Devilman Crybaby: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Weak Humans, Wise Demons” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Ryo has brought hell on Earth and with Akira trying to fix what he started, he is forced to watch the world burn alone.

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The War Begins: Miko, Miki

Devilman Crybaby Season 1 Episode 7 Weak Humans, Wise Demons - Ryo

With Ryo exposing demon kind, mankind loses their damn minds. There are mobs and vigilantes alongside official government agencies. However, the mobs and vigilantes are what dominate and, naturally, the men run amok. I’m talking one trying to rape Miko but ending up getting eaten, and another group ready to do something to Miki but luckily, our favorite rappers, save her from a cruel fate.

The Devilman League: Akira, Koda, Miko

The only hope for the human race might be for those who are Devilmen, Akira, Koda, and Miko, joining together to face the pure demons and exterminate them. However, the issue is that the rise of demons isn’t isolated. They are across the globe, have infiltrated governments, and even are taking over children, like Taro. So what exactly can Akira do?

This Was Not What I Expected: Ryo, Akira

Which is what Ryo says but Akira doesn’t care. He barely even takes note when Ryo lays out that he made Akira a devilman on purpose. But Akira refusing to heed Ryo’s words aren’t the only surprise. A huge nuclear assault between, seemingly, America and the Russians take place and light up a quarter of the planet. Making it seem, whatever Ryo’s original plan was for the exposure of demons, he truly did not think it through.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Ryo lives in apartment 666.

On The Fence

Well, I Made It This Far

Devilman Crybaby Season 1 Episode 7 Weak Humans, Wise Demons - The other racers on the team

Maybe it could be this show is just not made to be binged? I want to say that is the reason I’m really getting bored. For, as noted, the violence and sex – who cares. But then there is the story. Recognizing shows are planned out, especially animated ones, it makes me wonder if anyone read over this and asked, “What is going to keep fans going?” Because, let me tell you, this human vs. demon war, it is not compelling. Akira talking about making some Devilman league, it leaves you hunching, and I can’t even imagine something which could spark up this show anymore.

For, in my mind, they killed off most of the interesting routes this could have taken a long time ago. Whether it was Kaim and Seline trying to revive Amon; Akira and Amon battling for control of the body, especially as Akira did things which fed into the darkness of his heart; this demon league trying to control the world stealthily, maybe even be at war with Ryo and Akira to prevent the storyline we are in now; and so many other avenues.

But, as the title notes, I made it this far. There are three episodes left so maybe this show can pull something from out of its sleeve to end on a good note.

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