In the season finale, we finally learn whose blood Sydney was covered in, and it makes so much sense when you think about it.

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In the season finale, we finally learn whose blood Sydney was covered in, and it makes so much sense when you think about it.

Directed By Jonathan Entwistle
Written By Christy Hall, Jenna Westover
Aired (Netflix) 2/26/2020

Plot/ Recap

Walking On Sunshine: Sydney, Dina, Liam

You know what you do with information telling you your dad had powers, and what he did led him to such a deep depression that he killed himself? Well, you put a smile on your face and break generational curses! That’s what Sydney does in putting that frown upside down! She wakes up early to fix breakfast for Liam, who forgives her and even takes this positive attitude to school. Which, for Dina, means those two reconciling and talking about everything but the kiss. Though it is brought up going to homecoming together and Syd having to bring her A-game.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: Sydney, Dina, Stanley

Which she does, to some surprise, and this leads to Dina not only being impressed but happy to know Sydney can be girly, from the ankles up, when the situation calls for it. However, she isn’t going to wear heels when she has her comfortable shoes. I mean, Sydney will only take it so far.

Dina noting she didn't not like Sydney's kiss.

Now, as for Stanley? Well, he comes with his date, but with his weird not meshing with her, she leaves him at the dance. Thus opening an opportunity for Sydney to talk to him, and while she makes it clear she doesn’t have a romantic interest in him, she does make it clear she sincerely likes him as a friend. And with that out of the way, it seems karma rewards Syd by Dina revealing she might be open to exploring something more than friendship with Sydney.

For Better Or Worse: Brad, Sydney

But then Brad shows up. He gets drunk, gets on the microphone, and no adult takes it, or cuts off the mic as he goes on a rant against Sydney. One which outs her love for Dina, her issues, and everything else she wrote in the diary Brad stole. However, before he can reveal Sydney’s powers, she makes his head explode. Leaving many covered in his blood and Sydney running to the water tower. A place where a mysterious figure greets her and seemingly is ready to take on being her true mentor.


  1. Props to Stanley for trying to stop Brad and getting knocked out in the process.

Review/ Commentary


That Head Explosion Was A Much Needed Wakeup Call

Even at 7 episodes, with this girl who has powers, it seemed “I Am Not Okay With This” was building towards nothing. Yes, we have seen Syd running in what looked like a blood nightgown, but whose blood was it wasn’t pushed. Also, outside of Brad, no one else pushed Sydney to the point you feared for their life. Stanley had to push Sydney to get her to hurl two bowling balls her way. Maggie yelling at Sydney didn’t cause her to nearly kill her mom, nor did Liam berating her cause the house to shake.

Sydney covered in Brad's blood.

So it made you wonder who Sydney could possibly kill, and the answer is Brad. A safe choice, but nonetheless a satisfying one.

On The Fence

This Felt Like A Lukewarm Finale

But, you know what grandeur moments and gestures are for, right? They are there to compensate for what was already done. And, honestly, if there is one big issue with “I Am Not Okay With This,” season 1, is that it often played it safe. Sydney only hurt the cruel jock. The girl she had a crush on eventually revealed she likes her back. The guy who was her first, he didn’t become distant, and Sydney didn’t have to go harsh and really break his heart. Heck, even with Maggie, she didn’t eviscerate Sydney’s image of her dad to make herself seem like a better parent.

All of which, I recognize, would cause a certain level of drama that could be right in this section and be something we’d be on the fence about. However, at least “I Am Not Okay With This” would have some oomph. For while life was never perfect for Sydney, it almost seemed like they wanted to give the character enough room to be angry, but rarely ever give her something to be angry about for more than a night. Thus leaving us with a lukewarm, barely seasoned show which relied on the actors’ charisma, Sydney’s powers, and a weak queer storyline.

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This Felt Like A Lukewarm Finale - 70%
That Head Explosion Was A Much Needed Wakeup Call - 80%


one big issue with “I Am Not Okay With This,” season 1, is that it often played it safe.

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