  1. The bi erasure, and the attempts at comedy.

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