On top of it being Miss Magic Jesus, we learn Stella Rose is Roxy’s momma! Leading to the question of: Is Bob the father? Network Netflix Director(s) Lev L. Spiro Writer(s) Danielle Hoover, David Monahan Air Date 8/10/2018 Out and About: Nonnie, Hank, Dee Nonnie decides to go on a date with Dee, and while…

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On top of it being Miss Magic Jesus, we learn Stella Rose is Roxy’s momma! Leading to the question of: Is Bob the father?

Director(s) Lev L. Spiro
Writer(s) Danielle Hoover, David Monahan
Air Date 8/10/2018

Out and About: Nonnie, Hank, Dee

Nonnie decides to go on a date with Dee, and while she is a bit uncomfortable, trying to ease into the idea of being gay, she realizes there is nothing to worry about. Her father accepts her, because everyone assumed she was gay, there isn’t any looks, so it goes smoothly.


You got to admire, despite the rampant sexism when it comes to girls having agency, how there isn’t much homophobia – at least when it comes towards women. Which maybe is supposed to be commentary on how women are more so allowed to be openly gay than men? As shown by Bob A getting talked about negatively by damn near everyone but Coralee. Or maybe it is just everyone was just waiting for Nommie to come out?

It’s one of those complicated things for with a character like Bob A, it is like the show has a defense when it comes to dealing with stereotypes of queer culture. Because they show him as someone who has had interest in women, despite how flamboyant he is, you can raise an eyebrow to how Nonnie is handled. Well, you could, but they had a built-in excuse.

Leading to the thought, most of the negatives about this show deal with how female characters are portrayed. Be it Patty’s weight, Nonnie being presented as someone who has to be gay, and etc. So how in the world did the writers and actors think this was okay? Oh, and just in case you think they didn’t, how about this BUILD interview?

The Secret Is Out: Magnolia, Bob A, Bob B, Stella Rose, Roxy

Approximately 20 years ago Stella Rose and Bob A broke up and, in the same year, Bob B and Stella Rose had sex. Thus leading to Roxy – Bob B’s DNA tested daughter. Something he knew about and paid Stella Rose to keep quiet. She took it a step forward, however, and gave Roxy up for adoption. But, when she turned 18, she found her momma and now they seem close.

However, with the downward spiral Magnolia is in, knowing she has a legit sister, it might just break her. After all, she already has a drinking problem, alongside seems to enjoy coke. So Roxy likely is going to put her over the deep end.


Poor Roxy, and poor Etta Mae as well. Roxy was conceived out of a botched attempt to make someone jealous. Imagine, if this show was a drama with comedy elements, how Roxy would handle that. Sounds tragic right? Never mind her dad paying off her mom. But, with the affair noted, could it be just because Etta Mae had a life outside of Bob B and he didn’t feel like a star, that’s why he had sex with Stella Rose? Just so, at the very least, he could maintain this idea he is The Bob and not one of two Bobs?

Inherited Abandonment Issues: Bob A, Angie, Patty, Christian

While Patty wins Little Miss Jesus, it is a hard road. One which brings out Patty’s abandonment issues and leads to Angie sharing a bit of her own. But, the highlight of this whole saga is Angie getting into Bob’s behind about not being fully present as Patty freaks out over the pageant. Coercing him to really take that godfather thing seriously but even with Patty transitioning to seeing Bob as a dad and not a potential lover, because Christian fills that role, him not being able to exclusively pay attention to her breaks their trust. Leading to her, when she thought she lost to Magnolia, running away with Christian.


Angie going off on Bob A on the phone.
Angie: I’m gonna go full Mama Bear on your ass.

I want to consistently feel bad for Patty, I really do, but I just don’t know if I’m capable of it. There is this desire to understand her not knowing her dad has allowed so much to happen in life. Making it where Bob coming in and out, it puts her on edge. I want to say I understand that. But at the same time, Bob just found out he may have another daughter. Can he have a moment? At this point, for Patty, he has gotten her from going to jail, taken her this far in the pageant, and just needed a moment. After all, she threw a damn cluster bomb into his household. So her acting as she did made me just roll my eyes. Even while I found Angie’s “Momma Bear” talk to be sweet.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. With the way Angie was talking about her mom’s boyfriend, was she molested?


  1. Angie stepping up as a mom.
  2. Dee and Nonnie being out and open.

Low Points

  1. The paternity drama.

On The Fence

  1. Getting to know and understand how, generationally, Angie and Patty’s family have had issues with the men in their lives.

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