HoriMiya: Season 2/ Episode 3 – Recap and Review

"," HoriMiya, "Page 3: Sports Day," directed by Kenjirou Okada, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

While many competitions go down, it is Hori and Miyamura supporting one another despite being on opposite sides that becomes the most entertaining part.

General Information

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Episode Title Page 3. Sports Day
Release Date (Crunchyroll) July 15, 2023
Director(s) Kenjirou Okada
Writer(s) Sawako Hirabayashi
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Hori Haruka Tomatsu
Miyamura Kōki Uchiyama

Plot Recap

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You Make Me Better – Hori, Miyamura

While sports day puts the two on opposite sides, it doesn’t put a crux in their relationship. Miyamura, when Hori is falling behind, publicly cheers for her after she is mentally and emotionally sabotaged, and the embarrassment of that fuels her to run faster. Mind you, still in last place, but with an impressive last-minute speed.

As for Hori cheering her man? She doesn’t. However, she does take pride in him winning a competition and blushes a bit when he calls her cute in a cheerleading uniform. Leading to, for both, a day that was better than expected. Miyamura saw his girlfriend in a cheerleading uniform, as well as won a competition, and Hori’s team won the overall competition, and she didn’t have to destroy her boyfriend in the process.



How Cute Miyamura and Hori Are

What is there to say? The show is literally named “HoriMiya,” and it succeeds in this episode in showing you why. The two are just too cute, and even when, technically, on opposing sides, whether outright or in a subtle manner, they support one another, and it’s beautiful to see.

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