From a demon twin, Bob A telling the whole truth about Stella Rose, and Bob B revealing multiple secrets, episode 8 is plain ole ridiculous. Network Netflix Director(s) Andrew Fleming Writer(s) Lauren Gussis, Jenina Kibuka Air Date 8/10/2018 Noted Actors Bob Sr. Brett Rice Shane David A. Gregory What Appeared To Be Reconciliation: Coralee, Bob…

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From a demon twin, Bob A telling the whole truth about Stella Rose, and Bob B revealing multiple secrets, episode 8 is plain ole ridiculous.

Director(s) Andrew Fleming
Writer(s) Lauren Gussis, Jenina Kibuka
Air Date 8/10/2018
Noted Actors
Bob Sr. Brett Rice
Shane David A. Gregory

What Appeared To Be Reconciliation: Coralee, Bob Sr., Bob A

Bob Sr. in a hospital bed.
Bob Sr – Brett Rice

With Bob Sr. having a heart attack, it means Coralee coming out of hiding and Bob Sr., surprisingly, having a heart to heart with his son. One in which he says the root of their issues came from his own jealousy in the form of his momma, Bob Sr.’s wife, paying more attention to their child than him.

As for Coralee? Well, it is recommended by Shane, their private masseuse, to have radical honesty. Leading to Bob A breaking down his affair. Of which the need to know is he stopped when Coralee became pregnant with their daughter Cat, part of the allure was Stella being into BDSM and some kinky stuff, and that he never loved her as much as he loved Coralee.

On the flip side, Coralee’s radical honesty comes in the form of realizing she didn’t make Bob A feel special like Stella Rose did and he did for her. So, that is her reasoning behind the affair. However, any progress made is halted with the reveal Coralee slept with Shane.


One step forward and two steps back. Bob Sr and Bob A had a moment, Bob A broke down his affair, but then Coralee reveals she did a tit for tat. Is it so wrong to want growth out of these characters? I get petty drama is what leads many to believe it’ll cultivate entertainment value. However, like action movies need a rest period before the next big chase or fight scene, this show needs normalcy. Not in the form of, for a hot minute, showing someone has the potential to grow, but letting them enjoy reaching a new plateau before the next battle. Rather than making it seem karma works in overtime and just as things are getting good, someone b**** slaps the mess out of you.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Christian, Pastor Mike, Patty, Angie, Bob A, Dixie

Patty wondering how she can abort the twin she absorbed.
Patty: How the hell do you abort a demon?

After Patty’s first time, she says “I love you” to Christian and he says he had fun. Doesn’t leave her or make it appear he just wanted to get in her pants. However, he doesn’t say the words Patty so desperately needs to hear. Leading to, once she learns Magnolia is out and she won, her heading back home. Which unfortunately means dealing with Dixie who, without a win as of late, is increasingly going mad.

But more on that in a minute, the big deal is that Angie isn’t pregnant but Patty appeared to be. Something that we are led to believe Christian might have caused to get out of Military School. After all, Pastor Mike can’t send off his son and leave the mother of his child abandoned – what would the ministry thing?! However, while poking a hole in a condom doesn’t seem above Lucifer, aka Christian, seemingly he didn’t do it.

What ends up being the reason for the assumed pregnancy is the mostly absorbed twin Patty has inside of her. Something that needs to come out but because the recovery time is so long, it gets put off. Which Pastor Mike doesn’t recommend because he believes it is a demon.

On a lighter note, Angie and Patty have a nice heart to heart about abortion and how she was going to give Patty up. However, once she held her, she decided against it. Though, sometimes, she seems to wonder if she would have been better off doing so as Patty might have had a nicer life.


They’re bringing faith into the show, I thought; maybe they won’t turn this into another setup for jokes, I wanted to believe; but then I forgot they had characters cursing up a storm in church. I should have known better. And yeah, in case you are wondering, I pretty much am hate watching this. But it isn’t the kind of hate dealing with how terrible the jokes are, or how the story has mostly become trash. Because I enjoyed the first episode, and have come this far, the hate comes from me wanted this to turn itself around. Save itself from itself. Which seems to be futile for what this show seemingly wanted to do is exhibit how hands-off Netflix is and why it may need to change that policy.

My Gay Best Friend: Nonnie, Patty, Bob A, Bob B, Dixie

Bob B kissing Bob A.

Being that Nonnie has Dee now, she has some form of peace. However, while it is enough peace to attempt being friends with Patty again, she finds herself needing to draw boundaries. For a hug flares up old emotions and being that Nonnie doesn’t want to cheat and be that girl, she decides to walk away.

As for the Bobs? Well, this is a doozie, Bob B is apparently damn near broke so he manipulates Bob Sr. into making him a senior partner at the firm. Leading to Bob B resigning as DA and prepping to take over. Then, if you think that is too much, let’s throw in that, while Patty and Dixie are fighting on top of a wiener mobile, because the wiener shop now sponsors Patty, Bob A, and Bob B are fighting too.

And guess what? Both fights end in a surprising finish. Patty wins her fight, but Dixie falls hard enough to, at a minimum, get a concussion but could very well be dead. In terms of the Bobs? Well, they end up making out as Bob B reveals he loved the other Bob since they were 14. In fact, in a reverse Nonnie, rather than allow himself to get closer, he distanced himself due to fears of rejection.


… *sigh*

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, considering Bob A kissed Bob B back, is he somewhere on the spectrum and had repressed feelings too?


  1. Angie’s heart to heart with Patty.
  2. Coralee and Bob Sr. being honest about their relationship to Bob A and the troubles it has.
  3. Nonnie and Patty having to define boundaries and create a new normal between them.
  4. The show touching on women’s right to choose and being capable of being pro-choice for others but pro-life for yourself.

Low Points

  1. The Bobs making it seemingly just for shock value.

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