Insatiable: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Banana Heart Banana” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

For her birthday, and to redeem herself, Patty allows herself to be roasted. As that happens, the Bobs deal with knowing they’ll have to come out one way or another. Network Netflix Director(s) Elodie Keene Writer(s) Tim Schlatmann Air Date 8/10/2018 Actors Introduced Gordy William Baldwin Secrets Hurt As Much As The Truth: Christian, Magnolia,…

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Lip title card for season 1, episode 10 of Insatiable.

For her birthday, and to redeem herself, Patty allows herself to be roasted. As that happens, the Bobs deal with knowing they’ll have to come out one way or another.

Director(s) Elodie Keene
Writer(s) Tim Schlatmann
Air Date 8/10/2018
Actors Introduced
Gordy William Baldwin

Secrets Hurt As Much As The Truth: Christian, Magnolia, Patty, Bob B, Bob A

With Etta Mae in Haiti, Bob B has the place all to himself and he has gotten a bit lonely. In fact, on top of the loneliness comes some guilt. Not because of Bob B cheating on his wife willingly, or coercing Bob A to come out before he is ready – if not, more so, forcing him to accept and reciprocate his feelings. It’s Magnolia. It’s one thing to lie to your wife, a full grown adult, about being bi, specifically a homo-romantic bi-sexual. However, it is another thing to lie to your daughter who, in combination of Bob B snitching on her and the Roxy thing, he decides to fully come clean to her. Yup, he outs himself.

Now, as for thinking about how Magnolia may out him to Etta Mae, rather than hearing it from him first? Not a factor. Much less, how he would approach noting he is sleeping with Bob A. Someone who he is wining and dining, even at the office. The same one Bob B noted had thing walls but, what does he care?

But Bob B isn’t the only one who addresses his secret. Patty finds out Christian and his family left Brazil because he was accused of kidnapping. However, his truth is that he was going to run away with the girl like he did Patty. But, while that makes sense, him getting aggressive with Patty, even shoving Nonnie to the floor, shows he and Patty maybe attracted to each other for they are quite similar.


Magnolia looking downward.

I’ve come to the conclusion that his isn’t a show you can binge. You need to really sit with this show, take it bit by bit in order to find some kind of enjoyment with it. Take Bob B dealing with his sexuality. On one hand, there is him cheating on Etta Mae, up to maybe 8 or so times, over the course of their marriage. On top of that, there is him trying to force Bob A out of the closet. Yet, if you think about it too hard, you get it.

Bob B is in Georgia and, as noted, he had to keep up appearances. It isn’t clear if Bob B had a dad like Bob A who, despite his son’s eccentric mannerisms, he’d make damn sure he could support himself. And considering Bob B and Bob A have been beefing for 20 some odd years, it makes them at least somewhere within their late 30s or early 40s. Meaning, they didn’t grow up in the time period where coming out was an option. You suppressed, hid, and snuck around if you couldn’t take it anymore.

Plus, imagine how many gay people you knew. It isn’t like the town the Bobs grew up in sounds like it got much in terms of outside city folk. Also, while it does have an LGBTQ center now, do you really think that existed back in the day? So imagine someone like Bob B finding out his crush has feelings for him? That he is not only not the sole gay person in town but his crush was gay too? Bob B has probably been over his ho phase for a long time and wants love. For even if you factor in Etta Mae’s existence, she is barely around. There is no Coralee up under him all the time to be a consolation prize. Be someone he can vicariously use and pretend she is what he really wants.

Not to excuse his actions but just imagine how lonely and empty his life was. Never mind what fear he might have experienced.

But I’m Bi: Coralee, Bob A, Bob B, Regina

While Bob B is doing the most to convince Bob A to get as comfortable with being gay as possible, he struggles. For while Bob B is a homo-romantic bi-sexual, Bob A may just be plain ole bi. For he still likes being with his wife and though her talking about her period issues bugs him a bit, he still loves her. In fact, he gives her the idea for a tampon with a tassel on it. To make it easier to get out.

Which, when Coralee tries to pitch it around, the only one interested is Regina. Who, of course, Coralee isn’t trying to partner with. But, what choice may she have?


Can I just say, as much as this episode is a bit problematic, I like how they are presenting the idea of bisexuality? Much less, how complicated sexuality is. Insatiable, unfortunately, may have the worse joke writers, but at least, at the core, you have to admire the jokes were supposed to have meaning. Like, Bob A freaking out over his feelings for both his wife and Bob B. Dealing with having what might have been repressed feelings, but at the same time him maybe not going the route Bob B did because he got all that he needed from Coralee – also Stella Rose but let’s not go there.

Really pushing that, each person has different sexual and emotional needs. Some of which are clear-cut and others which can be quite complicated. Especially when what you feel isn’t the only thing that is guiding you but society and the opportunities you could lose being the most authentic.

From The Inside, Out: Patty, Bob A, Bob B, Dixie, Angie, Gordy, Nonnie, Dee

It becomes clear Gordy and Angie’s relationship was predatory. For while she may have had some curiosity about how he was doing, seeing him in person triggers her. After all, he was a 26-year-old man having relations with a 14-year-old for who knows how long. In fact, Angie makes it clear to us that he is a strong factor in why she is the way she is. Making it where she wants him nowhere near Patty, whose birthday party he goes to. She even has him arrested by Nonnie’s dad Hank off alleged drug possession.

And with him getting taken away, Angie decides she needs to get away from it all. Maybe not full on start over, but begin the process. So, she gives her car to Patty and decides to hotwire Gordy’s and go off somewhere. Leaving Patty to deal with this roast which has everyone coming at her. Some, like Brick, they take her on lightly but others, like Dixie, they go in. On top of that, Nonnie doesn’t so much go in as just notes everything she’s done for Patty and realizes Dee’s criticism of their relationship is true. She is at Patty’s beck and call so she decides they need a break.

Thus pushing Patty to seek out Bob to help her deal with what was his idea, only to find him making out with Bob B. This pisses her off since this whole thing has been about dealing with the truth so she publicly outs Bob A and Bob B at the party. Not giving one damn about their families or feelings. For when Patty gets hurt, going from 0 to 1000 is all she knows how to do. And with her mom gone, her alienating everyone, from Brick and Christian to Bob, all she has is a sheet cake. Something she eats all by herself.


Patty outing the Bobs.
Patty: He’s boning Bob Barnard.

I feel like the end of the episode focusing on Patty eating a whole sheet cake was supposed to mean more than it did. Granted, maybe I’m heartless and that’s why I got nothing. It’s just, this show tries to deal quick punishments so that each episode can be sort of fresh and new. Especially when it comes to retribution for Patty. Yet, I don’t think Patty has done anything beyond digging a deeper and deeper hole for herself since we’ve met her. And while revealing to Coralee that Bob cheated on her is one thing, outing him publicly is a whole other.

So while I don’t necessarily wish Patty harm, since she shows herself to be a miserable human being, I don’t feel bad for her either.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Dixie can walk, she was just faking.
  • Likely, because Regina was in jail for so long, she and Dixie are now homeless.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Cat and Bob A have a close relationship? Will we ever meet her?
  2. Who is the top or bottom in the Bobs sexual relationship, or are they verse?
  3. Don’t most roasts keep it to friends and family vs. a free for all?


  1. The Bobs having complex sexual orientations.
  2. Angie confronting her rapist and getting some kind of revenge

Low Points

  1. Patty outing the Bobs for revenge.

On The Fence

  1. What may come of Christian’s character on this

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