Horimiya: Season 1/ Episode 2 “You Wear More Than One Face” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

With us coming upon spring break, Hori is taking into account what she knows of Miyamura and what he is capable of, as she questions how long this bliss will last?

Director(s) Yoshiko Okuda
Writer(s) Chiaki Nagai
Aired (Hulu) 1/16/2021
Introduced This Episode
Mom (Yuriko) Ai Kayano
Sengoku Nobuhiko Okamoto
Ayasaki M·A·O

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What Is A First Name? Specifically His? – Yuriko, Hori, Miyamura

So it has been a few months now, and Hori and Miyamura have truly developed their own thing, beyond the connection Sota created between them. And while they don’t hang out at karaoke bars, they take their domestic vibe beyond her house and go food shopping together. During one of their latest trips, Hori reveals she can carry a tune and that her music knowledge is solely what Sota is into, and it’s very limited when it comes to modern music. Something Miyamura follows up on later.

Yuriko (Ai Kayano) greeting her daughter
Yuriko (Ai Kayano)

But, despite growing relatively close, Yuriko, the often absent mom, triggers Hori to realize she doesn’t know Miyamura’s name. This bothers the heck out of her because he is over her house so often and doesn’t know it. Add on the struggle to find out what it is, and eventually, she just breaks down and asks him. Which furthers the embarrassment since she learns he knew her first name, but she didn’t know his.

Is It Blackmail Or Atonement? – Sengoku, Ayasaki, Hori, Miyamura

Despite not being on the student council, Hori does a whole lot of work for them. Why? Well, a mix between blackmail and atonement. You see, Sengoku and Hori have been friends since elementary school, maybe even pre-school, and Hori was a bit of a bully towards him. That is until high school, when he threatened her reputation with revealing all she has done over the years.

Sengoku (Nobuhiko Okamoto) looking scared of Miyamura
Sengoku (Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Apparently, the threat has been strong enough for Hori to do a massive amount of work for Sengoku, and even his girlfriend Ayasaki, both student council members. Though, while Sengoku seems to have earned his place, even without Hori’s help, Ayasaki? Well, she is someone who is a little ditzy and could be seen as simple. Especially considering, when delivering some of the reports Hori worked on, she let one fell, and when Miyamura offered it back, she said it would be okay if he just threw it out.

Mind you, it was the budget report.

The Things He Has Done For Me – Hori, Miyamura, Sengoku, Ayasaki

Which becomes a problem that Ayasaki had no desire to own up to. Instead, she was willing to watch Hori be berated and embarrassed in front of everyone. But, luckily for Hori, Miyamura held onto that report, and after a swift headbutt to Sengoku to put him in his place, he reveals it was Ayasaki who messed up. Thus leading to Hori being apologized to and Ayasaki embarrassed.

Ayasaki (M-A-O) being introduced
Ayasaki (M-A-O)

And just when you think Miyamura couldn’t become a better friend, potential boyfriend, he gets Hori a greatest hits CD to know what’s current, and it is just what she wanted. Leading Hori to really consider Miyamura’s presence in her life and even question, how long will it last?



It’s Not Love Yet, But It’s On Its Way

Miyamura is that dude, and while he may not be the smartest or most athletic, he has a cool look, and he is kind. On top of that, he saw what Sengoku was doing, and even without knowing the full story, he not only defended Hori but checked Sengoku. Though I admit, Hori questioning how long this may last pushes me to wonder if that deals with her father?

Because her mom being a workaholic makes sense since she has two kids, and it appears all she wants Hori to do is help take care of Sota and focus on school. Otherwise, you could imagine Hori working, right? So in terms of this idea of counting the days and taking note they are second years, maybe Hori is trying to not get too comfortable? Perhaps she is under the mindset that, when it isn’t convenient to hang out anymore, like when they graduate high school, Miyamura will abandon not just Sota, but her as well?

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It's Not Love Yet, But It's On Its Way - 83%


As Miyamura reveals himself to be an ideal partner, so comes the question of how long he may do so? A question that Hori is as afraid to ask as his first name. But, in her questioning this, it becomes clear her desire to maintain their routine has grown, and maybe she won't just let him go easily.

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