Just as Patty starts her redemption tour, she does something evil again. Meanwhile, the Bobs figure out how to deal with their respective marriages. Network Netflix Director(s) Lev L. Spiro Writer(s) Lauren Gussis, Michael Ellis Air Date 8/10/2018 Don’t Call It A Comeback: Brick, Christian, Patty, Nonnie, Coralee After binging for a while, Patty has…

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Just as Patty starts her redemption tour, she does something evil again. Meanwhile, the Bobs figure out how to deal with their respective marriages.

Director(s) Lev L. Spiro
Writer(s) Lauren Gussis, Michael Ellis
Air Date 8/10/2018

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Brick, Christian, Patty, Nonnie, Coralee

After binging for a while, Patty has gained around 10 or so pounds. However, a pending Drew Barrymore visit in Atlanta, and her book being about making amends, sends Patty on an apology tour. One which first hits Nonnie, who will have nothing of it, followed by Coralee and Brick. Both who seems strangely fine with what Patty did. Not happy and seeing her as a hero, but both seem to prefer the truth than the ruse Bob A was putting up. In fact, Brick shows he is still rather into Patty, despite it all.

Hence him training her, physically, to drop ten pounds in a week. After all, as a wrestler, they have to modify for the best weight class all the time so it’s nothing to him. But, another good thing about having Brick around is because Christian is starting to become like a stalker and is seemingly on edge. So Brick being a gentleman makes him a bit of a savior.


Patty trying to make amends with Coralee.
Patty: I really wanna make amends for what I did.

While I get Brick is closer to his mom than dad, so his dad being exposed as a cheater, twice, of course would mean growing closer to his mom. However, it feels like his relationship with Patty should be more complicated. She dropped you like a hot potato for this guy who is now stalking her, pretty much blew up your household, all out of revenge, and didn’t even talk to you about either situation. You were just collateral.

Yet, you are now defending her from her now crazy ex, and training her to lose the weight needed so she can do pageants. The very thing that led to all the troubles in your life right now. Does this make sense to anyone?

A New Kind of Family: Magnolia, Bob A, Bob B, Roxy, Brick

Magnolia returns home and while Brick flips out over Bob A and Bob B, over them breaking up both of their families, not being gay, Magnolia is strangely okay with it. She has sympathy for them and assumingly, never minds how her mother may feel. Who is amicably divorcing Bob B by the way. But then there is Roxy.

With a push from Magnolia, and due to his own guilt, Bob B reaches out and it leads to Roxy being quite venomous towards him. Reason being, she felt abandoned. For it wasn’t like she found a forever family and searched for her biological one out of curiosity. No, she bounced from foster home to foster home until finding Stella Rose and having to confront her mom gave her up, dad didn’t want her, then her mom was given enough money where she could have raised her? It is far too much to deal with.

However, after all is said and done, Roxy ends up with the Bobs and they even agree on co-coaching her for her next pageant.


Roxy has to be working an angle here right? Stella Rose has to be mad Bob A not only found someone to love, but it is the guy she had a child with. Not to forget, while she also ventured onto Queer Street, she didn’t find anyone to fill the void Bob A left. So you know she must be hot about this whole situation. Hot enough to use Roxy? Maybe. Lest we forget, redemption, atonement, growth? That isn’t something any character consistently does on this show. Just about everyone is selfish and, in one way or another, enabled. So consider Roxy and the Bobs having peace just the calm before the storm.

Three’s Company: Coralee, Bob Sr., Bob A, Bob B, Regina

Regina really wants into that tampon idea but Coralee ain’t trying to work with her. She will use her business plan though to meet with Bob Sr. Someone who wants to bring his investors – the NRA and KKK. Yeah, this show doesn’t believe there is a line and utterly refuses to create a self-imposed one. But, being that Coralee doesn’t like the association, she instead elicits Bob Sr.’s help for a divorce.

Something Bob A doesn’t want for he wants his wiener and his pie to eat too. Yet, he is realizing he can’t have it all so he is ready to give up everything to Coralee so she can find happiness. Thing is, she believes she can only find it with Bob A so they decide to become a threesome. Which includes Bob B and Coralee kissing and making this thing official.


Bob B looking like an outsider as Bob A and Coralee reconcile.

I honestly do feel sometimes this show doesn’t know how to handle the weight of being released all at once. So the idea is, we have to keep the audience guessing what crazy thing can happen next. But, the problem is, crazy has become so normalized at this point. There is no more shock value, just the question of how stupid can any single person be or how will the story decide to make a joke out of what could be a good storyline to explore?

Like this whole big divorce thing. They could easily present Etta Mae having one point of view, without making her a lesbian, and Coralee with another. For Coralee, would it be so wrong for her to feel foolish after defending her husband being called all types of derogatory terms all this time? Heck, if they wanted to make a joke out of it, while make it an empowering LGBT moment, she could have asked Brick about the LGBTQ center and talked to some of them to understand Bob A a bit more. Also to make it where, like Patty’s fat story has Dee to remind you there is a real person with this story, they could have presented a toned down version of Bob A, or the Bobs, at the LGBTQ center.

But I think I just need to accept this show was never supposed to be about starting conversations or exploring the different insecurities people deal with. We may see that they exist within the character, but it’s mostly just fodder for jokes. That and storylines which make you just roll your eyes.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was Patty electrocuting Roxy really supposed to do? She gets knocked out for 30 minutes. That wouldn’t stop her from competing unless she planned to kidnap her and hide her away somewhere.
  2. Did Christian shoot Patty with that dart?
  3. Are we ever going to learn what Bob A did to Regina? Much less, learn Regina’s backstory to know why she became the woman she is? I want to assume she came from the same trailer park Coralee and Angie did, just without a man to save her or a biological baby to try to love. Hence Dixie and her being more a friend to her than a parent. Maybe because she doesn’t know what it is like to have one…


  1. There is only one more episode to watch.

Low Points

  1. There isn’t any real saving grace or thing to be excited about in the finale.
  2. The show keeps trying to push how, no matter how beautiful Patty may have become she still feels like crap and hasn’t truly changed on the inside. Yet, makes sure you can never feel bad for her by her always upping how bat s*** crazy she can get to find validation. Which, in itself, you can tell is a push for them wanting the audience to realize you need to find that stuff from within for if you look external, you may never feel enough. But, as noted countless time, any message or conversation starter is buried amongst mediocre storylines and jokes that seem stolen from a YouTuber who hasn’t gone viral yet.

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