Horimiya: Season 1/ Episode 7 “You’re Here, I’m Here” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Kyoko continues to struggle to get intimacy from Izumi as Toru finds himself in the middle of a love triangle.

Kyoko continues to struggle to get intimacy from Izumi as Toru finds himself in the middle of a love triangle.

Director(s) Yoshiko Okuda
Writer(s) Chiaki Nagai
Aired (Hulu) 2/20/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Yuki Yurie Kozakai

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Never Enough – Sakura, Toru, Kyoko, Yuki

It appears two young women have an interest in Toru. One has been established, Sakura, a member of the student council. The second young lady? Well, it is Yuki. Someone who has mainly existed in the back, more so seen than heard, outside of the rare commentary about what is going on. However, with it becoming clear Kyoko is in a stable relationship, and Toru moving on, Yuki is doing her best to present herself as girlfriend material.

A close up on Sakura

The problem is, while Sakura is making moves to make her feelings known, Yuki is not. Why? Well, as explained by Kyoko, Yuki doesn’t often say what she wants out loud. Instead, she smiles and lets the things she loves or wants escape her. But with Toru, it seems she might compete for his love, even if it means challenging Sakura to making baked goods, which Yuki has no experience in.

You’ve Become Part Of My Routine – Izumi, Kyoko

For nearly five days, Izumi is with his family on vacation, with his phone dead. During this time, you see how much he has become a part of Koyoko’s routine and how his absence leaves a glaring hole. One that, upon his return, makes her run to him and embrace him tightly. Likely due to her not realizing, despite them having a routine, his inclusion made everything exciting. So his absence slowed downtime and made her feel less invested in what was going on.

Still Unable To Convey What I Want – Kyoko, Izumi, Sota

Despite what was said in the previous episode, there is still miscommunication between Kyoko and Izumi in regards to intimacy. So in Kyoko’s mind, she needs to be more girly, vulnerable, scared so that Izumi has room to potentially fill that masculine, strong, protector role. The thing is, she wants that to happen during horror movies, and Izumi is easily frightened. So all that happens is every move she makes leads to him screaming or being startled – as well as ashamed of himself.

Izumi and Kyoko having a intimate moment

Yet, after wanting to give up, they finally have a much-needed conversation and come to realize they like each other beyond the fact one is a girl and the other a boy. It is the characteristics they only share with each other or know due to being in close proximity. Alongside Izumi being so kind as to reassure Sota, he will not take his big sister and consistent maternal figure. Yet, he still wants Koyoko and wants his permission. Which is given, and the whole exchange just makes Kyoko fall more in love with Izumi.



Yuki Becoming More Prominent

For most of the season, Yuki hasn’t said or done anything really of note. It was established she was Toru and Kyoko’s friend, but barely anything beyond that. So to learn she desires Toru and has had a lone issue with going for what she wants, she fits into this larger issue the ladies of Horimiya are dealing with. For whether it is Yuki, Kyoko, or Sakura, there is this issue of desirability, and Yuki really pushes it to be a major issue.

Yuki (Yurie Kozakai) at a bookstore
Yuki (Yurie Kozakai)

Yet, on the flip side, it further pushes that oftentimes by overthinking, using ambiguous methods, you may come to realize it isn’t your desirability but you not being clear. Hence Sakura getting somewhere with Toru since she does an act that can be considered affectionate. She made extra cookies, thought of him, so she gave them to him.

So, with seeing that gifts could be one of Toru’s love languages, Yuki followed suit, and while her first batch of cupcakes are disgusting, Toru noting he looks forward to tasting what she makes as she approves, there is a sign he values her growth as much as he loves free food.

Sengoku Explaining Why He Likes Remi

To further how relationships can be both immensely complicated and simple, there is Sengoku explaining to Sakura why he is with Remi. On the surface, many don’t get it. Heck, even Sakura, Remi’s best friend, who spends a lot of time with Sengoku and Remi, doesn’t get it.

Yet, Sengoku breaks it down in that, mutually, they make each other want to be better. Sengoku’s specific example is that in wanting to protect Remi, Sengoku wants to be strong, and in her pushing him to be stronger, she is bettering him. He even says she is protecting him since he isn’t that strong in general.

Sengoku even relates that to Remi’s relationship with Sakura and how she builds her up by telling her she is cute. Remi sees what your weakness is and pushes you to become stronger. Not just physically but mentally as well. Thus, Remi seems far more complex than given credit for.

Kyoko Dealing With The Issues Her Parents Left Her With

Little by little, Izumi is chipping away at Kyoko’s insecurities due to her parents not being there as she’d like. That is alongside having to be strong, tough even, to protect herself and her little brother when her mother was absent. Thus, we get the issue many girls and women go through regarding dealing with having to be strong in everyday life, yet needing to be vulnerable in relationships. Now, whether or not Kyoko’s struggle will melt away or should be considered a part of her, we’ll see.

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